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Moments and Memories of WHS




Glee Club news

Early on the morning of April 12, the Whitesburg High School Glee Club started on their way to Harlan to the Regional Music Contest. We were on our way with high spirits and determination to do our best.

We arrived in Harlan about 9: 30 and were assigned to a room to dress and clean our throats of all “huskiness.” The girls who were not in a trio or had a solo to sing, were allowed to go downtown and look around and eat a very “light lunch.”

At 1 p.m. we were dressed in our new uniforms and standing outside the door ready for the time to do our bit. The girls were slightly excited but not enough to keep us from making the highest rating in our group — “Excellent.” Friday, April 24, we will go to Lexington for the State Music Contest. As yet, we can’t tell you our rating but we hope it will be “Superior!”




Back in September the WHS Yellowjackets opened their football season with a loss to Prestonsburg 13- 6. Ike Craft, captain of the Yellowjackets, scored our touchdown. The following week we lost our first home game to Paintsville. The Tigers overpowered us 14-6. Tom Fugate, our right end, scored the touchdown. Pikeville traveled here the next week and we again met defeat13- 6. Bill Pigman, wingback, scored the touchdown. The loss of these three games was probably caused by the lack of suitable reserves. In each game the Yellowjackets led at the half, but met defeat in the last two quarters. The Cumberland Redskins came to our field for the next game and we lost 13-0. Skies were beginning to be gloomy for our hardhitting Yellowjackets, but a streak of sunshine came through when we journeyed to Hazard to tie the Bulldogs 0-0. Our next game was played at Williamson, W.Va., and we defeated Belfry High 14-0. Our touchdowns were scored by Bill Fairchild and Herbert Caudill. Enjoying the taste of victory we traveled to Jenkins and trounced the Cavaliers 26- 13. Our scoring honors went to Steve John and Bill Fairchild, each with one touchdown, and to Herbert Caudill, who scored two touchdowns. In our closing game of the season, we lost to Fleming 13-7. Ike Craft, who made the first touchdown of the season, took scoring honor for our last touchdown of the season. Eight seniors were out for football, and each of them occupied a permanent berth on the first team. Bill Fairchild and Ike Craft were on the “Honorable Mention” list for backs on the All-State football team. Each of them has received a certificate. Ike Craft was captain of the Yellowjackets and did a grand job. Out of 8 games, we won 2, tied one, and lost five.

Whitesburg defeats Cumberland

On Friday, April 25, the Whitesburg Yellowjackets defeated the Cumberland Redskins 6-0. The game was played on the Whitesburg field. It had been reported that Cumberland had a very good team, but we still placed our confidence in the Yellowjackets. Things began to look good for us at the beginning of the game. At the half, the score was 0-0. During the third quarter, Ballard Morgan carried the ball over for the touchdown. The attempt for the extra point was no good. The score stood 6-0, and the game ended with that score.

This is the first game the boys played under our new coach, Ray Pigman. Mr. Pigman has done an excellent job with the boys this year. He has a winning personality and is well-liked by everyone. The boys pulled together as a team, and all of them played excellent ball. Personal mention should be given to Alex Hall, Gayle Fields, and Ballard Morgan, who with the rest of the team, turned in a wonderful performance.

Home Ec. I girls entertain mothers

Wednesday, April 30, the Home Ec. I girls gave a luncheon for their mothers. The girls modeled their dresses they had made so all the mothers could see them.

The mothers visited the classrooms and several went to hear the Band play their concert numbers. At the activity period they saw a movie as guests of the school. At noon the mothers were served potato salad, sandwiches, coffee and cookies by the Home Ec. girls. The cookies were heart shaped with a pink “M” in the middle that stood for mother. All had a nice time. The luncheon was given to show the mothers where we work and under what conditions.

Junior picnic

On Friday, May 2, the junior class of WHS went on a class picnic. The destination was High Rock near Bad Branch Falls, but since time was short we stopped on the top of Pine Mountain. We hiked from the resort to the tower, then to Deer Pen where we enjoyed our lunch, consisting of hot dogs with all of the trimmings, cakes, and marshmallows. We then hiked to the lake where swimming and boating were enjoyed.

Sophomore outing

The sophomore class consisting of 90 students attended a picnic at Ovenfork, May 2. The menu for the day was wieners, marshmallows, cakes, potato chips, candy, ice cream, and sandwiches. Mr. and Mrs. Breeding, Miss Dugan and Walter Hall were the sponsors. The party enjoyed interesting games and all the crowd entered the playing. Prizes were won by the following: horseback race Walter Hall and Gayle Fields, 50-yard dash for girls Gleeda Frazier and John Lewis, 40-yard dash for girls Lucy Webb and Nancy Hogg, wheelbarrow race Robert Hart and Hiram Johnson, 50-yard dash for boys Orell Amburgey and Billy Kincer. The prizes were ice cream sandwiches. We wish to thank our sponsors for the wonderful time we had.

(The above articles from the April-May 1947 Black Kat Newspaper.)

Picture 1 Gary Hall, Picture 2 Janet Slone, Picture 3 Stephen Kincer, Picture 4 Mitzi Hammock, Picture 5 Greg Chandler, Picture 6 Sharon Martin, Picture 7 Doug Raleigh, Picture 8 Kitty Gish, Picture 9 Randall Holbrook, Picture 10 Julie Boggs, Picture 11 Rocky Craft, Picture 12 Michelle McCall.

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