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Moments and Memories of WHS




“On the Hill”
by Betty Pratt

At our pep rallies on Main Street, some of the students did not join in the snake dance following the band. The boys need our full support to help them win these football games. Let’s get that old school spirit and pep.

Come on, students, and get behind these boys and yell on to victory Friday night at the Whitesburg, Benham game on the Whitesburg Field.

We want to get more posters, hear more football talk and of course more rooting and yelling for these fine boys. How can we expect these boys to put their heart into a game if we don’t let them know that we’re really with them all the way!

Say! That band really looked sharp Friday night! We think Barbara Holstein is really going places as drum majorette. We need to get more of that school spirit for our band.

The first club meetings were held Monday, with the exception of the Beta Club. I suppose the freshmen are eager to get into these clubs. Everyone on the hill should belong to a club, especially the seniors. If you go away to work after graduation, the firm will probably send back to your school to find out what your extra activities were.



Tuesday is the first P.T.A. meeting. There will be “open house” for the enjoyment of the parents. We certainly hope they like the bulletin board in the hall of the high school building. Mrs. Combs and the Journalism Class really work hard to keep it looking nice every week. We also hope they like the new Black Kat Room which is being painted orange and black and has “ The Black Kat” printed over the doorway.

The first faculty meeting was held last Thursday in order to discuss the insurance that will protect each student at school, at any school activity, and also to and from school. It only cost $1.50 and will cover all expenses.

Wednesday, Sept. 12, we have the first Southeastern School Assembly Program. The assembly always has wonderful programs and everyone (especially Mr. Banks and the science students) is looking forward to it. The program is Glenn Morris and his “Popular Science” and Magic Science Show.



Say, all you kids, what do you think of the new hairdo that Edith Logan is wearing? Don’t say you haven’t noticed it! It’s practically the craze on the hill. The “flat, top” looks real cute, Edith.

(The above article from the Sept. 13, 1956 Mountain Eagle.)

Some of the members of the senior class:

Glenna Bates b.8-7-39; Boyfriend, S.T. Barrett; Pal, the gang; Favorites: Teacher, Mrs. Hall; Food, chili; Drink, Upper, 10; Movie Star, Tab Hunter; Singer, Doris Day; Song, ‘ True Love’; Color, Blue; Expression, “That’s More Better”; Ambition, Registered Nurse; Secret Ambition, Be always with my man; Activities, Square Dancing Club, Band, Y, Teens, F.H.A., Science Club; Honors, Secretary of Y, Teens, Secretary of Square Dancing Club.

Glen Boggs b. 5-5-38; Pal, Stevie Hampton; Favorites, Teacher, John Preston; Food, Steak; Drink, Fresh Water; Movie Star, Tony Curtis; Singer, Johnny Bond; Song, “Looked for a Bear”; Color, Green; Expres- sion, “Can’t tell by looking”; Ambition, Pool Shark; Secret Ambition, never know; Activities, Basketball, Football, Swimming.

Margaret Mullins, “Lady Macbeth” b. 2-2-41; Best Pal, Juanita Combs; Favorites, Teacher, Mr. Banks; Food, Fried Chicken; Drink, Pepsi Cola; Movie Star, Shirley McLaine; Singer, Fats Domino; Song, “I’m Walking”; Color, Light Blue; Expression, “Confound it!”; Ambition, Child Specialist; Secret Ambition, Have everyone like me; Activities, Bible Club, Music Club, Beta Club, Glee Club; Honors, Member of the Beta Club.

Bobby Sturgill “Bob” b. 2-19-38; Best Pal, James Stidham; Favorites, Teacher, Jim Preston; Food, Chicken; Movie Star, Marilyn Monroe; Singer, Fats Domino; Song, “Blue Monday”; Color, Red; Expression, “You know better”; Ambition, Graduate from WHS; Secret Ambition, to be a rambler.

Mary Johnson “ Mert” b. 2- 14- 30; Boyfriend, “ Buck”; Best Pal, Anna Caudill; Favorites, Teacher, Miss Stamper; Food, Shrimp; Movie Star, Tony Curtis; Singer, Nat “King” Cole; Song, “You are my first love”; Color, Red; Expression, “Poor Me”; Ambition, To follow Ann in her travels; Activities, Glee Club, Pep Club; Secret Ambition, To marry 10 times.

Sherman Stamper b. 7,-4-38; Best Pal, Charles Hayes; Favorites, Teacher, Mrs. Lewis; Food, Potatoes and Meat Loaf; Drink, Milk; Movie Star, Marilyn Monroe; Singer, Fats Domino; Song, “Blue Monday”; Color, Blue; Expression, “Don’t worry about it”; Ambition, To be a bachelor; Honors, to graduate from WHS.

Jessie Ison “ Penny” b. 7-9-39; Boyfriend, still looking; Best Pal, Bernice Brashears; Favorites, Teacher, Love them all; Food, Meat Loaf; Drink, Coke; Movie Star, Tab Hunter; Singer, Pat Boone; Song, “Don’t Forbid Me”; Color, Blue; Expression, “I love you”; Ambition, Marry Young; Activities, F.H.A. one year, Pep Club.

Phil Fugate “Butch” b. 9- 3- 38; Girlfriend, Mary Lou Morris; Pals, Carlos and Rodney; Favorites, Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Food, Steak; Drink, Milk; Movie Star, Jane Russell; Singer, Johnny Cash; Song, “Train of Love”; Color, Blue; Expression, “Oh Gee”; Ambition, To make a million dollars; Secret Ambition, To pass English; Honors, Three years of track.

Janell Callahan “Peggy” b. 1-5-39; Boyfriend, Landon Whitaker; Pal, Pearline; Favorites, Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Food, Chicken; Drink, Pepsi Cola; Movie Star, James Dean; Singer, Elvis Presley; Color, Red; Expression, “Hush”; Ambition, Homemaker; Secret Ambition, Teacher; Activities, F.H.A., Chorus, Pep Club, Wildlife Club, Tennis, Softball.

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