Whitesburg KY

Moments and Memories of WHS



Upward Bound

Nancy Brock, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Ison of Whitesburg, recently returned from Washington, D.C., where she attended a meeting with Vice President Humphrey as Kentucky’s representative to a conference on Upward Bound, the war against poverty program held last summer to encourage promising high school students from low-income families to plan for college careers. Miss Brock, 16, is a junior at WHS. She attended an Upward Bound Program at Letcher operated by Alice Lloyd College. She hopes to major in journalism and psychology at college and already has won a $500 scholarship as the result of some writing she did last summer.

(The above article from the Oct. 13, 1966 Mountain Eagle.)

Danny Hatton to be policeman

San Antonio, Texas — Airman Danny M. Hatton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Hatton of Whitesburg, has been selected for technical training at Lackland AFB, Texas, as a U.S. Air Force Air policeman. Hatton recently completed basic training at Lackland. His new school is part of the Air Training Command which conducts hundreds of specialized courses to provide technically trained personnel for the nation’s aerospace force. Hatton is a 1966 graduate of WHS.



(The above article from the Nov. 10, 1966 Mountain Eagle. )

Th e Kat wonders

Who has been paying all those phone bills that June Pratt has been getting? Who has so much fun in art class? Could it be William C. and Carolyn W.? The Kat hears Pauline and Andy are still going steady — it must be love! Sandra K., whose ring is this you’ve been wearing? Could it be Jimmy Klim’s? Wonder why Peggy Standifer is so happy? Could D.C. be the reason? Who has Helen Scott got a hook and line after? Could it be a boy from Ohio? Who is the girl Ted Pack is chasing? Could Jewell Collins tell us? Who calls Robert Sexton Robbie? Does Janice Johnson know? Who was the guy Alene Sexton was with at the ballgame? Ted Noble, could you tell us?



Meet some of the seniors

Harold Dean Bates: Favorite food and drink, pineapple upside down cake and fruit drinks; Favorite singer, Monkees; Secret ambition, racing driver; Favorite song, ‘Ninety-six Tears.’

Milos Gibson: Favorite food and drink, chicken and Mountain Dew; Favorite singer, Smothers Brothers; Pet Peeve, J.R. Bates’s foolish ways; Secret ambition, Be an LPN; Favorite song, ‘Don’t Come Home a Drinking With Loving on Your Mind.’

Elizabeth Ann Maggard: Favorite food and drink, hamburgers and Pepsi; Favorite singer, Neil Diamond; Secret ambition, Housewife; Pet Peeve, Losing things out of my locker; Favorite song, ‘Warm and Tender Love.’



Eddie Fields: Favorite food and drink, fish and Coke; Favorite singer, Monkees; Secret ambition, stay single; Pet Peeve, Some girls; Favorite song, ‘Stepping Stone.’

Linda Stout: Favorite food and drink, pizza and Pepsi; Favorite singer, Percy Sledge and Nancy Sinatra; Secret ambition?; Pet Peeve, for someone to pop their gum; Favorite song, ‘Summer Wine and Love Eyes.’

Donald Ray Adams: Favorite food and drink, duck and Pepsi; Favorite singers, Monkees; Secret ambition, to become rich; Pet Peeve, Work; Favorite song, ‘Sock It To Me Baby.’


Mildred Gibson, who is that boy you’re going to marry? Could it be Junior Brown? Alice Thomas, who is that senior boy you’ve got your eye on? Is old Sue a good birddog? Ask Wayne Benton. Who’s the new boy at WHS? Welcome to our school, Terry Creech. Patsy Banks, The Kat hears you have your eye on Robert K. Whose ring has Candace Honeycutt been wearing since April? Anybody at Farmer’s Supply know? We think Theresa Moore’s interest in The Jades has nothing to do with Brian. Wonder where her interests are? What is the special interest Lynne has in Jenkins? Would Rex Conley be the reason? Why is June so excited about the FBLA trip to Louisville? Wonder why Phyllis Collins likes Isom so well? Think Dewey Trout could tell us? Wonder why Patsy Banks goes to the movie every Sunday? Could Johnny Caudill be the reason? Peggy Standifer, who is this you’re getting letters from? Could it be Gary Day? Who is this who has been coming from Ohio to see Helen Scott? Could it be Danny Abner? The Kat wants to know what is bugging Astor? Who is that guy from Fleming- Neon that Kathryn B. is going with? Could it be Ernie Napier?

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