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Moments and Memories of WHS



1995 Senior wills, part 2

I, Brenda Holbrook, will Rebecca Setzer the ability to keep her own boyfriend and quit flirting with everybody else’s. I, Stephen Gibson, will my love and friendship to Rebecca and Lisa. I, Connie Webb, will my ability to be late for every class to Natasha Teaque. I, Angel Sexton, will my wonderful ability to write horoscopes to Laura Boggs. I, Kevin Breeding, will the ability to tell the truth to William Allen Craft. I, Wendy Ramsey, will the ability to stop yelling at other girls’ boyfriends to Amy Martin. We, Mhairi Watson and Christy Trout, will the ability to tan to Brooke Lucas. I, Greg Bailey, will my hair spray and mousse to Jonathan Foster. I, Casy Breeding, will my Dale Earnhardt cap to Brent Collins. I, Hazel Adams, will smoking in the bathroom without being caught to Tony Adams. I, Stephen Mercer, will my ability to quit basketball before getting kicked off to Shade Blair. I, Renee Ross, will the ability to be a lazy student to Samantha Bates. I, Brian Fields, will all of my love forever to Melinda Warrix. I, Rebecca Meade, will the ability to find her own boyfriend to Lana Kincer. I, David Cook, will my ability to rearrange a car to suit my own specifications to Stephen Quillen.

Senior prophecies, Part I

In 10 years Charles Vance will be the richest actor known to man. In the next year or two Stephen Gibson will own the biggest body shop in eastern Kentucky. Tobby Cornett will own the biggest lawn and garden service in the United States. Jeremy Adams will be part owner of Frazier’s Farmer Supply. Mhairi Watson will be a gypsy and she will never stop until she dies. Dwight Harvey will eventually become a Dale Earnhardt fan. Denley Lucas will still be dreaming about his secret love. Bubba will continue to lock his keys up in running vehicles. Eric Collins will be driving a new Ford truck and all the windows will roll up and down with no problems. Cathy Civis will marry the guy who owns the Hershey chocolate factory. Courtney Day will follow Pearl Jam around the world. Tracey Ison will finally reach 5’2”. Amy Lewis takes over the O.J. Simpson trial after law school. Wendy Ward will go to college at Vanderbilt and become a country music singer on the side. Melanie Sexton will be a Winston Cup Pit Woman. Bridgette Sexton will be a manager at Super Thrift. Maranda Atkins will be a manager at Baskin Robbins. Stephanie Bates will be a Dairy Bar owner. Tonya Sergent will marry Rocky Lee and become a five-star general and rule the U.S. Katie Sturgill will be wearing contacts instead of glasses. Earl Lowe and Bradley Morton will be the all-time two-on-two basketball champions. Jami Joseph will be the first woman in the NHL.

Question for the seniors: What will you miss most about WHS?

Charles, the women; Holly, friends; Melody, the wonderful faculty; Stephanie, friends; Mandi, friends; Jami, Jonathan Potter (Potted Meat); Karen, Billy; Chassidy, the false fire alarms in the dead of winter; Christy, I already miss it all; Tennille, playing in the high school basketball games; Aaron, friends; Jerome, the football games; Stephen, the grouchy teachers; Renee, friends; Stephanie, hallway patrol; John, wonderful buffet in the cafeteria; Brian, friends; Orville, friends; Toby, pretty women; Lisa, cheering; Stephen, friends; Misty, the carefree feeling; Amanda, being with my friends; Tabitha, friends; Shandra, Stephen; Brandi, the feelings of no responsibility; LaShawna, most of the students; Amy, the basement.

(The above articles from the May 1995 Jacket Journal and the 1995 Yellowjacket yearbook.)

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