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Moments and Memories of WHS




First homecoming is huge success

Last Friday, Oct. 8, was the first homecoming celebration at Whitesburg and it turned out to be a big success. Friday afternoon at 1 p.m. hundreds of people lined the streets of Whitesburg and saw a parade led by the Whitesburg High School Band, followed by the homecoming queen, Miss Margaret Day, and her attendants, Elizabeth Blair, Shelbia Mullins, Kaye Moore, Walleen Enlow, Arlayne Collins, Nancy King, Donelda Breeding and Chelsea Hall; the Lynch High School Band; and floats representing the PTA, VFW, VFW Auxiliary, Jaycees, Whitesburg Business and Professional Women’s Club, Waldrup’s (Bob Stansbury), 4-H, Pep Club, West End Market, Future Homemakers of America, Science Club, Wildlife Club, The Black Kat, and Quillen Drug. Also, the Whitesburg Fire Department, represented by Remus Day.

First prize for the floats went to the Business and Professional Women’s Club. Second prize was given to the VFW Auxiliary. These were chosen by a committee of five people who were not affiliated in any way with any float entered in the parade.



(The above article from the Oct. 14, 1954 Mountain Eagle.)

Beta Club chartered

Forty members of the Cumberland Beta Club gave the initiation ceremony for the 42 members of the Whitesburg Beta Club. Each club member was presented a certificate and Beta pin. The motto of the club is Ducamus Aliis Serviendo, “Let us lead by serving others.” The letter B is from the Greek word Bios, meaning “life”. The Beta Club stands for the full life, governed by the highest principles. Beta Club officers are, President Mickey Bowen, Vice-President Cecil Barnes, Secretary Joella Craft, and Treasurer Windus Franklin. Club membership is chosen by the faculty on the basis of achievement, leadership and character. Only juniors and seniors are chosen Betas.

Mrs. Stephen Combs, sponsor of the club, chaperoned the following members to the state convention, Kay Moore, Cecil Barnes, Windus Franklin and Mickey Bowen. There were more than 800 delegates, sponsors and principals. Three general sessions were conducted by the young people. A banquet was served in the Flag Room of the Kentucky Hotel followed by a dance. There are 160 Beta Clubs in Kentucky high schools with more than 2,000 members.

Annual to be published this year

Miss Dorothy Jenkins, advisor of the annual staff, is working on a piece of art, which will be the “Yellow Jacket” Annual for 1954. The annuals will be delivered about May 1 and will be equal to regular college annuals and will be the pride of anyone who may purchase one at the price of $2. Orders must be placed at an early date. The annual staff includes Editor, Maurice Moore; Business Manager, Kaye Moore; Advertising Manager, Mickey Bowen; Sales Manager, Jimmy Giles; Photographer, Bobby Spangler; Typist, Claudette Lucas; Art, Lola Wright; Annual Salesmen, Shelbia Mullins, Pat Martin, Phyllis Stamper, Bert Francis; Advertising Salesmen, Carolene Adkins; Bert Bach, Elizabeth Blair, and Windus Franklin.

Students were privileged to see Julius Caesar at the Alene Theatre on Dec. 7, for the nominal sum of twentyfive cents. Band entertained on Dec. 13 with two programs of Christmas music, one for the students and one at night for the public. On Dec. 14 the Music Club gave a very entertaining Variety Benefit Show. Students have been sweating and toiling, trying to get those essays written on “How Conservation of Water Benefits My Community”. We really are proud of our sporty cheerleaders’ uniforms. Invitational tournament in Hazard, 15 through the 18th. Go there and watch our team in action. Thursday, Dec. 9, students cooperated with “Operations for Christmas” sponsored by the Jaycees to bring cheer to others at Christmas. Did you know Harlan Collins has two report cards, one for the teachers to record his grades and another to carry home to his parents? That big, big man who looked like Santa Claus was Frank Seals, bringing senior class rings.

Boys, how would you like to get a doll (a real live doll) under your tree for Christmas with hair like Shelbia Mullins, a smile like Arlayne Collins, a figure like Claudette Lucas, a walk like Ramona Sparks, a talk like Pat Martin, lips like Elizabeth Blair, eyes like Donelda Breeding, legs like Carol Brown, clothes like Eva Lou Everidge, a personality like Ann Daniels, hands like Carolene Adkins, teeth like Rosemary Collier, complexion like Arbadella Pigman, and a car like Margaret Collier?

Girls, how would you like to get a doll under your tree with eyes like Johnny Rodgers, hair like Cecil Barnett, walk like Gene Sparks, physique like Buddy Fields, car like Windus Franklin, personality like Bert Bach, voice like Kelly Boggs, clothes like Don Hughes, legs like Burkie Holbrook, smile like Jimmie Enlow, nice like Ronnie Bentley, sweet as Charles Music, and hands like Charles Frazier?

New glass backboards

Our Athletic Association keeps us in tops with the necessities used in our sport activities. They have recently purchased for us new glass backboards and goals for our gymnasium. The goals, backboards and the installation will be around $1000. We hope they will be ready for us when we come back from Christmas vacation.

Chattering hearts

Carolene to Tommy, My Heart Belongs to You; Harold Cook to Rusty, Show Me the Way Back to Your Heart; Phillip Back to Donna S., If I Give My Heart to You; Paula Short to Hebert Cupps, Breaker of Hearts; Bronston to Anna Lois, Hearts Made of Stone; Harlan Collins to Mary Lynn, Let Me Call You Sweetheart; Ardath to Ben Arnold, Hard Hearted; Janet to Trey, Hard and Soul; Arlayne to Darrell, Heart of My Heart; Julia to J. W., Your Cheating Heart; Nancy to Jimmy Paul, Heart Breaker; Ronnie to Ramona, Good Night Sweetheart; Phyllis Stamper to Richard Adams, Here in My Heart.

Industrial Arts Class

Mr. Preston’s Industrial Arts Classes deserve a little mentioning, in fact a lot of praise. These classes take care of the broken chairs, all electrical appliances, shelves and tables that need to be built. The boys do a great work in keeping up the equipment on the football field, make all stage properties for plays and programs. At the same time all the boys are learning to do carpentry work, electrical work and other household jobs. Three cheers for Mr. Preston and his classes.

PTA Christmas treat

The PTA will sponsor a treat for the first eight grades. This treat will consist of fruit, candy and nuts. The PTA sincerely wishes every child and teacher a very merry Christmas and happy New Year.

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