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Meet some of the seniors

Dixie Adams Brown: Born-3-16-35. Extra-curricular activities-Glee Club, Folk Dancing Club; Most influential teacher-Ann Dugan; Most memorable classmate Shirley Frazier Breeding, JoAnn C. Keith; Prettiest girl-Shirley Butcher; Most handsome guy-Richard M. Adams; Most memorable event-Senior Trip; Favorite songs of the 50’s-Love Letters in the Sand-Pat Boone.

Winfred Eversole Parrott: Born-12-15-1936. Most influential teacher- Bonnie Day; Most memorable classmate-Dove Caudill, Rachel Casolari; Prettiest girl- Yvonne Hall; Most handsome guy- William “ Bill” Jones; Favorite songs of the 50’s-Sixteen Candles, Blue Velvet.

Carlos Sherwood Ison: Born-8-14-36. Most influential teacher-Isaac Hogg; Most memorable classmate Ray Gibson, James Gilley; Prettiest girl-All of them; Most memorable event-The senior trip; Favorite songs of the 50’s-Your Cheating Heart.

Anna Pendleton Green: Born 12-1-35. Extra-curricular activities-Band; Most influential teacher- Paul Boggs; Most memorable classmates-Mary Elizabeth Combs; Prettiest girl-Shirley Butcher; Most memorable event-Junior Prom; Favorite songs of the 50’s-Candy Kisses.

Shirley Trent Hooks: Born 10-10-36. Extra-curricular activities-Science Club, French Club; Most influential teacher- Mr. Edgar Banks; Most influential classmate- Denita Combs; Prettiest girl-Shirley Butcher; Most handsome guy-Wade Wampler; Most memorable event-Initiation into the Science Club; Favorite songs of the 50’s- Anything by Nat King Cole, “Unforgettable”.

James D. Crase: Born 7-19-37. Extra-curricular activities-Basketball, Admiring our beautiful girls; Most influential teacher- Paul Boggs; Most memorable classmates-Betty Francis Webb, Mertie Logan; Prettiest girl-all were pretty; Most handsome guy-Ralph Ogelvie; Most memorable event-Graduation: The last time we were all together; Favorite songs of the 50’s- Vaya Con Dios.

Verla Caudill Curren: Born 3-22-36. Most influential teacher-Paul Boggs; Most memorable classmate Rachel Cassalari, Winfred Eversole; Prettiest girl-Shirley Butcher; Most handsome guy-Bobby Felix Kincer; Your most memorable event-Senior year- Washington trip; Favorite songs of the 50’s-“Crazy”.

Bobby Kaywood Ison: Born 11-8-36; Extra-curricular activities-Jr. Conservation Club; Most influential teacher-Mr. Banks and Mr. Breeding; Most memorable classmate-Bobby Adams and Jim Crase; Prettiest girl- Shirley Butcher; Most handsome guy-Bobby Kincer; Most memorable event- Washington trip.

On March 26th, the Athletic Association honored the football and basketball teams and cheerleaders of Whitesburg High School with its annual Athletic banquet at the Whitesburg VFW Club. The invocation was given by Rev. E.H. Barnett of the local Methodist Church. After a wonderful dinner of fried chicken, Mr. Albert Jones, President of the Athletic Association, gave the welcoming address and introduced the toastmaster, Mr. Follace Fields. Mr. Fields introduced Mr. Dave L. Craft, Superintendent of Letcher County Schools, and Mr. Kendall Boggs, Principal of the high school. Each made a brief talk. Mr. Fields then introduced the coaches of the high school, who in turn introduced each member of the athletic teams individually. The introduction of the cheerleaders was made by Miss Dorothy Jenkins and Miss Betty Little, the faculty advisors of the pep club.

The toastmaster then introduced the main speaker of the evening, Rev. C.A. Lingle of the Presbyterian Church, who made a most interesting and unique talk on sportsmanship, being a good winner rather than a good loser.

(The above article from the April 1, 1954 Mountain Eagle.)

Plans For Speech Dept. materialize at Whitesburg High

Colleges are repeatedly pointing out to our high school the importance of including public speaking in the curriculum. Students, teachers and the P.T.A. of the Whitesburg School are recognizing the necessity for training in this line, and are working under the guidance of the University of Kentucky for an active speech department for the coming year.

The P.T.A. has included in the budget plans for financial backing. Books recommended by the University for use in a speech class are being purchased for the school library. A group of students under the guidance of Mrs. Lonnie H. Breeding recently presented an educational oneact play, entitled “It Might Have Been.” The play was stressing the importance on courtesy and developing a winning personality. The cast included Harold Dean Cook, Cecil Barns, Mickey Bowen, Claude West, Jimmy Enlow, Arlayne Collins, Kay Moore, Wyona Craft, Ola Vee Sexton, Chelsea Hall and Dorothy Cook. The presentation was at activity period and the proceeds were placed in the school treasury for the use of the proposed speech department.

Teachers seeing the play noted evidence of talent among the students in the cast. There seems to be every opportunity for success in this field during the coming year.

(The above article from the Feb.4, 1954 Mountain Eagle.)

Jackets trounce Fleming-Neon

The Whitesburg Yellowjackets opened up in the second half after a close first half to handily defeat the Pirates of Fleming-Neon by a score of 73-56.

Bob Kincer, who has been the most consistent boy all year, gave his best performance of the season and ended the night with 34 points. This incidentally, was a new high for a Jacket performer and a new high for the local gymnasium, breaking the old mark of 33 points held by Jimmie Bert Tolliver, all-state from Whitesburg in 1950, who was on hand to see his record broken. In addition to being high point man Bob also contributed a fine floor game. Other Jacket scorers were Buddy Fields with 10 while Crase, Logan and Sexton tallied 7 each.

High man for Fleming was Ables with 17 followed by Murphy with 10.

(The above article from the Feb. 4, 1954 Mountain Eagle.)

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