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A lot of hot air

On Sept. 27, Windy and Sunny Donton gave a performance at WHS. It was a very unusual show in which some magic tricks were performed and animated figures were constructed from ordinary balloons. Windy is the world’s fastest balloon animal creator. He has set several records for the Guinness Book of World Records. A few of the things Windy and Sunny created were ducks, dogs, giraffes, and octopi. The program was enjoyed by everyone.

Whitesburg marching band still going strong

The WHS band has begun its 1977-78 year of practice, ballgames, parades, and contests.

Practice began the first of August. Instead of going to band camp, we stayed home and practiced at West Whitesburg Elementary twice a day.

One of the main reasons for practicing is to make a show to perform during halftime at the Jacket football games. The band has a rifle corps instead of majorettes this year, and everyone that has watched a halftime show knows, they are trying their best to entertain and are succeeding!

The band has participated in many homecoming parades including Hazard and Neon, besides our own.

But the main event that every band is concerned with is contest. Saturday, Oct. 15, our band traveled to Morehead, to participate in their annual band contest. Every band that participates gets rated according to how well they perform their halftime show. Whitesburg received a 3 meaning “good”.

The band has 37 marching members, in which many are in the 8th grade. The four rifle girls are Lynda Bates, Kathy Collins, Karen Maggard, Paula Kirkland and one field director, Regina Niece.

Even though football season is coming to an end, the band’s season is only beginning and we wish them the best of luck.

B-Team cheerleaders chosen

On Tuesday, Oct. 31, 14 freshmen girls tried out for B-Team cheerleader. Each girl was judged on their appearance, how well they performed their cheer, and how well they did a variety of gymnastics. Our B-team cheerleaders have won the district championship four times out of the past five years.

We would like to congratulate Laura Adams, Teresa Davis, Margie Hogg, Delana Ison, Teresa Nichols, and Darlene Webb.


Whitesburg defeats Lynch in first home game


The Jackets improved their record to 2-0, with an 18-15 victory over the Lynch Bulldogs.

Both teams weren’t moving well early in the game, until the Jackets took the ball downfield and scored on a pass from Jeff Gose to Brett Meade. The catch was Brett’s first for the Jackets.

A key play in the drive was a fine reception by Greg Sexton for a first down. At the end of the first quarter, Whitesburg led 6-0.

The Bulldogs finally got on the scoreboard in the 2nd quarter, when they scored a touchdown and an extra point to take a 7-6 lead.

Receiving the kickoff, William Gibson, who led all rushers with 124 yards in 13 carries, broke loose and outran the Lynch defense for 59 yards and a touchdown. Now the Jackets led 12-7.

Near the end of the first half, Bill Witt intercepted a pass to give the Jackets the ball. The drive was halted though, by a fumble. So at the end of the first half, the score was 12-7, Whitesburg.

In the fourth quarter, Lynch drove downfield wanting to score. Jeff Gose intercepted a pass near the goal line and made a fine return of 62 yards. On a pass from Jeff Gose to Mike Cook, the Jackets scored again. Jeff had a fine game at quarterback. He completed 4 out of 4 passes for 2 touchdowns. The Jackets then led 18-7.

Lynch scored late in the game and got a 2-point conversion to close the gap to 18-15.

An onside kick by the Bulldogs was recovered near midfield by the Bulldogs’ front line. Then Lynch drove down and was threatening to score, but the Jacket defense held them and the Jackets won by a score of 18-15.

The defense was led by David Horn and Mark Cornett, each having 8 tackles. Bill Adams, Greg Sexton, and Greg Horn each had 7 tackles.

The Senior Committee meets

The Senior Committee recently had its first meeting. In that meeting they received a report on the finances of the senior class.

The main item of importance was setting the limit on the magazine sells.

This was set at $80 for each person going on the senior trip, with anyone selling over $100 receiving a portion of the money toward their fees.

Other things voted on were setting a minimum of five records or tapes sold last year, with no records being turned back in. And also setting the deposits at $50, but they were told by Mr. Burkich that they may be lowered.

Fund raising successful

The Distributive Education Club here at WHS has just ended their successful fund raising drive. The 53 members in the club worked together to sell 1,068 bottles of Rex Cleaner and earned a profit of $1,500. Part of this money will go to pay the DECA dues of each member.

Regional officers attend meeting at Pikeville High

The DECA Club has two regional officers this year. These are Daniel Jones as President and Kathy Kincer as Treasurer. Daniel and Mr. Welch went to Pikeville High School on Oct. 19 to meet with the other regional officers. They are making plans for the regional conference, which will be held here on Jan. 20.

Tuba Festival held at


On Wednesday, Oct. 19, Mr. Lester and three band members, Billy Caudill, Kenny Miles, and Jimmy Adams, went to Morehead State University to attend the October Tuba Festival. This is a tuba festival always held in October. Mr. Lester and the boys enjoyed the trip.

Annual Cumberland

Math Contest held

Eight students from WHS took part in the annual mathematics contest, held at Cumberland College, on April 21.

The WHS team took part in the four tests that were given. The day’s agenda also included a free lunch and an awards presentation by the President of Cumberland College.

The students from WHS included Myra Corello, Nancy Huff, Luana Vermillion, Tim Sturgill, Jo Day, Ricky Cook, Johnny Sturgill, and Karl Vermillion. The students were accompanied by Mr. Jackson Banks, a mathematics teacher at WHS.

( The above articles from the 1977-78 Black Kat newspapers and the 1978 Yellowjacket Yearbook.)

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