Whitesburg KY

Moments and Memories of WHS




Jerry Wayne Hall b. 2/2/44: Friend, Charity Sturgill; Favorite TV Show, The Three Stooges; Favorite Actor, Dale Robinson; Favorite Song, More Than I Can Say; Advice to underclassmen, Don’t do something that you will regret in the future; Ambition, To find a good wife in a few short years.

Helen Marie Adams b. 1/27/43: Favorite TV Show, Any; Favorite Actor, Pat Boone; Favorite Song, Mother- In-Law; Advice to underclassmen, Take heed, you have but one life, study hard; Ambition, To be a secretary.

Billy Boatwright b. 2/19/43: Friend, Maxine Cornett; Favorite TV Show, Wagon Train; Favorite Actress, Marilyn Monroe; Favorite Song, You Are the Only One; Advice to underclassmen, Study hard; Ambition, To be an electrician.

June McCloud b. 2/26/43: Friend, someone special; Favorite TV Show, Thriller; Favorite Actor, Elvis Presley; Favorite Song, Dedicated to the One I Love; Advice to underclassmen, Study when you can; Ambition, Stay single and live it up.

Inez Caudill b. 1/25/43: Favorite Song, Shy Away; Advice to underclassmen, Get a pair of roller skates to go from class to class; Ambition, To be a nurse; From the Senior Popularity Poll, she was voted Old Maid by the Class.

Earnest Wilson b. 12/13/42: Favorite TV Show, Tab Hunter; Favorite Actress, BB; Favorite Song, Runaway; Advice to underclassmen, I advise all other students to be very good, just like me.

Joy Sturgill b. 11/19/43: Favorite TV Show, The Nelson Family; Favorite Actor, Ricky Nelson; Favorite Song, Love You More Than I Can Say; Advice to underclassmen, Don’t miss the Washington Trip; Ambition, To be a Secretary.

Jackie Sparks b. 9/6/43: Favorite TV Show, Deputy Dog; Favorite Actress, Jane Mansfield; Ambition, To be a Lawyer; Advice to underclassmen, To study literature.


We hear that a few senior girls are after Jimmy Stamper. Could one of the girls be Shelia Hall? Rana Hensley is wearing a Fleming-Neon ring, could it belong to Mack Kincer? The Black Kat Staff wishes to congratulate Carol Cornett on her recent marriage to Donald Cook. Mrs. Combs finally got a new blackboard, after begging for many years. Charlotte Holbrook, who’s the boy you have on your mind? It’s Michael Bentley isn’t it? Come on, Nell, tell us who that cute boy was you had a date with. Could it have been Bennett Boggs? Looks as if Josephine Kincer and Cleve Collier are going steady. Good luck, kids. Molly and Wanda, the Kat saw you with two good looking guys from Cumberland. Could they be George and Junior? I wonder when the big day is, Mary Golden? Good luck to you and Johnny Brown. The new fad these days seems to be senior girls after sophomore boys. What do you say, Phyllis, Sue, and Shelia? Jackie Holbrook, who’s the girl we’ve been seeing you with? Could Phyllis Adams tell us? It seems that Yvonne H. Boggs and Freddie Watts make a nice twosome. Good luck, kids. Miss Cureton, its getting closer to June. We wish you a happy marriage. Pete White, who was that cute girl you brought to the ballgame? Was it Vickie Moore?

(The above article from the March 1961 Black Kat Newspaper.)

The Kat ask this question, If you were going to the moon and could take only one small thing with you in your hand, what would you take? Here are some of the responses.

Nerva Bates, If I were going to the moon I would take some food and water, because when I get to the moon I may not be able to find any; Steva Whitaker, I would make sure it was food so I would not starve; Bill D. Adams, I would take a Bible; Brenda Miles, When I take my trip to the moon I’d take a box of aspirins, because every time I go up high I get a headache; Josephine Kincer, If I were going to the moon and I could take one thing I would take my diary, so I could have all the memories of my trip to read and cherish; Anna Wright, would take something to entertain myself with, like a set of jacks; Wanda Burton, would take a Bible because would want to get right with the Lord; Pete White, I would take my girl’s picture or try to find me a nice little moon girl up there.

My Best Year at WHS by Brenda Miles

My best year has been my last. Although there have been times when I felt like throwing my books in the fire and wishing that some of my teachers were in the same place. It still has been great. There were days when I walked miles trying to sell Christmas cards, candy and magazines and finally had to buy them myself. Yes this year has been filled with the bitter and the sweet. But when the seniors boarded the bus for Washington, D.C. I am sure everyone forgot about the hard times we had and the miles we walked getting ready for the great trip. And the biggest moment of all is walking across the stage and receiving that long sought for diploma.

(The above articles from the 1960, ‘61 Black Kat Newspapers.)

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