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The senior class of 1956 will present their class play, “ The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come” on Tuesday, April 24, in the grade school auditorium. This play should be of great interest to everyone in this section of the state. This novel, by John Fox, Jr., sold over one million copies, and in dramatizing this celebrated work into three-act play form, Charles George, the noted playwright, has retained all the rich flavor, the beauty, the comedy, the quaint characterization and the great dramatic moments of the novel. It is the play perfect. Miss Raleigh who is coaching the play has made the following selection of cast: Chadwick Buford, Virgil Kincer; Miss Lucy Buford, Janet Ison; Mrs. Carolyn Dean, Shirley E. Brown; Thanky, Peggy Fultz; Margaret Dean, Joella Craft; Betsy Cherry, Janis McKnight; Melissa Turner, Peggy Von Vick; Nellie Hunt, Donelda Breeding; Jennie Overstreet, Phyllis Hall; Major Calvin Buford, Harold Cook; Nathan Cherry, S.T. Barrett ; Tom, Paul York; Richard Hunt, Charles Adams.

(The above article from the April 19, 1956 Mountain Eagle.)

Branson stars for Whitesburg team

Stanley Branson, who became eligible on Jan. 14, has been like a shot in the arm to the Whitesburg Yellowjackets. Six feet, 3 inches, he is a powerful re-bounder in enemy territory. After he gets that ball nobody better try to take it away, for he can really use those elbows. Since Branson joined the squad we have had a continuous winning streak.

Coach Ernie Trosper’s starting six are creating a lot of interest. Just before the starting whistle, Branson, Marty Blair, Chester Adams, Sonny Webb, Ercel Sturgill and Darrel Stidham are eagerly waiting to start that game. Just which one will go to the bench doesn’t really matter, for he will be in the game before the half is over. Six good men are one more better than five good ones.

“Are we going to state?” “On to state,” are remarks fans are making. Well! Litkenhouse rates the Yellowjackets fourth in our region. When a team can hold fourth or third place any one of that four, with luck, sheer determination, fighting spirit and backing of enthusiastic fans may win out in the region, sometimes over the best team! Why is it that the question, “Are we going to state?” is most often asked by those people who are not even attending the home games now? If we want to go to state let’s pack our gym and support our coaches and our team.

College coaches and spotters are making inquiries concerning the future plans of our pivot man, Marty Blair. Six feet, six inches, consistent, calm, steady, ubiquitous, sly and sure, he’s a man you can depend on.

Who was high score man for WHS in the Jenkins game? Why Chet! That little old fighting guard, Chester Adams! Quick thinker, you never know what he is going to do with that ball, but you can count on his putting it in a strategic place. Every pass he makes is toward that bucket, and he’ll end up with his share of the points, you can bet on that.

Captain Sonny Webb, Ercel Sturgill and Darrel Stidham are playing steady, consistent ball. Seldom do they make a mistake. The fans never have a groan and sigh because they are not passing, rebounding and getting that ball down that court.

Wins 12, losses 8. But the best part is 8 straight wins. Coach Ernie Trosper’s boys are showing good training, smooth playing, cooperation, and a good fighting spirit. Let’s back this team and help them keep that old fighting spirit.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain Eagle, Feb. 13, 1958.)

Picture 1, Kelsey Day; 2, Kay Day; 3, Debbie Bates; 4, Paul Maggard; 5, Bobby Patrick Sturgill; 6, Susan Stallard; 7, Byron Thomas; 8, Scotty Howard; 9, Vickie Prichard; 10, Tracy Pelfrey; 11, Greg Chandler; 12, Frankie Jenkins.

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