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Moments and Memories of WHS

Spring Festival — 1976

On April, the junior committee sponsored the annual Spring Festival. The acts were: Mary Crawford and Debbie Hammock in an acrobatic routine; Sheri Breeding played “Take It to the Limit” on the piano; Lisa Kimberlin sang “Have You Never Been Mellow”; Debbie Hammock and Judy Webb sang “Time in a Bottle”; Alice Collins, Kristi Caudill, Linda Caudill and Lisa Kimberlin did a skit about college life; William Caudill sang “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”; Tammy Wright, Debbie Hammock and Judy Webb did a skit about ‘Hee Haw’; Lola Potter, Liz Casolari, Karen Maggard , Sheri Breeding, Sabrina Melton, Gina Howard, Kathy Webb, Tammy Wright, Debbie Hammock and Paula Caudill did a skit about “The Reporter Without a Story”; Larry Boggs played the harmonica; Liz Casolari did a majorette routine, and the stage band played.

Seniors order keys

On September 30, the senior class met in the cafeteria to order keys. A representative from the Herf- Jones Company was there to help them decide what kind of key to order. There were several different types including a key keeper, a key chain, a necklace, a bracelet and a key pin. There were two styles to choose from this year, the traditional which has the school colors and crest, and a special bicentennial design in red, white and blue celebrating the spirit of ’76. The seniors are eagerly looking forward to receiving their keys.

Magazine drive

The results of the senior magazine drive are in. The total sales were $6657.52. The senior class profit was $2663.00. Seniors breaking $200.00 were: Evelyn Crawford-$526.80; Melody Moore-$459.98; Gary Bird- $310.94; Rachel Breeding- $290.93; Joan Hall-$261.94; Herbert Maggard-$226.41.

Sharon Martin elected


A WHS student, Sharon Martin, was elected to the office of State Reporter for Kentucky DECA at the recent convention of delegates held March 11-13 in Louisville, Ky.

Sharon, a 16 year-old junior, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sherd Martin of Millstone, Ky. The youngest of 12 children, Sharon’s hobbies include reading and meeting new people.

New Year’s resolutions —

January 1976

Johnnie Ramsey, senior – To straighten up a lot of loose ends and do what I need to do instead of what I want to do. Billie Gibson, senior – To be a better cook. Melody Moore, senior – To no longer be a “foul out friend” and aim for higher goals. Rachel Breeding, senior – To be a true friend and wear a cheerful smile daily. Belinda Mason, senior – To be on time for class at least once a week. Darlene Mitchell, senior – To be a little more talkative. Roger Eldridge, senior – To be more kind and study harder. Nicky Hampton, junior – To listen to the short programs of 200 years ago today. Debbie Sumpter, junior – To study harder in school. Nancy Maggard, junior – To be more honest with myself. Phillip Walker, junior – To make everyone in my sight buy a Black Kat. Mona Sue Banks – junior – To try to have fun in life. Sherie Breeding, junior – To try my best to stop blinking. Danny Johnson, junior – Not watch Johnny Carson on school nights. John Welch, sophomore – I plan to be a better person and make life easier for everyone. Roger Maxie, sophomore – Not to fail anything. William Joseph, sophomore – Make every day count. Tanis McLean, sophomore – Forget the past and live today to its fullest. Rhonda Caudill, freshman – I’m going to be nicer to people. Bonnie Mann, freshman – I have decided not to worry about my future, just worry about the present. Karen Sturgill, freshman – I’m not going to worry about the future, just the present. Machelle Osborne, freshman – I’m going to try to change my personality. David Jones, freshman – To make all A’s on my report card. Johnny Lewis, freshman – I will stop going to 6th period. Junior Banks, freshman – Make 20 out of 25 foul shots in ball practice. Richard Hall, freshman – I give up riding the bus and driving recklessly. Ricky Morris, freshman – I give up washing my hair because it stays clean anyway.

Senior honors – 1976

Most Studious: Richard Brown and Tammie Wright; Most Talented: Johnnie Ramsey and Melody Moore; Most School Spirited: Eddie Creech and Rachel Breeding; Personality Plus: Paul Maggard and Joan Hall; Style Setters: Herbert Maggard and Tammie Wright; Class Clowns: Pete Roberts and Belinda Mason; Most Attractive: Don Fields and Evelyn Crawford; Most Popular: Herbert Maggard and Rachel Breeding; Most Athletic: Jeff Couch and Debbie Shackleford; Most Polite: Andy Fields and Carol Little; Most Ambitious: Steve Hogg and Lisa Kimberlin; Anita Hampton, Homecoming Queen. Ring Dance King and Queen, Allen Howard and Lisa Kimberlin.

Coach Gose’s comments

“This year’s football team had a pretty good season finishing with a record of 7 wins and 5 losses, and with the 38 boys, we are expecting a banner year in 1976.

“We will surely miss the outstanding leadership that the four graduating seniors displayed this year. Each boy contributed in his own way and each has left a lasting impression on our younger players. So, I am using this space to say thank you to Jeff Couch, Mark Larkey, Jimmy ‘Tank’ Mullins, and Vince Yinger.

“Jeff Couch and Jimmy ‘Tank’ Mullins were named to the EKMC-All County Team.”

Senior boy basketball

players – senior girl


Jeff Couch, Jimmy Hatton, Herbert Maggard and Eddie Creech. Debbie Shackleford played a great season in basketball this season.

Senior cheerleaders

Tammy Greene, Evelyn Crawford, Georgianna Tolliver and Judy Day.


Lynne Caudill, Kathy Banks, Liz Casolari, and Jeanna Caudill. Field director, Cecilia Collins. Senior band members were Wanda Johnson, Lola Potter, Gary Bird, Carol Little, Kristi Caudill, Johnny Pat Ramsey and Diane Holbrook.

Senior baseball players

Steve Frazier, Eddie Creech, Duane Profitt, and Herbert Maggard.

Black Kat seniors

Jimmy Hatton, Eula Eldridge, Tammy Green, and Belinda Mason. Eula Eldridge is the editor.

Senior track members

Debbie Collins, Evelyn Crawford, Belinda Mason, and Debbie Shackleford.

’76 Bicentennial seniors

“It’s better than being a bicentennial junior!” – Bill M.

“It’s fur-r-r out!”- Judy D.

“I think it’s cool because we are also graduating in an election year, a leap year, and I get to vote this year.” – Shack

“Gives us reason to party more.” – Linda C.

“It don’t make no never mind to me.” – Jim M.

“Maybe we’ll be remembered 200 years from now.” – Rhonda R.

“I think it’s overworked.” – Don F.

“It gives us more spirit.” – Ardella L.

“I think it’s special because it’s something that only happens once in a lifetime and I’m glad it happened our graduation year.” – Evelyn C.

“I think it’s great!” – Jerry L.

“Hallelujah!” – ‘Frog’ Logan.

Senior Student Council


Jimmy Hatton, Steve Frazier, Nancy Shepherd, Paul Maggard, Christine Holbrook, Eula Eldridge, Melinda Slaven, and Rachel Breeding (Rachel is the Council President).

(Information for this article came from 1976 Black Kat’s and Yearbook)

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