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Dallas bound

The cheerleaders participated in the Regional National Cheerleaders Association open competition in Lexington on Oct. 31. They placed 1st in the large division and therefore will be competing at the national competition in Dallas, Tex. They will be leaving Knoxville on Dec. 26 and flying to Dallas for two days of competition. They will be competing in the large co-ed division. The cheerleaders who will be competing are Missy Amburgey, Jeff Holbrook, Bobby Adams, Tammy Caudill, Sarah Hayes, Martie Banks, Kim Brown, Kim Lucas, Craig Ison, Brian Collins, Kirk Cornett, Angie Hatton, Amy Mullins, Jennifer Stephens, Jessica Webb, Georgia Mullins, and Lonnie Howard.

Mock wedding goes well

Mrs. Napier’s 4th period Marriage and Foods Class presented their annual mock wedding on Nov. 19, 1987.

The ceremony was held at the First Baptist Church in Whitesburg and began at 6:30 p.m.



It took a whole semester to prepare for the wedding, which was for a grade. Everyone worked really hard because they wanted it to be perfect. And perfect it was!

Sophomore April Hall began the ceremony by playing two songs on the piano. Then the groom, Michael Frazier, the best man, and the preacher entered. Next, sophomore Rebecca Craft sang a love song.

April began the wedding march as the bridesmaids made their way to the altar. The flower girl and ring bearer followed. The time had arrived! Patricia Collins, the bride, appeared at the doorway entrance, linked arm in arm with her father, Roger Baker. They made their way to the altar and the ceremony began.

They said their vows and Rebecca sang another song while Michael and Patricia lit their candles. The preacher, Kevin Holland, pronounced them man and wife and the recessional walked out.

The reception was held at WHS on Friday, Nov. 20, 1987. A great many thanks go to Mrs. Barker’s 4th period for preparing the reception. But especially to Mrs. Napier for being so patient and understanding with everyone.



Also a great many thanks are given to Sue Banks, the photographer, and Rick Vance, who was in charge of the flowers.

Outstanding 4-H Teen

WHS Miss Celesta Richardson has been a member of 4-H for 9 years. Celesta has accomplished many things in her 4-H camp council and is an active member in talk meets and variety plays.

Celesta has been to state three years for being Outstanding Area Teen. In order for her to achieve this award she must attend 4-H regularly, be a 4-H camp counselor, and win talk meets and variety shows.

Celesta attended a training seminar at Jabez this past summer. This seminar was for outstanding leaders. It lasted a weekend and consisted of how to become a better camp counselor, how to deal with problems and fears of early 4-H’ers, and homesickness.



Celesta, like many of our students, is active in church and other youth organizations outside of school.

Senior class will

We, Vicki Nelson and Karen Wooten, will our ability to “get” and “keep” any boy we choose to Donna Madden and Stephanie Taylor. I, Candace Toler, will my ability to drive with my windshield wipers on to Martie Banks. I, Katrina Nichols, will my ability to stay with one guy all through high school to Mar- tie Banks. I, Katrina Royse, will my superb thinking ability to Tammy Caudill and my ability and understanding of Algebra II to Candy Kincer. I, Rhonda Polly, will my expert driving ability to Johnny Reynolds. I, Will Buntin, will my ability to get along with Michelle Johnson to Mrs. Lester. I, Lawana Stidham, will my ability to miss school at least one day a week and be tardy every other day of the week without getting in trouble to Johnny Reynolds. I, Aimee Imperial, will my excess weight to Eleanor Abalos. I, Jeff Holbrook, will my great marksmanship and the ability to handle guns safely and properly to Dale Thomas. I, Melissa Fields, will my parking spot to Craig Ison. I, Mendy Ryan, will my acting ability to Tom Brennen. We, Bo Starnes, John Madden, Kevin Huff, and Keith Smith, will our beer drinking ability to Joel Webber and Darrin Combs. I, Patricia Collins, will my ability to play the drums and keep a straight beat to Ben Kincer. I, Jennifer Stansberry, will my ability to march and play at the same time to Dougie Moncrief. I, Mahala Sayer, will my ability to control my anger against all new saxophone players to Tracy Wilson.

