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Moments and Memories of WHS




WHS Drama Class

To familiarize the Drama Class with stage lights and costumes, “Macbeth”, in a simplistic version, was presented in the fall. The “witches” were Heather Cornett, Kristi Collins, and Shelly Sexton. The soldiers were Rachel Conn, John Perry, Jason Decker, Richard Bolling, and Daniel Mullins.

On Dec. 10, the class presented four one-act plays. “O Little Town” was a modern version of the Christmas story with a twist, instead of a manger, a taxi serves as the birthplace. The students in this play were Angela Wright, La- Shay Hall, Teddy Martin, John Perry, Donna Lowe, Rebecca Bates and Ernie Scott.

“Christmas Trimmings” was the story of a “city” family a bit ashamed of their “country” relatives, until the relatives save them from burglars.

“To Catch a Clause”, an original play written by teacher Jeff Hawkins, was the story of a little boy who wasn’t sure Santa really existed.

On March 12, the Drama Class presented several “Jack Tales” and a one-act play “The Game, A Wacky Experiment In Mind Wraping Through Participatory Sloganism.”

The honor of Mr. Whitesburg High School was bestowed upon Phillip Little. He is the son of Charlie and Glennis Little of Cowan. Phillip plans to attend Murray State University and major in Biology. He has been an active member of the Beta Club and the Christian Athletes. Phillip was also a member of the Yellow Jacket baseball team for four years.

Miss Whitesburg High School honors were bestowed upon Mary Ann Soto. She is the daughter of Dr. Licerio and Linda Soto. Mary Ann has decided to attend North Carolina University in Chapel Hill and major in Medicine. She served as Vice-President of the Beta Club, President of the following clubs: Math, French, and the Student Senate. Mary Ann was a member of the Academic Team for four years and also on the tennis team for four years.

Senior favorites

Movie, 8 Seconds; Actor, Tom Cruise; Actress, Julia Roberts; Television Series, Home Improvement; Television Rerun, Andy Griffith; Music Group, Aerosmith/ Little Texas; Commercial, Little Caesar’s; Pro Athlete, Michael Jordan; Song, Indian Outlaw; Female Vocalist, Mariah Carey; Male Vocalist, John Michael Montgomery; Album, Common Thread, The Eagles; Sport, Basketball; Cartoon, Flintstones; Magazine, Seventeen; Cartoon Character, Mickey Mouse; School Activity, Lunch; Color, Blue/ Black; Book, White Fang; Car, Mustang; Hangout, McDonald’s; Food, Pizza; Drink, Dr. Pepper; Soap Opera, Days of Our Lives.

Senior Superlatives

Most Likely to Succeed, Phillip Little and Melissa Mc- Intosh. Chatter Box, Jonathan Pike and Livy Sexton. Super Fans, Joey Seals and Amber Caudill. Most Dependable, Shane Gibson and Jessica Yonts. Most Respectable, Ernie Scott and Melissa Veneracion. Personality Plus, Jason Combs and Mary Ann Soto. Most Attractive, Stacy Day and Chastity Collins. Jacket Jokers, Teddy Martin and Rhianna Sumpter. Trend Setters, Shiloh Campbell and Beth Bowling. Biggest Flirt, Robert Johnson and Beth Sexton.

Senior Class Officers

President, Mary Ann Soto; Vice- President, Jessica Yonts; Secretary, Melissa McIntosh; Treasurer, Melissa Veneracion; Class Colors, Orange and Black; Class Flower, Carnation; Class Motto: “The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them.”

WHS Honors Day

Valedictorians, Rebecca Bates and Mary Ann Soto. Salutatorian, Phillip Little. Honor Students, Leslie Anderson, Candida Bates, Jason Bates, Rebecca Bates, Beth Bowling, Benjamin Campbell, Charlie Collins, Mica Collins, Steven Fields, Ryan Frazier, Brandon Gibson, Margaret Howard, Phillip Little, Melissa McIntosh, Brian Napier, John Perry, Shannon Polly, Mary Ann Soto, Leslie Tyler, Melissa Veneracian.

DAR Citizenship Award, Tami Roark. Dugan Award, Mary Ann Soto. Harris Award, Ryan Frazier. Christian Appalachian Scholarship, Phillip Little. John H. Schuster Scholarship, Melissa Veneracion. Kevin Everidge Memorial Scholarship, Shannon Polly. First Security Bank Scholarship, Melissa McIntosh. Alice Lloyd Memorial Scholarship, Shane Gibson, Shiloh Campbell, Dustin Fields, Jerome Napier. Campbellsville College, Charlie Collins. Cumberland College, Charlie Collins. E.K. U., Rebecca Bates. Hazard Community College, Melissa McIntosh, Mary Ann Soto, Rebecca Bates. Midway College, Misti Benge. MSU, Leslie Tyler, Jason Bates, Ryan Frazier, Amanda Banks. UK, Rebecca Bates. Union College, Jessica Yonts. Transylvania College, Jennifer Adams.

Academic Excellence Award, Mary Ann Soto, Rebecca Bates, Melissa McIntosh. Health Services Award, Tonya Peace. Letcher County Technical Awards, Marty Bates, Randy Crawford, Kelly Hogg, Sammy Frazier, Tami Roark. Army Scholar Athlete Award, Jessica Yonts, Shiloh Campbell. Dawahare Award, Jessica Yonts, Jason Combs. Art Award, Melissa McIntosh, Sarah McElroy. Biological Science, Mary Ann Soto. Drama, Blake Anderson, Jason Decker, Rebecca Bates. English, Rebecca Bates. French, Mary Ann Soto. John Phillip Sousa, Stephanie Collins. Journalism, Ernie Scott. Leadership Award, Amanda Banks. Library Award, Ryan Frazier, Jerome Napier. Math, Mary Ann Soto. Media, Jason Crase, Shane Gibson, Jim Lewis, Rebecca Bates, Candi Bates, Jason Back, Mica Collins, Steven Fields, Jerome Napier, Clay Barber, Teddy Martin, Tami Roark, Amada Banks, John Perry. MSU Award, Ryan Frazier. Physical Science, Mary Ann Soto.

Regional Honors 1, Leslie Taylor. Regional Honors 11, Jason Bates. Retailing Award, Melody Griffie, Rebecca Halcomb, Chris Kincer, Ann Mullins, Merenda Nickels, Terri Rayburn, Amy Collins, Belinda Sturgill, Lori Sumpter. Social Studies, Mica Collins. Writing Award, Beth Bowling. Yearbook Editor, Rebecca Halcomb. ROTC, Stephanie Hodges. Office Awards, Tammy Short, Mark Smith, LeShay Hall, Diana Caudill, Brian Eversole, Robert Johnson, Ruby Hughes, Stacy Hall, Misty Adams, Mary Caudill, Cecilia Wampler, Joanie Taylor.

(The above article from the 1994 Yellowjacket yearbook.)

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