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This week’s article is somewhat of a departure from my regular column in that it is from a newspaper printed by the Whitesburg Grade School titled “Stray Shots” which was published April 15, 1928.

Latest school news

Prof. Squires visited our school the other morning and complimented us highly in our going in and out of the building.

The following from over at high school visited the new building last week (the grade school building was completed in 1928), Edna Pendleton, Esther Day, Draxie Smallwood, Lake Collins, and Mallie Strong.

Marguerite Collins was absent from school one day last week.

Verna Combs was absent because of the mumps.

The girls washed the windows in the eighth-grade room last week.

Prof. Squires was over and talked about the circle to the seventh grade class, it was very interesting.

Pauline Parker has been absent for a few days.

The auditorium is now ready and we will be holding chapel there soon.

Lucille Tackett made one zero on her arithmetic cardboard last month and she said she would not have gotten a zero but she missed her problem.

Mrs. J.G. Gault visited our room the other Friday.

Miss Ruth Logan heard the 7th grade History class last Wednesday evening in the absence of Prof. Adams. She got along mighty well.

In our Easter Drawing contest, Misses Ruth Pendleton from the 6th grade and Ruby Caudill of the 8th grade were the winners.

Annie Autrey was absent a week from school because of the mumps.

Some of the boys are still interested in stamps. They are getting a splendid collection, and are getting several foreign stamps.

A Mr. Wick is here this week putting the new seats in the auditorium and also Mr. Huffman is putting the lights in. Our new building will certainly be a thing of beauty when finally completed.

The school board and the town is to be complimented for such a nice up to date building — it speaks for the progress of the people who live here. Hardly a week goes by that some stranger from out of town doesn’t come up on the hill just to see the building and all compliment it highly.

From Miss Reynolds room

Arlie Boggs, our County Superintendent, visited our room last week.

Miss Dalna Hays was a pleasant visitor the other morning. She has been in school at Berea.

Since our last edition the following patrons visited our room, Mrs. Gault, Mrs. Banks, and Mrs. Orvil Phipps.

Danola was late the other day and did not get to school at all — Bradley Combs said the reason was that she ate two gallons of snow.

Genevieve Davis is in school again after a few days of absence.

James W. Caudill hurt his ankle the other day and has been absent since.

School Nearing End: School is nearing an end. We have only six more weeks after this. Every boy and girl should work harder than ever and finish well on the last run.

A splendid program will be given at the close of school. All of the commencement exercises will be given in the auditorium of the new building.

There were several Gold Star Students in the Eighth and Seventh grades and all were pleased with then. They are trying to get another star for this month.

Attendance holds up good despite a great deal of measles and mumps.

New seats were put in Mr. Collins’s room Friday.

Maurice Lewis is still collecting stamps.

We extend our thanks to Prof. Boggs for help in getting out this issue.

Paschal Fields also helped us with this issue.

Mrs. Boggs and Professor have moved up on the hill. Professor grumbles about climbing the hill a great deal.

Nice birthday party given in honor of Miss June Fields

Mrs. Mathew Fields gave a party in honor of her daughter June’s 14th birthday. Those who enjoyed the evening were Stella Blair, Margaret Gault, Ruby Caudill, Pearlie Morton, Fonda Collins, Inez Cook, Eunice Blair, Verna Combs, Violet Williams, Lena Collins, Marfa Fields, Jennie Caudill and Ceil Day, Teddy Fields, Follace Fields, Donald Brown, Woodford Webb, Karl Day, Leonard Speaks, T.G. Lewis, Earl Sergent, Lawrence Collins and Stivers Blair. The party was given March 27.

Whitesburg Graded School faculty

Mr. G. Bennett Adams, principal of our graded school, is a graduate of Whitesburg High School. He has had one year training at Eastern Kentucky State Normal School, and is a graduate of the law department of the University of Louisville. Mr. Adams has ten years experience as a teacher.

Mr. Leonard Collins was a teacher in the Graded School for seven months. He then resigned to accept a position in the Post Office at Jenkins. This vacancy was filled by Mrs. Wm. Harris. Mrs. Harris is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. She has had nine years experience as a teacher.

Mrs. Arlie Boggs, 5th grade teacher, graduated from Covington High School in February 1925. She was a sophomore in college at Richmond. She has had three years experience as a teacher.

Miss May Day, Primary and first grade teacher, graduated from Whitesburg High School in 1926. A sophomore in Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College at Richmond, she has had one year experience as a teacher.

Miss Cora Reynolds, fourth grade teacher, is a graduate of Whitesburg High School. Miss Reynolds has had sixty hours of college work at Eastern Kentucky Teachers College. She has four years experience as a teacher.

(Note: I would appreciate receiving names of any other twins that were graduated from WHS to be used in future articles. My mailing address is 1638 Hwy. 2035, Whitesburg, Ky. 41858, and my email address is: bennett. welch@gmail.com.)

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