Whitesburg KY

Moments and Memories of WHS



Can you match the following names of former Whitesburg High School faculty members with their pictures? Varon Campbell, Billie Gayle Fields, Estill Banks, Ruth York, Robert Collins, Betty Jo Little, George Gibson, Nora B. Hall, Anna Collins, Robert Gatton, Edith Moores Polly, Billie Gayle Fields. Answers at the bottom of the column.

From the 1958 Black Kats: Current Hits: Heartbreak Hotel, Whitesburg High School. Over the Mountain, Cumberland River Gang. Look at the Stars, Sputnik Gazers. Chances Are, Teachers about semester exams. Ring My Phone, Mr. Burkich to parents on unexcused absentees.

Milk is now being sold in the high school hall instead of soda pop. The county board thought that drinking pop affected the students’ appetite, and it was voted to have all the pop coolers in the county schools taken out.

Miss Stamper: Why don’t you like geography? Janice Fleenor: Well, Ma says she didn’t like geography and she got married, and Aunt Evelyn didn’t learn geography and she got married and you DID — and you didn’t get married.



Two weeks before the day of the homecoming, our football squad elected very cute and sweet queen, Betty Sue Hamilton, and eight attendants, Vina Stamper, Lily Jane Collins, Deana Ashbrook, Rosemary Collier, Sandy Gibson, Rita Kathryn Hale, Fern Fulton and Jean Spangler.

For the FEMME: The fashion of long hair is going to be the style of all hairdos this winter. The hair will be worn in pert ponytails, chic buns, upsweeps and page boy styles. All the hairdos are sure to go lovely with the many new styles in clothing.

Let’s keep our halls, classrooms and campus clean and neat. Do not drop or throw wastepaper or trash on school property. Do not be a litterbug. BE A PAPER PICKER-UPPER!!

Being a senior is the time when you suddenly realize that you are not the first grader you used to be. Now you have to begin making decisions for yourself. It scares you, but somehow in a nice kind of way.

Seniors’ Stage Variety Show: The October 18 senior class hilarious variety show featured singing, music and dancing in popular, country and rock and roll.

Didja know? That the A-Team cheerleaders went to the Bluegrass and stole some Kentucky Derby ponies’ tails?

Echoes from a senior class meeting: On Tuesday, October 22, the students met for a class meeting. The seniors met in the band room. There we decided what our class colors, class flower, and class motto would be. After a lot of confusion, we finally decided that our class colors would be pink and blue, our class flower a pink carnation, and our class motto “Future, here we come!!!”

Whitesburg High School Song: On ole Whitesburg, On ole Whitesburg, Plunge right through that line! Take the ball around ole ———, Touchdown sure this time! Rah! Rah! Rah! On ole Whitesburg, On ole Whitesburg, Fight ‘em for your fame! Fight fellows, Fight! Fight! Fight! We’ll win this game!! Hey!!!

Principal’s message from Mr. J.M. Burkich: We, both faculty and staff of Whitesburg High School, have endeavored to teach you those things that you can use to advantage when you are out on your own making your way through an adult world. We are proud of the records you have made in our school and we are confident that your accomplishments will be many if you apply properly the skills, knowledge and philosophy that you have been given here.

Picture 1 Nora B. Hall, Picture 2 Mary Emma Lewis, Picture 3 Betty Jo Little, Picture 4 Edith Moores Polly, Picture 5 Ruth York, Picture 6 Estill Banks, Picture 7 Anna Collins, Picture 8 Varon Campbell, Picture 9 George Gibson, Picture 10 Robert Gatton, Picture 11 Billie Gayle Fields, Picture 12 Robert Collins.

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