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WHS Class of 1958

President, Sarah Jane Hall; Vice President, Tom Fields; Secretary/Treasurer, Janice Fleenor.

Class sponsors were John R. Hall, Virginia Combs, Walter Enlow, Mary Emma Lewis.

Class motto, Future Here We Come. Class colors, pink and black. Class Song, Graduation Day. Class flower, carnation.

Senior Class did “Tempest and Sunshine” as their senior play, starring Donna Spangler and Wanda Collier and a large supporting cast.

Band that year was directed by Mr. Secontine, many of our classmates were band members. Bob Stansberry wrote in the Black Kat that our band received a B rating at the band festival in Williamsburg. Black Kat staff consisted of Wanda Collier, editor; Anna Mae Statzer and Christine Sumpter, exchange editors; Bob Stansberry and Sarah Jane Hall, business managers; Anna Lee Sexton, joke editor; Sonny Enfusse and Sonny Webb, sports editors; Sylvia Owens and Jacqueline Collins, reporters; Donna Spangler, Janice Bentley, and Vina Faye Stamper, gossip reporters. Many others were involved. Miss Ruth York and Mrs. Virginia Combs were our sponsors.

Picture 1 - 1940

Picture 1 – 1940

(From the last issue of our Black Kat.)

“Early Monday morning 101 seniors and their sponsors, Mrs. Combs, Mr. Enlow, Mr. Hall, Mr. Burkich and Mrs. Burkich, left for Washington D.C. We stayed at Stratford Hotel, toured many of the historic places and had lots of fun”.

Trip notes say that our $20 deposit covered seven meals: three breakfasts at .50 each; two lunches at .75 each; two dinners at $1 each; also senior pictures taken in front of the capitol building.

One more note . . . no jeans were allowed.

Our March 1958 Black Kat was dedicated to Coach Trosper and his Yellow Jackets and to Coach Moore and the B Team Jackets. Yellow Jackets won 3 trophies for 1958, two District Trophies and the Regional Runner-up Trophy for the 14th Region. “A-Team” players, from the class of 1958, were Sonny Webb, Stanley Bronson, Darrell Stidham, Morrell Blair, Tommy Fields, Larry Britton, Kelly Boggs, Ercell Sturgill, Chester Adams, and Tommy McCoy.

Picture 2 - 1964

Picture 2 – 1964

1958 came to a close with the prom and graduation. Prom was in the gym. Menu shows punch, cookies, mints, nuts. Queen was Donna Spangler and King was Kelly Boggs. Teacher of the year was Mr. Cecil Caudill. Special music was provided by the Twilighters, class song was Twilight Time. Juniors sponsored the prom for seniors and welcome speech was given by Glenn Ihrig.

(The above article from “The Last Black Kat” distributed at the All-Class reunion held in Lexington, July 30, 2005.)

Picture 1, Velma Sturgill; Picture 2, Ellen Armstrong; Picture 3, Velanne Welch; Picture 4, Amy Mullins; Picture 5, Bennett Adams; Picture 6, Melanie Craft; Picture 7, Mark Larkey; Picture 8, Phoebe Honeycutt; Picture 9, Van Webb; Picture 10, Virginia Hoskins; Picture 11, Mike Craft; Picture 12, Byron Thomas.

Picture 3 - 1992

Picture 3 – 1992

Picture 4 - 1990

Picture 4 – 1990

Picture 5 - 1993

Picture 5 – 1993

Picture 6 - 2001

Picture 6 – 2001

Picture 7 - 1976

Picture 7 – 1976

Picture 8 - 2004

Picture 8 – 2004

Picture 9 - 1955

Picture 9 – 1955

Picture 10 - 1964

Picture 10 – 1964

Picture 11 - 1977

Picture 11 – 1977

Picture 12 - 1997

Picture 12 – 1997

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