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Moments and Memories of WHS




Robert Sexton: Favorite food and drink, steak and milk; favorite singer, The Monkees; secret ambition, to get ahead in life.

Linda Ison: Favorite food and drink, hamburgers, French fries and Pepsi; favorite singer, Petula Clark; secret ambition, only to be a nurse; favorite song, Coming on Strong.

Jack Hall: Favorite food and drink, shrimp and Pepsi; favorite singer, The Supremes; secret ambition, play professional basketball; pet peeve, school; favorite song, You Got to Me.

Eileen Noble: Favorite food and drink, ham and Pepsi; favorite singer, Mitch Ryder and Detroit Wheels; secret ambition, to be something important; pet peeves, for someone to bat their eyes; favorite song, Why Not Tonight.

Wayne Benton: Favorite food and drink, coon and Kool-Aid; favorite singer, Linda Nease; secret ambition, it’s a secret; pet peeve, one teacher; favorite song, Almost Persuaded.

Dorothy Boggs: Favorite food and drink, Swiss steak and Coke; favorite song, My Cup Runneth Over; favorite singer, Ed Ames; secret ambition, to write a novel; pet peeve, skirts that are too short.

Eddie Adams: Favorite food and drink, chicken and milk; favorite singer, Monkees; favorite song, A Little Bit Me.

Nancy Gibson: Favorite food and drink, steak and Pepsi; favorite singer, Dave Clark Five; pet peeve, none; secret ambition, join the Army; favorite song, Love Me Tender.

Ted Pack: Favorite food and drink, steak and R.C.; favorite singer, Johnny Rivers; secret ambition, be a millionaire; pet peeve, homeroom teacher and English; no favorite song.

Evelyn Stidham: Favorite food and drink, pizza, French fries and Coke; favorite singer, Tina Mason; secret ambition, private secretary; pet peeve, someone who goofs off; favorite song, I Think We’re Alone Now.

Johnny Banks: Favorite food and drink, chicken and tea; favorite singer, Monkees; secret ambition, to be a doctor; pet peeve, teacher sending your name to the office for not joining anything in class; favorite song, A Little Bit Me and a Little Bit You.

JoAnn Hughes: Favorite food and drink, mashed potatoes, pizza and Coke; favorite singer, Jim Nabors; secret ambition, to have a tricycle; pet peeve, rules; favorite song, Ah that’s Bad. Seniors make annual trip to Washington and

New York

On a Sunday afternoon, the 23rd of April at 4 p.m., 113 seniors boarded three buses and were soon on the way to Washington and New York.

We arrived in Washington at 6 Monday morning. We checked in the Commodore Hotel, changed clothes, and began touring. We first saw Mt. Vernon, which was the home of George Washington. Then we went to the Archives Building and then to the Bureau of Engraving where they made money. After that we had lunch at Fort Belvoir. After lunch, we went to the Arlington Cemetery, where we saw the changing of the guard, the Lee Mansion, President Kennedy’s grave. Then we went to see the Washington Monument and Washington Cathedral. After that we went back to the hotel, changed clothes, and left for the Wax Museum, where we ate dinner and toured the museum. After that, we went to the Smithsonian Institute, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, and then to the Washington National Airport

Tuesday we ate breakfast and began touring at 8:30. First we toured the Capitol and then the White House. After that we toured the F.B.I. building.

We ate dinner at the Wax Museum and then came back to the Capitol and had our group picture taken. Then we went back to the Smithsonian Institute and spent the rest of the evening there until 5 p.m. Then we went back to the hotel, changed clothes, and got back on the bus. We had dinner at the Wax Museum Cafeteria and then we took a boat ride to a park where we spent an hour riding rides. Then we returned to the Commodore Hotel.

Wednesday we checked out of the hotel at 8:30, and we were on our way to New York. In New Jersey we stopped for lunch and shopping at a shopping center.

We arrived in New York City about 2 p.m. We missed the boat ride to the Statue of Liberty, but we saw it from where we were standing.

