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Moments and Memories of WHS



Can you identify these couples? Answers are at the end of the column.


Who’s Who in the class?

Best Looking Boy, Vincent Gilley; Prettiest Girl, Pat Lawson; Boy most likely to succeed, Paul Clay Stallard; Girl most likely to succeed, Nell Vermillion; Most Studious boy, Harold Lee Hall; Most Studious girl, Anita Richardson; Neatest Boy, Ballard Morgan; Neatest girl, Anita Codispoti; Biggest Flirt (girl), Billie Flannary; Biggest Wolf, Cecil Maggard; Most Conceited Girl, Geraldine Boggs; Most Conceited Boy, Bob Pigman; Class Moron, Bobby Wells; Cutest Boy, Kirby Ison; Cutest Girl, Betty Jo Combs; Most Popular Girl, Patsy Ann Fields; Most Popular Boy, Earl Webb; Jolliest Girl, Nona Combs; Jolliest Boy, Howard Gilley; Best Sport (boy), Raymond Lee Polly; Best Sport ( girl), Norma Ruth Bates; Best All, around Girl, Rosalie Collins; Best All, around boy, Sonny Webb; Best Athlete, Steve John; Class Old Maid, Doreen Stallard; Class Bachelor, Billy Sumpter; Most, Bashful Girl, June Jenkins; Most Bashful Boy, Buford Banks; Laziest Girl, June Maggard; Laziest Boy, Billy Adams; Teacher’s Pet, Wilma Faye Sumpter.


On April 23, 1948, the Whitesburg Yellow Jackets defeated the Fleming Pirates 20, 0 on the Whitesburg field. Whitesburg scored in the first quarter. Receiving a pass from Eddie Minns, Porky Polly ran about 35 yards for the first touchdown. For the second score, Billy Kincer caught a pass in the end zone. The two extra points were made on kicks by James Gose. Whitesburg did not score again until early in the fourth quarter, when Ralph Palumbo, going around left end, ran 35 yards for a touchdown. The extra point was missed.

The lineup for the game was as follows: Right End, Porky Polly; Right Tackle, Jack Green; Right Guard, Johnny Banks; Center, Harold Minns; Left Guard, Carl Collins; Left Tackle, Edison Garrett; Left End, Billy Kincer; Quarter Back, Eddie Minns; Right Half, James Gose; Left Half, Doug Polly; Full Back, Ralph Palumbo.

Senior Interviews

Kirby Ison, Place of birth, Linefork; Date of birth, August 16, 1930; Favorite dish, pretzels and beer; Song, Bye, Bye Blackbird; Expression, Let’s see now; Sport, frogging; Ambition, to eat and grow fat.

Estill Banks, Place of birth, Haymond; Date of birth, Oct. 27, 1928; Favorite dish, apple pie; Favorite song, Man, Yanna; Favorite expression, You ole pretty; Ambition, traveler.

Anita Richardson, Place of birth, Isom; Date of birth, January 24, 1929; Favorite dish, pecan pie; Favorite song, Near You; Favorite expression, Pedro; Ambition, to get a man.

Lois Jane Stallard, Place of birth, Ermine; Birth date, May 5, 1930; Favorite dish, pumpkin pie; Favorite song, Sentimental Journey; Favorite expression, Aw, quit; Favorite sport, football; Ambition, teacher.

June Maggard, Place of birth, Eolia; Date of birth, June 23, 1930; Favorite dish, potatoes; Favorite song, Tennessee Waltz; Expression, Heck; Sport, hunting; Ambition, to stay engaged.

Cecil Maggard, Place of birth, Van; Date of birth, August 30, 1925; Favorite dish, banana pudding; Favorite song, King Size Papa; Expression, anyone on the seat with you? ; Ambition, business manager.

Paul Clay Stallard, Place of birth, Jeff; Date of birth, September 19, 1929; Favorite dish, apple pie; Favorite song, You Don’t Care; Favorite expression, I’ll Be John Henry; Sport, playing Post Office; Ambition, to get married.

Norma Ruth Bates, Place of birth, Millstone; Date of birth, October 8, 1930; Favorite dish, bread pudding; Favorite song, Your Sox Don’t Match; Favorite expression, By George; Favorite sport, folk games; Ambition, chauffeur.

Mildred Sergent, Place of birth, Indian Creek; Date of birth, April 5, 1930; Favorite dish, French fries; Favorite Song, I Miss you So; Favorite expression, Glory to my shout; Favorite sport, tennis; Ambition, typist.

Billy Sumpter, Place of birth, Springfield; Date of birth, March 1, 1928; Favorite dish, banana pudding; Favorite song, That’s How Much I Love You; Favorite expression, That’s tough; Ambition, live happy.

(The above articles from the May 1948 Black Kat newspaper)

Whitesburg boy in Guam Islands

Corporal Zane G. Day now serving with the 46th fighter wing on Guam has recently been promoted to Sergeant and is serving as a supply clerk.

Discharged December 1945, Sergeant Day reenlisted in January 1946 and after serving several months with the 15th Air Force in the Philippines was then ordered to reassignment on Guam.

While attending WHS Sergeant Day was a member of the Future Farmers of America Association, which helped him become an experienced farmer before entering the service.

His home is in Whitesburg, where his mother, Mrs. Rachel Day resides.

(The above article from the April 15, 1948 Mountain Eagle)

Musical concert highly entertaining

A high class program, given by WHS boys and girls on Wednesday night to a capacity filled auditorium, will long be remembered. The program opened with our 62-piece A Band, in their pretty blue and gold uniforms, so neat and refined, well behaved and cultured in their appearance, first under the baton of Jack Cornett, guest conductor, visiting during the week from the University of Kentucky. Our band master, Hugh Adams then took the baton and directed the two contest numbers. This is the final formal appearance of the band before they go to the district contest at Harlan on April 3rd. Following this performance of the A, Band, Mr. Adams presented his B, Band, composed of 13 boys and 21 girls mostly from lower grades. They played exceptionally well and with the years ahead will become a great band by the time they reach high school days.

(The above article from the April 1, 1948 Mountain Eagle)

Picture 1, Doug Frazier; Picture 2, Janie Adams; Picture 3, Clyde Hogg; Picture 4, Mildred Crase; Picture 5, Phillip (Pete) Frazier; Picture 6, Barbara Adams; Picture 7, Harrison Boggs; Picture 8, Vickie Fields; Picture 9, Mark Caudill; Picture 10, Ella Mae Fields; Picture 11, Paul Adams; Picture 12, Beverly Reed.

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