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Moments and Memories of WHS



From the December 1927 Black Kat-Senior News

It is generally known about the school that the seniors received their rings and pins on Thanksgiving Day. Since the second term examinations, it is not so generally known that they will receive their diplomas in June.

At a recent meeting of the senior class, the members decided to conduct, once a week, a class in parliamentary law, instead of the free-for-all discussion, which they have heretofore had.

Impersonations of the high school faculty were given in chapel last week by six members of the senior class. It is the opinion of the student body that Orell Fields and Karl Day should have their names changed, and that Beulah Fields will accept Miss Colyer’s position if she should resign.

Mr. Hale entertained the senior class for about 25 minutes after school on Thursday. He told the honored ones that as soon as they got quiet they could journey to their respective homes. But the class was in high spirits and decided that they would have a little fun. The Boys’ Glee Club gave a ( silent) selection called, “ I’ll meet you at the station when the train comes along.” Then one of them conceived the idea that it would be a senior privilege to just get up and walk out. So the whole class started but was met at the door by the host, who ordered them all back for refreshments, which was 10 minutes more added to their stay. The class finally quieted down and was dismissed. From then on a difference has been noticed: quieter and better seniors. Moral: Experience is the best teacher.



Who’s Who in the senior class

Orell Fields, president of the senior class, tennis star, and one of the prominent short story writers.

Vera Sergent, vice-president of the senior class, member of the hiking club.

Kermit Boatright, secretary of the senior class, and member of the hiking club.

Karl E. Day, vice-president of the literary society, business manager of the Black Kat, member of the hiking club, and originator of senior jokes.

Hazel Back, president of the literary society, assistant editor of the Black Kat, pianist, leader of the girls’ hiking club, member of the glee club, and member of the girls’ ukulele club.

Beulah Fields, society editor of the Black Kat, member of the hiking club, singer in the glee club, chairman of the literary society program committee, senior yell leader, and member of the ukulele club.

Taft Spradlin, editor of the Black Kat, senior debater, member of the hiking club, member of the glee club.

Mallie Strong, member of the hiking club and member of the glee club.

Eunice Lewis, member of the hiking club and glee club, and belle of the senior class.

Euretta Hammons, athletic reporter to the Black Kat, member of the hiking club and the glee club, and plays on W.H.S. girls’ basketball team.

Jennie Caudill, a member of the hiking club and singer in the glee club; reporter to the Black Kat for the senior class.

Sophomore news

We have hitched our wagon to a star and though we may not accomplish all the things we would like to, we have made a flying start. The second term of school is gone and so far as the sophomore class is concerned it has a record, which is at least equal if not superior to any in our high school.

Mr. Hale visited our class meeting last time and it is said that he complimented us very highly.

The sophomore class is going to have several candy sales in the near future and we would appreciate the help of anyone who would like to assist us. The proceeds will be spent for the benefit of the sophomore class.

The Black Kat had five delegate at the recent convention of the Kentucky High School Press Association.

Average attendance

We have enrolled in high school this year 89 girls and 85 boys, making a total of 174. For the first month the average attendance was 167, second month 162, third month 159. This is a very good average, but let’s bring it up by everyone coming on time and coming every day.

Picture 1, Arlayne Collins; Picture 2, Bert Francis; Picture 3, Dana Adams; Picture 4, William Richardson; Picture 5, Jackie Walker; Picture 6, Gerald Frazier; Picture 7, Kathy Barker; Picture 8, Burgess Napier; Picture 9, Jerri Cook; Picture 10, Dock Frazier; Picture 11, Helen Fields; Picture 12, Danny Roberts.

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