We checked in the Great Northern Hotel about 5 p.m. We ate supper at the Automat and then visited Radio City Music Hall, where we saw the famed Rockettes and a movie, “How to Succeed in Business.” Afterwards we walked back to the hotel.

Thursday we had breakfast at the Automat at 8 a.m. and checked our baggage into a special room in the hotel. We then began our tour of uptown and downtown New York City.

At 4:30 we left for the Empire State Building. There we went up to the 81st floor, bought souvenirs, and came back down.

We ate supper at the Automat and then left for the theatre and saw “Barefoot in the Park.” We were on the buses at 12:05 Friday morning, arrived in Maryland at 3:20 p.m., the outskirts of Washington D.C. at 5:15, and in Charlottesville, Virginia at 8. After breakfast at Natural Bridge, we arrived in Roanoke about 1 p.m. We changed bus drivers, and arrived in Whitesburg at 4:30 p.m.

Those who made the trip were a tired but happy group when they returned and nearly all agreed that the trip was very successful and one that made the four years of work worthwhile. By Barbara Hall.

Song dedications

Brenda Bennett to Gary Fields, Wouldn’t It Be Nice?. Ruby to Benton, Born A Woman. Marcia H. to Larry M., Cherish. Helen to Danny, You Can’t Hurry Love. Margaret C. to Jesse H., Warm and Tender Love. Mr. Sparks to 4th period Typing Class, Working In a Coal Mine. Jeanette to Astor, Born a Woman. Lynn S. to H.C. Tyree, Warm and Tender Love. Mark to Pam, Wild Thing. Cathy to Keith, Warm and Tender Love. Coach Thomas to Football Players, I’ve Got You Under My Skin. Carol to Darrell, Born a Woman. Shelia Lucas to Ronnie Short, Wouldn’t It Be Nice?. Jenny Calloway to Bert Pease, Black is Black. Pauline to Andy, Sweet Dreams. Lynne to David A., You’ve Gotta Get Out of This Place. Sharon T. to Paul G., Warm and Tender Love. Sheila Day to Stevie Hale, All These Things. Clyde to Judy F., Warm and Tender Love. 5th period to Mr. Frazier, Pushing Too Hard. Sandra Day and Harold Frazier, Baby I Need Your Love. Christine Laurie and A.J., Georgy Girl. Glennis Morris and Pat Hobbs, How Do You Catch a Girl?.

The Kat wonders

Whom does Nancy Gibson miss so much in 6th period? Could it be Roger Blair? Who is Sheila Day’s steady now? Could it be Stevie Hale? Who is the goodlooking soldier boy Glennis Reed is dating? Could it be Donald Profitt? Who are the two wonderful boys Bernita Whitaker can’t make up her mind between? Could they be Mike Johnson and Jimmy Day? Could it be true that Jimmy Miles came all the way from Chicago to see Evelyn Sexton? We see that Linda Franklin is wearing an engagement ring. Could it be Larry Taylor’s? Who saved Brenda Burke a seat on the Cumberland coach? The Kat thinks Vernon Sturgill knows. Guess who Pat H. is going with? Could it be Jerry Pease, the college boy who comes in almost every weekend to see her?

Letters to Santa

Bring all the boys home from Viet Nam safely, Barbara Hall. Terri Cheerful Doll, Kathleen Watts. Anything you want to because at the present I am undecided. A new Health Teacher at the beginning of the 2nd semester, Paul Halcomb. Send me a black-haired boy wearing an Air Force suit stationed in Texas, Evelyn Sexton. Bring Pauline and Andy a lasting peace treaty. They are always having lover’s quarrels. Please bring Duke what he has always talked about for the last three years — a 1967 Corvette Sting Ray, June Pratt. I want most of all a girl with blond hair and blue eyes. Her name is Vivian Bates, also I would like to have a GTO, with a 4-speed stick in the floor, Maurice Brashears.

(The above article from the 1967 Black Kat newspapers and the Yellowjacket Yearbook.)

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