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The following writings are from the publication “Spirit of Imagination”, a compilation of WHS Writing, which was a new literary magazine, created with beginning writers in mind. It was published during the 1990 school year and edited by Tracey L. Watts.

‘A Letter To Ozzy’ by Holly Fields. Yesterday I sat alone thinking about how it used to be. Thoughts of him went through my mind. I wondered if anyone even realized he was gone, then I knew that you would understand these feelings that are tangled up inside my mind.

It’s been eight years gone by, and still it’s hard to understand. He was there and now he’s gone. Time doesn’t take the pain away.

When he took the stage, he stood alone only him and the guitar as one. And as he played, “Crazy Train” and “Dee,” we laughed and cried. But we took him for granted, and now he’s gone.

I would take away all of my tomorrows just to have him here today, just to know him once again.

I close my eyes and see him there. Then the morning comes and takes away my dreams, but still … I hold his memory in my heart and his music in my soul. “I love you.”

‘Dream Castle’ by Kathy Sparks. A beautiful day gone by and the sunset is drawing nigh. The fog is thick and low, but through it the castle looks as if it were aglow.

The winding path that leads up the castle hill, makes it all seem but make believe, but yet it’s all too real, on this evening of the setting sun, in the world where everything stays young.

There approaches one traveler, all alone; making his way up the path of stone. On such a traveler, many stories have been told; of him possessing bravery, honesty, and being very bold.

He rode upon an animal with a great and mighty horn; the animal on which he rode was called the unicorn. The eve seemed, oh so mystic and so filled with delight ; as the sun continued setting and the eve turned into night. Onward the traveler proceeded with persistence beyond most men; in order to reach the castle, the wisdom must come out from within.

When looking from a distance, the path seems not so long. But when traveling upon it you’ll find you’ve reasoned wrong. The traveler and his unicorn never gave up therefore; they marched bravely on till they reached the castle door. The castle represents every dream we’ve ever dreamed, and dared to try and capture, though impossible it seemed.

The moral of the story is though it may seem so far; you’ll reach your dream if you don’t give up, as the traveler reached the door.

‘The Test’ by Chuck Noble. Here I sit in my English class studying for the test I hope to pass. I’ll probably fail just like before with fiftytwos or thirty-fours.

I’ve studied for this test all night and all day hoping to pass, so I can graduate in May. Summer school, summer school, here I come. No way to pass, I’m too dumb.

Some people say I’ve been struck by Cupid they don’t seem to know, I’m just stupid. Another bad grade, what will I do? My socks are the wrong color, and I’ve lost my shoe.

I go the next morning to get my grade, but the teacher would not tell me what I had made. Failure, failure, I can see it now I’ll end up with no job and a wife like a cow.

Finally, finally, the time was here, here it comes, oh dear, oh dear. Laying before me, the grade to my test to my surprise, I had done the best!

‘ I’m Sorry ‘ by Honey Sergent. How I wish you were with me so I could hug you so very tight and look into your eyes and make everything alright.

I’d kiss away the tears and the anger too. I’d look into your eyes and tell you I love you.

When you’re angry at me it hurts me deep inside. I have to close my eyes for my tears I have to hide.

Hide away the pain the misery and despair. How I wish I could only tell the feelings I want to share. Feelings of caring and love that will never wipe away, even though our arguments and all the words we say.

We say things we don’t mean and then later we began to see our reckless moment of anger has now turned to misery.

I know I’ve said I’m sorry but words can never say the feelings that I have for you each and every day.

Picture 1, Loretta Hall; Picture 2, Larry Dean Adams; Picture 3, Melissa Adams; Picture 4, Loretta Bryant; Picture 5, Jerri Caudill; Picture 6, Nancy Adams; Picture 7, Afton Blair; Picture 8, Kaleb Blair; Picture 9, Janice Reed; Picture 10, Craig Abbinanti; Picture 11, Eula Boggs; Picture 12, Kevin Garrett.

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