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1930 Senior play a great success

Friday night, May 9, the senior class staged one of the most successful annual dramatics in the history of WHS. There were more than a dozen laughs each minute and no one could go away sad.

Those having parts in the play were Bernice Flynn, Lola Campbell, Homer Yonts, Elizabeth Doyle, Elmer Bert Crites, Ida Hart, Glenn Clay, Frank Fletcher and William Vermillion. Each of them proved they possessed real dramatic ability.

Between the first and second acts the senior girls who did not have parts in the play did a snappy song and dance act. The boys brightened things up between the second and third acts with an amusing act. At the end of the play the entire class staged a grand finale with “Happy Days are Here Again”.

The seniors want to thank the citizens of the town, and from other towns, too, for their hearty cooperation. The auditorium was filled to the brim, and we feel you enjoyed the program and being there as much as we enjoyed having you.

RICHARD DEAN SQUIRES Principal 1927-1940

RICHARD DEAN SQUIRES Principal 1927-1940

Rev. Enlow delivers

Baccalaureate sermon

The Baccalaureate Sermon was preached at the Baptist Church, May 11, by Rev. I.E. Enlow. The seniors were present in a body wearing their caps and gowns. They entered singing “Holy, Holy, Holy,” and remained standing while Rev. Potts delivered the invocation.

There was special music by Mrs. Miles E. Moore and Mrs. French Hawk. Two delightful numbers were rendered by the choir, and a male quartet sang two numbers very beautifully.

There was a large crowd present and everyone enjoyed sermon, the subject being, “Life’s Flower Garden”.

Members of the senior class

Faye Collins, our class wit, whose wisecracks and cute antics will long be remembered by her host of friends in WHS. Honors: Joke Editor, member of the Girls Reserve.

Lola Campbell, the senior belle, has proven her beauty is not only skin deep, but heart deep! She is always ready to lend a helping hand. Here’s to Lola. Honors: Society Editor, member of the Girls Reserve, class secretary ’27, Cheerleader.

Wilma Adams, our valedictorian, is so studious we may always rest assured that Wilma wherever she may be, is making her life a success. Honors: Editor Black Kat, Sec. of Girls Reserve, Valedictorian.

Frank Fletcher says, “Say it with songs,” and well does he succeed in the art. He’s a nice chap to have around, because he is so cheerful. Honors: Hi-Y, Feature Editor, Cheerleader.

Glynn Clay, the senior President, we have no doubt that the best things in life will come to him, because he has ability to put things across. Honors: Senior President, President of Hi-Y.

Ida Hart, the most popular girl, has certainly showed her colors in WHS. As president of Girls Reserve, she has won admiration of all the girls, and somehow the boys are fond of her too. Probably that is because of her skilled work in basketball. Honors: President of Girls Reserve, Business Manager Black Kat, Basketball Captain ’30, Class President ’28-’29, Sec. class ’27.

Klair Adkins, our typical co-ed has made so many friends who will miss her a great deal. Klair’s fondness of reading has acquainted her with modern subjects and aids her as a brilliant conversationalist. Honors: Vice-President of Girls Reserve, Senior Prophet, Sports Editor, Basketball.

Bill Vermillion, our senior sheik, has made many of our senior belles glance twice in the same direction; but Bill just seems to let them, in vain. He’s a boy that just can’t let his good looks be bothered. Honors: Correspondent Sec. of Hi-Y, Vice-President of senior class.

Joe Reynolds, a good ole’ scout, is always ready to stand up for the senior rights. He is a good dancer and is always ready for a good time. Honors: Exchange Editor for the Black Kat, member of Hi-Y.

Hester Day, a sweet little miss, who liked WHS so much she just had to come back to us the second semester to graduate. We are certainly not sorry she did either because she has been an active member of the class. Honors: Member of the Girls Reserve, Assistant Business Manager of the Black Kat.

