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Moments and Memories of WHS



Class officers part 3

President: 1962 Tim Adams; 1963, Jimmy Stamper; 1964, Gay Amburgey; 1965, Austin Napier; 1966, Sharon Garrett; 1967, Stephen Combs; 1968, Doyle Fields; 1969, Jeannie Price; 1970, Ronnie Biggerstaff; 1971, Doug Banks; 1972, Woody Holbrook; 1973, Mike Polly; 1974, David Boggs; 1975, Mike Shepherd.

Vice President : 1962, Sammy Kiser; 1963, Jerry Coots; 1964, Mahala Reynolds; 1965, Donnie Fields; 1966, Debbie Webb; 1967, Ricky Collins; 1968, Roger Baker; 1969, Karen Kincer; 1970, Jenny Bowen; 1971, J.R. Brock; 1972, Carl Breeding; 1973, Glenn Palumbo; 1974, Brenda Webb; 1975, Sherry Sturgill.

Secretary: 1962, Faith Armstrong; 1963, Lorene Combs; 1964, Lydia Hammonds; 1965, Shirley Smith; 1966, Phyllis Day; 1967, Lenice Profitt; 1968, Leigh Lewis; 1969, Emma Day; 1970, Charles Howard; 1971, Brenda Howard; 1972, Joan Ramsey; 1973, Cordelia Palumbo; 1974, Steve Adams; 1975, Mike Watts.

Treasurer: 1962, Sandra Sexton; 1963, James Wiley Craft; 1964, Charlene Collins; 1965, Insuk Hogg; 1966, Gary Fields; 1967, Shelia Day; 1968, Margaret Hammonds; 1969, Glenda Younce; 1970, Sandra Banks; 1971, Brenda Howard; 1972, Don Hogg; 1973, Jack Banks; 1974, Alvin Fox; 1975, Karen Gose.



Valedictorian: 1961, Marty Lewis; 1962, Delora Cook; 1963, Janet Hall; 1964, Gay Amburgey; 1965, Austin Napier; 1966, Kyleen Campbell; 1967, Stephen Daniel Combs; 1968, John Elliott; 1969, Linda Ison; 1970, Angela Lynn “Jill” Combs; 1971, Valerie K. Adams; 1972, Randy Breeding and Teresa Baker; 1973, Mitzi Carol Mayes; 1974, William Martin Collins and Rhonda Webb; 1975, Kathy Niece Adams.

Salutatorian: 1961, Ritter Ann Banks; 1962, Mary Adams; 1963, Gladys Collins; 1964, Sandy Bloomer; 1965, Randy Bentley; 1966, Cindy Hatton; 1967, Judy Hammock; 1968, Beatrice Day; 1969, Danny Mohn; 1970, Janice Kay Lucas; 1971, Melissa Combs; 1972, none; 1973, Patricia Ratliff; 1974, none; 1975, Donald Shackleford.

Prom King and Queen: 1997, Willie Adams and April Shepherd; 1998, Chad Gilliam and Autumn Frazier; 1999, Clint Meade and Katie Hall; 2000, Steven Ratliff and Keela Parker; 2001, Jake Robinson and Leah Hansel; 2002, Chris Tolliver and Sarah Combs; 2003, A.J. Ison and Christi Blair; 2004, Chris Collins and Elizabeth Day; 2005, Joseph “Opie” Sturgill and Beverly Reynolds.

Mr. and Miss WHS: 1976, Belinda Mason and Richard Brown; 1977, Monieca Adams and Mike Gover; 1978, Judy Webb and Daniel Ingram; 1979, Sally Wampler and Gregory Creech; 1980, Jackie Breeding and Scott Fultz; 1981, Tammy Creech and Tim Bentley; 1982, Jennifer Noble and Mark Cornett; 1983, Karen Buntin and Greg Burton; 1984, Monick Wampler and Ellis Maggard; 1985, Bridgette Combs and Chris Fields; 1986, Carmella Webb and Michael Jackson; 1987, Frankie Eversole and Jeff Stidham; 1988, Whitney Craft and Mark Wampler; 1989, Tracie Boggs and William Bledsoe; 1990, Nikki Williams and Mike Jacobs; 1991, Shelli Jackson and Skipper Nantz; 1992, Stephanie V. Welch and Jon David Banks; 1993, Teshawna Banks and Christopher Adams.

Holiday 1947 senior picnic

Early Friday morning on May 2, the seniors of 1947 took cameras and their bright and shining faces aboard the snazzy new school bus and were off for a delightful day at the beautiful falls of “Bad Branch.” Mr. Isaac Hogg had the honor of driving these innocent seniors up the scenic Pine Mountain. About two long miles from the falls these happy children alighted from the new bus and began the difficult climb to the falls. When they arrived each was ready for their share of hot dogs, potato salad, cheese, potato chips, apples, cookies, and cakes. As we were returning a few stragglers were sprinkled with the rain while the remainder of seniors of 1947 were comfortably seated in the new bus. Many beautiful songs were rendered by the class in going and returning. Many cute snap-shots were taken. Everyone reported a wonderful time. Other guests who had the honor of being present at this joyous occasion were Miss Vera Raleigh and Mr. W. L. Stallard.


On Wednesday, April 25, the senior boys played a scrimmage game with the varsity and won 7-6. Bill Pigman made the touchdown for the seniors and Ike Craft made the extra point. Gayle Fields made the touchdown for the varsity.


For the first time in several years WHS had a basketball team. Counting both our “A” and “B” games during the season, our boys were fairly successful. Out of 30 season games we won 16 and lost 14. We won 2 and lost 2 of the Kingdom Come games. Out of 3 with Fleming we won 2 and lost 1. We lost both games to Robinson. We played 3 games with Viper winning 1 and losing 2. We split with Dorton 2-2. Out of four games with Jenkins we lost 3 and won 1. We won both games with Combs. We split 4 games with Hyden winning 2 and losing 2. We won all four games with Stuart Robinson.

Coach Saylor says, “I think the boys did very well for their first year in high school basketball when you consider the fact that none of these boys had played high school basketball.”

Thomas Fugate was captain of the basketball team and turned out an excellent job. He was high point man of the season and Herbert Caudill ranked second.

Coach Saylor leaves WHS this year. He has been a wonderful friend to the student body and we regret that he is leaving us.

And now as school closes and the seniors leave the hill, we wish WHS all kinds of luck in their sports of the future.

Basketball lineup: Forwards, Herbert Caudill and Ike Craft; Guards, Paul Polly and Bill Pigman; Center, Tom Fugate.

Football lineup: R.E., Herbert Caudill; R.T., Porky; R.G., Doug; C. Paul Polly; L. G., Herman Sergent ; L.T., Glenn Polly; L.E., Tom Fugate; W.B., Bill Fairchild; T.B., Bill Pigman; Q.B., Steve; F.B., Ike Craft.

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