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Moments and Memories of WHS

The following information from the Oct. 1952 Black Kat.

Presenting our candidates

for Halloween


The freshman candidate for king is Robert Meade — “Bob” — a member of the Wildlife Club (and, girls, stay away — he belongs to Arlayne Collins). He has blue eyes, black hair and weighs 155 lbs., on a frame 5’8″. The freshman aspiring to be queen is Eloise Reynolds, “Latch”. She belongs to the Science Club; says there’s no one special — and everyone in general, so there is a chance, boys! She has blue eyes, brown hair, weighs 112 lbs. and is 5′ 3″ tall. She says, ‘Let’s clean house with the freshman.’

Sophomore candidate for king is Larry Craft, “Brownie”, who belongs to the Wildlife Club, and says, just any girl with a sweet smile is his. He has brown eyes, brown hair, weighs 120 lbs., and is 5’4″. The sophomore hopeful for queen is Barbara English. ‘Barb’ belongs to the old maids’ club. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Pigman. She has black eyes, brown hair, weighs 118 lbs. and is 5’3″ tall.

The junior class is running Hershel Richardson for king! Says he loves Manual Training, although he does not have to work hard. Red hair, blue eyes, 180 lbs., and 5’10” tall, he says, ‘It’s juniors all the way.’

Shirley Butcher, ‘Butch’, is the junior choice for queen. A member of the FHA. She’s a mighty cute gal (Buddy Fields is lucky when it comes to girls). She has blue eyes, blond hair, and has 115 lbs., distributed over her 5’5″ frame.

The senior king (we hope) is Billy Dean Sergent, ‘Chili Bean.’ He’s a man who plays football, belongs to boys’ chorus, and he loves beans. He’s also single, gals, so that gives us a chance in the chase. He has brown eyes, tips the scales at 155, and is 5’10” tall. He says, ‘Since we are seniors, let’s show them what a good record we can have.’

The senior choice for queen is Norma Jean Polly, ‘Jean.’ She belongs to the Science Club. Oh! No, boys, let’s keep our distance, she has a boyfriend, Jack Holbrook. She says corned beef and cabbage are real good. She has gray eyes, blond hair, weighs 110 lbs, and is 5’4″ ‘low.’

I hope the best class wins — and let the best be the seniors!

By Atlas Jean Collins

Curtain calls

In preparation for the Halloween Carnival, each class gave (for 10 cents, that is) a play using its own talent.

To start the roundup, the seniors were first in line. They did a ‘take-off ‘ of Arthur Godfrey’s ‘Talent Scout’. The kids in the skit ‘At the Railroad’ stole the show.

The highlight of the junior play was the crowning of a football queen for 1952!

The sophomores brought out the point that it is difficult to get a baby-sitter.

The freshman play as a whole was a great success. Lonnie Mullins, freshman class president, stole the show. He is a ventriloquist, guitar player, and performer over stations WNVA and WCPM. Only 15, and he does not have a girlfriend.

Eisenhower wins!

A poll on the Presidential election, sponsored by the Black Kat, was taken on Oct. 10. We were more than satisfied with the large vote, and we feel that our labors were well rewarded. The vital statistics are: Eisenhower 402 votes and Stephenson 232 votes.


We have a variety of clubs at Whitesburg High this year. Some of them are: The Bible Club, directed by Mr. Stallard, has a total of about 50 members. The officers are President: Coleen Craft, Sec.-Treasurer: Wyona Craft. They study and discuss the Bible and each Monday a minister in town comes up to talk with the students.

The Spinsters Club, directed by Mrs. Pigman and Miss Wampler, has 60 members. The President is Billy Ann Whitaker, Vice-President is Lois Mullins, and Anita Fields acts as Secretary Treasurer. It is a social club and they discuss dating and etiquette. The gals aren’t allowed to speak to any boys on Fridays, and they are charged 10 cents if they do!

The World Affairs Club, sponsored by Mr. Boggs and Mr. Collins, has 22 members. The President is Larry McKnight, Vice-President is Nadeane Amburgey, and Sec.-Treasurer is Donna Tolliver. Their object is to discuss international as well as home affairs.

The Science Club, one of the oldest, is sponsored by Prof. Edgar Banks. Composed of 31 ‘brains,’ it is affiliated with the Kentucky Junior Academy of Science. Officers of the club are: President: Bobby A. Kincer, Vice-President: Gay Banks, Secretary: Barbara Lewis.

FHA — Friday, Oct. 3, was a big day for the freshmen and other candidates for FHA membership. The candidates were ordered to dress as ‘Daisy Maes,’ and everybody had a wonderful time! The candidates were required to know the prayer, song, colors, flower, creed, emblem, and purposes of the FHA.

On the following Monday, there were 17 candidates initiated. They were given a red and white ribbon which they had to wear for three days. The new members will be admitted to come to folk games every other Monday night with the other members.

Whitesburg turns back


The Yellow Jackets played one of their better games in defeating the Redskins 18-0. The Whitesburg offense was led by Kincer, Caudill and Fields, each scoring a touchdown. The most outstanding defensive players of the game were Ralph Ogelvie and Bobby Adams.

Hazard dodges

Whitesburg 14-12!

The Bulldogs whipped the Yellow Jackets by only two points, 14-12. It was a hard game for the Jackets to lose, but they missed their extra points. The highlight of the game was an 81-yard run by Buddy Fields. Ogelvie also scored on a long run for the home team.

Lynch runs over Yellow


Lynch defeated the Yellow Jackets 32-0 at the last home game of the season for the Jackets. Lynch was led by their elusive halfback, Randy Mills. Playing their last game before a Whitesburg crowd were seniors John Hall, Bob Breeding, Billy Sergent, Billy Stornes, Sidney Slemp, Sam Banks, and Jack Adams.

Jenkins wins over

Whitesburg, 7-6!

The Jenkins Cavaliers barely won over the Yellow Jackets, 7-6. Again, it was the vital extra point which beat the Yellow Jackets. The team played a fine game. The most outstanding players on defense were John R. Hall, Bill Stornes, F.C. Hammonds and Bobby Adams. Our only touchdown was scored by Buddy Fields.

The honor roll

All A’s or 3 A’s and 1 B

Seniors — Barbara Lewis, Janet Lewis , Anna Sue Reed, Janice Clay, Martha Finchum, Elmer Banks, Janis McClure, Norma Polly, Shirley Mosgrove, Patty Caudill, and Glen Banks.

Juniors — Guinivere Crase, Patsy Jean Kincer, Colleen Caudill, Ella Louise Polly, James Crase, Judith Stone, Gay Profitt, Wade Wampler, and Vadna Stallard.

Sophomores — Bert Francis, Patricia Martin.

Freshmen — Roberta Brown, Henrietta Tolliver, Anna L. Daniel, George Spangler, Jimmie D. Blair, Christine Banks, Gary Fields, Ramona Sparks, Harold Cook, Bobby Fairchild, Johnny Doyle, Paul Fairchild, and Joella Craft.

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