David Craft, a bashful boy, seems always in a flush, tho’ perhaps he isn’t so bashful when a particular little junior is around. We’re beginning to realize Dave isn’t much in a crowd — but when you get him alone, you’d be surprised! Honors: Member of the Hi-Y.

Erma Banks, a perfect blonde, is one who is of few words. Erma keeps her eyes and ears open and her mouth shut. We might take heed to this because she is always prepared when called upon to recite. Honors: Member Girls Reserve, Salutatorian.

Elizabeth Doyle, with her red hair and blue eyes, she might well be compared with Elinor Glynn, because if her ability to write continues to grow her stories will surely win. Honors: Senior Poet, Member of the Girls Reserve.

Fred Day, the senior clown, seems never busy, but somehow he usually comes to class prepared. He might well bear the name of “Peck’s Bad Boy,” because he is always into mischief. Will he never grow up? Honors: Member of Hi-Y.

Bernice Flynn the senior vamp, tho’ she is tiny, she is golden all the way through. We’re sure she hasn’t meant to be different when she has broken dates with our senior boys and fed them her line. She is just kiddin’. Honors: Member Girls Reserve, Senior Reporter.

Hubert Cook, a brilliant chap, can sum a long story up in a very few words. After those few words are said Hubert is through. He doesn’t believe in telling everything he knows. He has been an apt student all year and by doing so is held in highest esteem by the faculty. Honors: Honor Student.

Bonnie Bates, an intelligent lass, is another one of the main pretty girls in the senior class. Her blue eyes and golden curls combined with a very pleasing personality have gained a host of friends. Honors: Member of the Girls Reserve.

Arnold Kincer, our athlete, has never been known to shirk. He has played fairly, giving his best at all times not only in games but through all school activities. Honors: Basketball ’29-’30, Football ’28, member Hi-Y.

Helen Combs, a rather indifferent type, isn’t very hard to please. Helen just lets things happen. She should worry! If fate turns her way she is happy, if not, no one ever hears of it. She is just good, all around. Honors: Member of the Girls Reserve.

Homer Yonts, an honorable student, will be sure to make a name for himself because he has proven himself capable of doing so in school. He will long remain in the memory of his classmates as the boy who was ever ready. Honors: Secretary of senior class, Member of Hi-Y.

Zola Day, the considerate girl, is always thinking of someone else, she tries her best to do things to make everyone happy. She has never been corrected because of misbehavior in class, and has been so polite we can’t forget her. Honors: Girls Reserve.

Clara Polcetti, to know her is to love her, because Clara’s modest manners are sure to win the love and respect of everyone. Honors: Member of the Girl Reserve.

Elmer B. Crites, a willing worker, will no doubt succeed as an excellent auditor, unless he should chance to change his plan and that is not probable, because he is working faithfully toward that goal. Honors: Member Hi-Y.

Helen Crossman, a lovable girl, who is always doing something interesting, has made her way into the heart of the senior class. She has such a sunny smile that when in her presence classmates all wear sungrins. Honors: Honor: Girl Reserve.

Watson Caudill, a hardworking lad, is sure to reach the highest goal because his ambitions are as high as he is tall (and that’s plenty) and he strives to keep going forward.

Bradley Ison, a clever lad, can give information on most any subject. He has studied hard and has run such a successful senior race we are sure misfortune can never overtake him.

Vivian Ford, the class musician, is one of the most attractive girls in school. She is one of the best students and has played her part in making the class a success. Honors: G.R. Class Pianist.

There were four who graduated in the mid-year, and have greatly been missed since they have gone. These were Paschal Hall, who has gone to work with the A&P stores; Herbert Webb, who attends college at Eastern; Draxie Smallwood, who is in school at L.M.U., Harrogate, Tenn.; and Virginia Reece who is at Pikeville. If these students continue as they were in W.H.S., there will be little use to worry about them. They have a host of friends who wish them life’s greatest success.

(The above article from the May 15, 1930, Black Kat Newspaper.)

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