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Junior-Senior Banquet

The juniors gave a banquet for the seniors, Saturday evening, May 2, in the school gymnasium, and it was indeed the one outstanding event of the commencement exercises, also the nicest and most beautiful banquet ever given by the juniors of WHS.

Thirty-odd seniors and the entire high school faculty were present with 50 juniors acting as hosts and hostesses.

The banquet hall represented a beautiful garden, the stone walls twined with vines and shrubbery, streamers floating everywhere, lanterns and balloons hanging overhead, and in one corner of this enchanted garden an oldfashioned well stood — a stone well covered with moss and ferns.

All electric lights were turned off and the candle on each of the 24 tables gave all the light necessary to carry out the effect.

James Doyle gave the welcome address, and Gay Webb, senior president, the response. Next was a quartet, “The Waltz You Saved for Me,” by Inez Cook, Margaret Gault, Follace Fields and Klair Back. Then there were addresses, “To the seniors,” Lena Collins; “Memories,” by Cora Addington; “Future Hopes,” by Hansel Brown; and “ Farewell” by Olan Cook.

Various types of music were rendered between the addresses; as a duet, “Stars and Stripes Forever,” by Miss Hale and Mr. Savage; musical recitation by Elline, accompanied by Miss Hale; quartet, “School Day Sweethearts,” Inez Cook, Margaret Gault, Follace Fields and Klair Back; piano selections by Mr. Savage and a group of farewell songs by the entire junior class.

There was lots of noise and fun, as was to be expected at the junior-senior banquet, for little noisemakers, souvenirs, fortunes and caps were given to each person.

James Doyle, president of the junior class, acted as toastmaster for the evening, and he, with the help and cooperation of the juniors, made the seniors and teachers, and his classmates as well, have a grand and glorious time.

HI-Y news

The Hi-Y boys have enjoyed success in every undertaking that they have attempted this year. The Hi-Y Bible study course helped to show the boys that they are gaining rapidly in this club, and if they keep up the good work they will soon surge to the front. Although we were not first in the Bible study course this year, we certainly were not last. Out of the entire lot of boys in high school about 85 percent attended this course. This marks a gain of about 25 percent over last year. The Bible study course is a great thing for the boys, for there are many lessons to be gone over.

The two things that mark the closing of this successful season was the Hi-Y basketball tournament, which was held in the gym, and in which every boy that cared to participated. The next thing was the annual camping trip to the Gordon Lewis cabin on Cumberland River. The outing on the Cumberland, which lasted for two days, was without a doubt the most interesting and the most enjoyable occasion of all. Good fellowship and good sportsmanship was shown by all the boys who were present.

Although the writer is neither a prophet nor a seer, he can truthfully say that if the Hi-Y boys of next year develop any over the boys of this year, they will have to be 100 percent strong.

Athletic report – Football

This year ended the third and most successful year of our football career under the able hand of Beckham Combs and Montjoy Savage.

The season was opened with Buckhorn, a team that had held its own with the best teams of this section. The score was 7-0 in Whitesburg’s favor and shows that it was a tough battle, but with our boys rounding into shape they could not be stopped.

Whitesburg’s next game against Jackson was easily won by a score of 13-0, but they received a beating the following Friday against Benham, one of the strongest teams in eastern Kentucky. The score, after a hard-fought battle with Whitesburg decidedly the underdogs, was 19 to 7 in Benham’s favor. Whitesburg’s next game was lost to Paris. Everyone expected an easy victory for Paris after the beating they gave the Yellow Jackets at Paris last year. The game was played on a cold, rainy evening, but was fast and interesting. When the final whistle blew, the score was 6-0 with the home team holding the zero end of it.

Against Lynch, the Yellow Jackets took a decided brace and showed a flash of the football they were really capable of playing. With Sam Potter hitting the line the Lynch boys didn’t have a chance, and the final score was 19-0.

The Hazard Bulldogs, an old time rival of Whitesburg, gave our boys a drubbing the next week. The Yellow Jackets had looked forward to this game and throughout the season their aim was to bring about the downfall of the Bulldogs. Both the teams were in excellent shape and about evenly matched, but the breaks seemed to be against us. After three quarters of hard fighting with neither side scoring, it looked as if the game would be a tie but in the last few minutes of play the Hazard quarterback slipped over a long pass to an end who went over the line for the only marker of the game and made the score 7-0 in Hazard’s favor. Despite the score, the Yellow Jackets outfought and outplayed the Bulldogs throughout the game, gaining 243 yards to the Bulldogs’ 113. This game will long be remembered by Whitesburg sport lovers for it was in this game that 11 men fought their hearts out trying to defeat the hated Bulldogs.

The close of a successful seasoncamewitha7to2 victory over Jenkins, with Lexie Potter as outstanding player of the game. Thus ended the most successful season in Whitesburg’s history.

( The above articles from the 1930- 31 Black Kat Newspaper and WHS yearbooks.)

Picture 1 Leanna Collins; Picture 2 Gary Mullins; Picture 3 Joyce Adams; Picture 4 Raymond Thomas; Picture 5 Arlayne Collins; Picture 6 Bert Francis; Picture 7 Wanda Rogers; Picture 8 James Reynolds; Picture 9 Marsh Kincer; Picture 10 Carl B. Banks; Picture 11 Swelia Raleigh; Picture 12 Jerry Coots.

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