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Moments and Memories of WHS




More of the Class Will:

Linda Collins wills her shorthand ability to Mrs. Welch with hope she will always have a student like her.

Chuck Conatser wills his ability to play baseball to Benny Bentley.

Paula Crase wills her ability to get her driver’s license to Dallas Boggs (‘cause she needs it).

Terry Blair wills his clown suit to Lonzo Day.

Shelia Everidge wills to Rose Riley and Diane Cornett the inability to stay out of weird situations, etc.

Comis Tyler wills his ability to skip all four years and never get caught to Thomas Collins.

Janet Frazier wills her six well-broken-in B’ Clarinet reeds and all the green slime in her clarinet (in hopes that it will eventually turn to diamonds) to Eleanor Witt, and hopes that she will use them to the best of her ability.

Sherry Parrott wills her ability to giggle in class to Miss Whitaker.

Mary Maggard wills her seat in Miss Whitaker’s English IV class to Lisa Waller in the hopes that she will have lots of fun.

Debbie Thomas wills her ability to ride a bike to Mr. Roe.

Connie Shell wills her Health Occupation uniform to Loretta Barnett for next year and hopes she will like the monkey suit.

Debby Pratt wills her ability to get along with Mrs. Horn to Medina Blair and her ability to steal her mother’s car to Kathy Collins.

Jerry Short wills his P.F. flyers to Tony Wampler in hopes that it will help him to move faster.

Ray Fields wills his fabulous football ability to Bobby Fields.

Woody Holbrook wills his hairline to Claude Hicks in hopes that he will get a haircut.

Rosetta Kiser wills her quiet personality and her ability to have a date with a different boy every weekend to Debbie Adams.

Keith Mohn wills his position in the Apple Shop to Jack Mercer for the upcoming year.

Student Council: The student council met March 17 and decided to sell Swinger pillows to raise money to send a representative to the Student Council Convention and to pay their state and national dues.

The Swinger pillows are filled with a sheet of foam rubber which can be removed and the vinyl cover used as a tote bag. At a cost of $2.50 each, the Swingers come in three styles, the school emblem and colors, the zodiac signs, and a SEND HELP style. The members sold 228 Swingers at a profit of $228.

Chili Day: The very successful “Chili Day”, sponsored by the W.H.S. Athletes earned money enough to purchase a Universal Gym and a whirlpool for the use of our students.

The gym has been installed and is in constant use by our elementary and secondary physical education classes as well as our athletes. The whirlpool will be installed as soon as water lines to serve it are completed.

The Kat would like to join others in congratulating the athletes, coaches, cheerleaders and other volunteer workers for their success in such a worthwhile project.

Key Dance: Driftwood, a local band from Whitesburg, played at the Key Dance Friday, October 22. The members of the band are Artie Pender-drums, James Holstein-bass, and Stuart Reynolds-lead guitar. The dance was held in the W.H.S. cafeteria from 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.

The seniors received their Keys at the door as they entered the dance. The senior sponsors, Mrs. Webber, Mrs. Breeding, and the Arthurs were at the door and distributed the Senior Keys.

There was a large crowd at the dance, and it was a tremendous success.

Tri-Hi-Y: September 30, 1971, the Tri-Hi-Y, a Christian club for girls sponsored by Mrs. Arthur, held their first meeting of the year. During the meeting they make plans to construct a float for the homecoming parade.

Present officers are: Dianna Ott-President; Greta Wesley-Vice President; Ann Tolliver-Secretary; Lulu Collins-Treasurer; Cathy Newell-Chaplin.

FBLA: The members of the F.B.L.A. Club had as their Easter project, a surprise party for the special education class and their teacher, Mrs. Lee, at the Whitesburg Grade School on Easter.

The children were given colorful Easter baskets by real live Easter bunnies. The bunnies were: Debbie Thomas, Nancy Boggs, Lina Welch, Carol Caudill, Kathy Caudill, and Brenda Perry. The children were enthusiastically surprised and pleased. The remaining members who were not bunnies played games and hid eggs for the children.

Students See Play: “Do we get out of school?” “No, we ‘re shoving off at 6 p.m.

Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Banks and Mr. Bill Collins chaperoned students from the various Speech and English classes on an excursion to Pikeville College, Thursday evening, November 11. There they saw the play “Angel Street” presented by the Pikeville College Peach Orchard Players.

Apparently, the students enjoyed both the play and the ride, although they did not return to Whitesburg until almost 1: 00 a. m., which accounted for several sleepy-eyed people Friday morning at school.

F.H.A. News: The F.H.A. (Future Homemakers of America) Club recently had a cookbook sale which started November 1, and lasted through November 5. All together, the club earned a net total of $215.00 with top salesman Theresa Sturgill and Debbie Miles selling twenty-one books each.

For a special Thanksgiving project the F.H.A. is planning to give a basket of food to a needy family.

Music: “Man, those bagpipes really make you want to kick up your heels and dance a little jig.”

Mr. John McDavies, from Canada, and his mystical bagpipes entertained the students and teachers of WHS on January 17, 1972. There was an assortment of bagpipes from different countries, each a little more unique than the one before.

Mr. McDavies was dressed in the traditional highland costume which is a kilt, hat, coat, knee socks and a money pouch. Each kilt consists of seven yards of material wrapped around the wearer. A knife is kept in the sock for self-protection. The men carry money pouches because the kilt has no pockets.

The program, informative as well as entertaining, was enjoyed by all.

(The above articles from the 1971-72 Black Kat Newspapers and the Yellow Jacket Yearbook.)

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