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Cheerleaders enjoy

King’s Island

Thanks to our fantastic sponsors, we took a trip to King’s Island and Lexington. We left for King’s Island directly after the Fleming ballgame. We arrived in Georgetown around 4 a.m. Saturday morning, where we stayed at Lays Inn. Saturday morning at 9 a.m. we headed for King’s Island and arrived around 11:30. Aside from the rain, we had a fabulous time! Around 6 p.m. we all met at the Eiffel Tower and headed for the parking lot. After we loaded up, we started for Lexington. Arriving at the Continental Inn around 9 p.m., we went straight to our rooms, changed to our bathing suits and practically ran to the pool! The indoor pool was so nice we could not seem to get out! We really had a nice time. We arrived home around 4:30 Sunday.

We, the cheerleaders, just want to say thanks to Phyllis Barker, Bobby Polly, and Dan Polly, for making it all possible.



Kaye Day receives honor

Kaye Day, a senior at WHS, has been named regional winner of the annual Handicapped Essay Contest. Kaye’s essay, entitled “A Ramp Is a Step Ahead”, deals with the various problems handicapped persons must be able to deal with in today’s world.

In addition to being a talented young writer, Ms. Day is an active officer in the Drama and Science Clubs, and a member of FBLA, FTA, and the annual staff. She also runs track.

Career plans are not defi- nite at this time, but college does seem to be in the future. Her essay is reprinted here. “A Ramp Is a Step Ahead”

Webster defines a ramp as a sloping floor, walk, or roadway leading from one level to another. To a disabled person, a ramp is a sign of hope where previously there was no hope. Not only is a ramp an access to a building, it is also an access to greater social stability for one who is disabled. It is virtually impossible for a handicapped person to enter a building without ramps. Very few businesses in Whitesburg have ramps, nor do they have public elevators. For a disabled person, this simple architectural barrier can be devastating.

Being disabled is a great disadvantage in this society. Everything is built for those who are fortunate enough to be healthy. Very little thought was given for the need of the disabled when buildings were being built in the past. The state building code requires new buildings to have facilities for the handicapped. This is only one architectural advancement. The United States Government has adopted a resolution that states businesses may receive a tax rebate if they remodel the buildings to accommodate the disabled. Many businessmen say that remodeling would be too much trouble, but they are mistaken. Aside from helping the disabled, they will improve their public image tenfold. The commercial area is not the only field that needs improvement. Many schools are inadequately equipped to handle disabled students. This means the student misses the opportunity to grow and to mature with people of his own age. He is also restricted to a limited friendship.

Health care in Kentucky has made adjustments so medical personnel can better serve the disabled citizen. It has a home visitation system that has greatly improved the life of the disabled. Although improvements have been made, there is always room for more.

The Federal Government has set aside certain funding programs to aid the disabled person. They have built rehabilitation centers with government funds and have given aid to the disabled by way of medical care and social security.

Very few employment opportunities are available to the disabled. Businessmen have to make an extra effort to employ the handicapped. Some people feel it is not worth the trouble to hire the handicapped. What they do not realize is that because of few job opportunities open to the handicapped, they work extra hard to keep the jobs they have.

Many improvements have been made for the aid of the disabled. Local businesses have made themselves more available to the disabled. Recently the A&P remodeled its building by installing ramps at both entrances and exits; it also has electrically operated doors. Superior Food Store has ramps, and the exit door is operated electrically. The Gibson Discount also has electric doors. This simple step for these businessmen has already proved invaluable to disabled persons locally.

Disabled people have been pushed into the background by society. However, today times are changing, and people are beginning to realize the plight of the disabled. Society as a whole is opening its eyes and its heart to the disabled. A ramp is indeed a step ahead!

Sports: The last of ’78 was great

The Jackets received an early Christmas present as they defeated Dorton by a score of 70 to 67.

The Jackets were led in scoring by Creech with 34, followed by Combs with 12, Gose, 11, and Witt, 7.

Creech also led in rebounding with 13 followed by Combs with 8.

Witt had 6 assists while Thomas had 4 and Hogg contributed 3.

The Jackets only hit 24 of 61 shots from the floor for 39% and 22 of 28 free throws for 78%.

At the end of the 1st quarter the Jackets held a slim lead of 18 to 16.

It looked as through Dorton was taking over during the 2nd quarter, outscoring the Jackets 27 to 18 for a halftime score of Dorton 43 and Whitesburg 36.

The Jackets made a comeback during the third quarter, outscoring Dorton 20 to 16.

The fourth quarter was dominated by the Jackets who scored 14 points to Dorton’s 8 for a final score of 70 to 67.

Jackets pour it on Breckinridge

Win number 14 came for the Jackets as they traveled to Morehead to meet the University Breckinridge.

Gose led the Jackets with 20 points. Creech contributed 12, Witt 9, Thomas 6, Hogg, Kincer, and Combs each had 2 and Frazier with 1. Roe, Adams, Sexton, Hubbard and Cornett also saw action during the game.

The Jackets did a great job rebounding with a total of 29. Creech contributed 8, Thomas 7, Combs 4, Gose 4, while Witt, Hogg, Roe, Frazier, Sexton, and Hubbard each had 1.

Witt had 4 assists, Gose 3, Combs 2, Hogg 2, and Creech and Thomas each had 1.

The Jackets scored 17 points in the 1st quarter while Breckinridge scored 8. Breckinridge added 11 points in the second quarter to the Jackets 8.

This brought the halftime score to 25-19 with the Jackets on top.

Both teams added 8 points in the 3rd quarter, making the score 33-27.

The Jackets really came on in the 4th quarter as they poured in 21 points with Breckinridge only adding 10.

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