We, Tracy Ott and Tracy Romine, will our ability to skip Miss Mason’s 3rd period class to two students in her next year’s 3rd period class. I, Missy Childers, will my parking spot to Johnny Reynolds and my wardrobe to Connie Lester. I, Diane Maxie, will my ability to fight and take up for myself to Nema Brewer. I, Beth Banks, will my hair styling ability to Ms. Judy Mason. I, Kristi Hatton, will my ability to appreciate “Hump Day” to Mr. Sexton. I, Lorine Adams, will my ability to keep a car in one piece to Kim Brown. We, Mr. Sexton’s 2nd period class, will our ability to throw parties to Mr. Sexton. I, Frank Jenkins, will my pennies to Miss Whitaker. I, Chuck Garrett, will my rat-tail to Mrs. Roark. We, Mr. Polly’s 3rd period class, will our big flapping tongues to his 5th period class. I, Hoss Collins, will my baseball glove to Roger Baker. I, Kristi Sexton, will my holy jeans to Mrs. Banks. I, Keith Baker, will my ability to steal other peoples’ girlfriends to Joe Caudill. I, Shannon Kuracka, will my ability to check out without a parent excuse to Tracy Boggs. I, Chris Bentley, will nothing because I need everything I can get. We, Stephanie Sexton and Becky, will our tolerance to Mr. Roe’s cat jokes to Candace Meade.

I, Steven Combs, will my ninja quickness to Tom Brennan. I, Shelia Adams, will my nickname “ Mad Dog” to Melissa Eldridge. I, Missy Amburgey, will my ability to skip school without getting caught to Kim Brown and Martie Banks. We, Keith Smith, Missy Amburgey and Tracy Combs, will our yellow spray paint to Kim Brown, Martie Banks and Roger Baker. I, Ronald Adams, will my ability to play football to Jr. Matthews. I, Suzette Sturgill, will my basketball ability to Diane Combs. I, Sheila Fields, will my ability to skip and not get caught to Heather Swisher. I, Bobby Adams, will my gymnastics ability and tremendous body to Will Bledsoe. I, Kim Fultz, leave my fighting abilities to Colon Fultz (because he sure needs it).

The Harris Award was named in honor of Professor H.H. Harris, who served as Principal of Whitesburg High School from 1919 until 1927. It is awarded by the faculty to a senior boy on the basis of leadership, character, and scholastic standing. This year’s recipient is Mark Wampler.

The Dugan Award was named in honor of Miss Ann Dugan, who served as the Home Economics teacher for 27 years at Whitesburg High School. The award was first presented in 1966 and was awarded by the faculty on the basis of character, scholastic standing and leadership ability. This year’s recipient is Deanna Baker.

WHS has winners in Mountain Heritage festivities

The Mountain Heritage Festival was held during the week of September 21-27 and WHS competed in several events.

Jason Stidham won first place in the Mountain Heritage Essay Contest. Amy Collier placed second in this same event.

Three members of the WHS boys’ track team won the Mountain Heritage-5k run.

WHS stood out in the Mountain Heritage Parade. The WHS Marching Band won second place. The WHS JROTC took the Judge’s Trophy. Mr. Buddy Roe and Rebecca Craft won the titles of “Ma and Pa Whitesburg.” Congratulations to all who participated!

Jump rope for heart

In efforts to keep your heart healthy through exercise, the American Heart Association has formed a fundraiser to fight against heart disease and stroke. This fundraiser was done on Oct. 16. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Physical Education Classes participated. They jumped rope divided on teams. They jumped a total of 45 minutes a day. The top team raised $131. The top fundraiser was Shawn Cook with $74 and the runner-up was Charlotte Collier with $70.50. The teams together raised a total of $610 in the combined days.

(The above articles from the 1997-88 Black Kats and the 1988 Yellowjacket yearbook.)

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