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Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Moments and Memories of WHS




Betty Sue Sturgill “Susie Q,” b.11-12-38; Husband, Edward Sexton (Buddy); Teacher, Mr. Banks; Food, Cherry Pie; Drink, Coke; Movie Star, Rock Hudson; Singer, Sonny James; Song, “First Love”; Color, Blue; Expression, “Holly Cow”; Ambition, To be a nurse; Secret Ambition, To marry Buddy (and she did before this went to press); Activities, Beta Club, Science Club.

Ronald Stamper “Ronnie” b. 12-4-40; Girlfriend, Single; Best Pal, David Collier; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Food, Steak; Drink, Water; Movie Star, Marilyn Monroe; Singer, Flat and Scruggs; Song, “Jim Dandy”; Secret Ambition, To be a bachelor; Activities, Baseball.

Eleene Adams b. 9-8-37; Best Pal, The gang; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh and all the rest; Food, Hamburger; Drink, Pepsi; Movie Star, Richard Egan; Singer, Tab Hunter; Song, “Young Love”; Color, Pink; Expression, “Kill it before it grows”; Ambition, To marry an airplane pilot; Activities, Music Club, Chorus, Pep Club, FHA Honors, Annual Staff, Black Kat Staff, Beta Club.

James Reynolds “Joe” b. 12-26-39; Girlfriend, it’s a secret; Best Pal, Ronald, Phil, Ted, Charles; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Stamper; Food, All kinds; Drink, Milk; Movie Star, Spencer Tracy; Singer, Perry Como; Song, “Tenderly”; Color, Brown; Expression, “I” nonchalant; Ambition, Dentist; Secret Ambition, Spend a year in Germany; Activities, Band seven years, Annual Staff, Science Club, Music Club; Honors, Attended 12 years of school in succession.

Opal Necessary b. 11- 1-39; Boyfriend, Marion Sexton; Best Pal, Margaret Mullins; Favorites: Teacher, R.C. Day; Food, Heavenly Pie; Drink, Coke; Movie Star, Jeff Chandler; Singer, Rosemary Clooney; Song, “Too Much”; Color, Pink; Expression, “Why Not?” Ambition, Secretary to an army officer; Secret Ambition, Travel in foreign countries.

William Johnson “Pete” b. 4-25-39; Pal, Johnny Adams; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Food, Chicken; Drink, Milk; Movie Star, Frank Sinatra; Singer, Elvis Presley; Song, “Poor Boy”; Color, Blue; Expression, “You don’t say”; Ambition, Accountant; Secret Ambition, Living in Florida; Activities, Baseball two years, Wildlife Club.

Janetta Caudill “Little Bit” b.11-19-39; Boyfriend, Danny Walters; Pal, Genevieve Hogg; Favorites, Teacher, Mr. Jim Preston; Food, Chicken; Drink, Milk; Movie Star, Marilyn Monroe; Singer, Elvis; Song, “All Shook Up”; Color, Black; Expression, “You’re Crazy”; Ambition, Work in nightclub; Activities, Pep Club, Glee Club, Music Club, Bible Club.

Bennett Ray Collins b. 4-20-38; Pals, Junior Hall and James Banks; Favorites: Teacher, Mr. Preston; Food, Meat Loaf; Movie Star, Andy Divine; Singer, Elvis Presley; Song, “Let Me”; Color, Green; Expression, “Well, you know better”; Ambition, to be a radio repair man.

Phyllis Jean Fitzpatrick “Fifi” b. 8-27-39; Boyfriend, Richard Gulotta; Pal, Arminta and Dan, Pat; Favorites: Food, Cream Potatoes; Drink, Pink Lemonade; Movie Star, Burt Lancaster; Singer, Frankie Lymon; Song, “Earth Angel”; Color, Black; Expression, “And don’t you know?” Ambition, Psychiatrist; Secret Ambition, To live in Pennsylvania; Activities, Black Kat Staff, Science Club, Chorus.

Alvin Luther Gibson “Duke” b. 2-4-38; Best Pal, Albert Jones; Favorites: Teacher, Mr. Preston; Food, Corn Bread; Drink, Sour Milk; Actor, Bob Hope; Song, “Loaded for Bear”; Color, Pink; Expression, “Crazy Words”; Ambition, To make my second million; Secret Ambition, To make my first million.

Patricia Fulton “Pandy” b. 9-12-39; Best Pal, “The Gang”; Favorites: Teacher, Mr. Collins; Food, Anything eatable; Drink, Milk; Movie Star, Richard Egan; Singer, Frank Sinatra; Song, “My Prayer”; Color, Blue; Expression, “You’d be surprised”; My secret ambi- tion shall remain a secret; Activities, Tri-Hi-Y, Chorus, Music Club, Pep Club; Honors, Sec. Treasurer of the Senior Class.

Rodney Lynn Kincer “Lover” b. 12-23-39; Girlfriend, Sylvia Banks; Best Pal, Carlos and Phil Fugate; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Food, Cake; Drink, Milk; Movie Star, Jane Russell; Singer, Frank Sinatra; Song, “Tender Trap”; Color, Red; Expression, “Well blow me down and call me Shorty”; Ambition, To go to college; Secret Ambition, To go to Texas; Activities, Wildlife Club, three years, football three years, Chorus and Senior Play.

Parting advice to WHS students from some of the seniors

Betty Jo Nease, “You’re not at the top, but you’re still climbing.” James Lloyd Hall, “Look forward and you will succeed.” Phil D. Fugate, “Get your work in on time or you will get some of Miss Raleigh’s ‘I’s’”. Jeraldine Adams, “Keep your head up and you will make it someday.” Charles Whitaker, “Have fun while you may, don’t wait too late.” John Edison Combs, “Live fast, love hard, and die young.” Betty Collins, “Do what the teachers tell you, and I’m sure you will get by. I did.” Rodney Kincer, “Work hard, study real hard. Try not to get caught cutting class.” Mary Ellen Stamper, “Try hitch-hiking to Fleming on a cold day without one of the teachers coming along and you thumbing them.” Janice Caudill, “Don’t get 6th period Study Hall. Study hard the first week of school.” Glenn Boggs, “Never get in anything you can’t get out easily.” Ben Arnold Everidge, “ You are only young once, so live while you can.” Patricia Craft, “Just play it smart and make all the teachers think you like them.” Margaret Baker, “Play hooky whenever you get a chance, but be sure that you don’t get caught. Be smart.” Glinda Ann Holbrook, “Study, study, and study, and learn the secret of chewing gum in Miss Raleigh’s room.”

(The above article from the May 1957 Black Kat Newspaper and the Yellow Jacket Yearbook.)

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