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Moments and Memories of WHS




Academic honors

At WHS this year, the Yellowjackets have received numerous honors. Two students, Katherine Gish and Elizabeth Masters, were finalists in the National Merit Scholarship contest.

The marching band was third in the Prestonsburg Band Festival and received a superior rating at the McChesney Band Festival. Four band members, Betsy Adams, Leigh Adams, Karen Maggard, and Angie Miranda, were chosen to play in the All-Festival and All-District Bands. They also participated in the Morehead Band Clinic.

Randy Frazier, an outstanding athlete, received a football scholarship to Morehead State University.

Members of the DECA Club received eight first place awards, five second place awards, and one third place award at the Region 6 DECA Career Development Conference. At the state level, Adrienne Spangler was first in advertising. Wendy Caudill was fourth in general merchandising. Angie Brashears (Pepsi Learn and Earn Project), Barry Amburgey (food marketing), Judy Wright (Phillips Petroleum Project), and Phyllis Caudill (finance and credit) placed in the top eight. Jimmy Collins was named the outstanding chapter member.



Diane Hylton was the school champion in the conservation essay contest. She is also the county champion as well.

Math students competed in several math contests. At Southeast Community College, Paul David Sturgill, Kim Arthur, and Karen Burton received first places. Kitty Gish and Ray Gish placed second. Pam Hall received third place. At Cumberland College, Ray Gish received first place, Kim Arthur and Karen Buntin placed second and Kitty Gish was fifth. At Clinch Valley College, Kim Arthur received honorable mention. The team of Kitty Gish, Ray Gish and Kim Arthur placed third. Here at WHS, Paul David Sturgill was the winner of the Math Associational of America contest.

Four members of the HOSA Club placed in state competition and earned the right to compete at the national level this summer. Elizabeth Howard placed first, Leigh Adams came in second. Anna Looney and Lisa Holbrook both placed third.

Karen Halcomb won the handicap essay contest at the state level and participated at the national event in Washington, D.C.

These are just a few of the many honors received by students at Whitesburg High School. In every way, the Yellowjackets triumphed in all types of competition.

More of the class will

I, Machelle Bates, will all my good times to Kathy Tucker, Lisa Couch, Sharlene Adams, and Tammy Mullins. I, Teresa Sexton, leave my ability to keep the bench warm to Diana Hatton. Remember Coach High! I, Elisha Morris, leave my ability to skip school on Friday and get married to Sherry Carney. I, Heather Buntin, leave my first-place finishes at every track meet to Pam Adams; may she finally make some points. I, Allen Dwayne Sexton, leave my ability to pester Doug Chandler to Darrell Sturgill. I, Rhonda Wilson, leave my ability to get out of work to Peggy Wagner. I, Wendy Caudill, leave my ability to never get caught skipping class to Denise Collins. I, Tammy Starnes, leave my ability to never forget to Annette Combs; may she always remember. I, Dawn Craft, will my ability to sing well in stage band to Betsy Adams. I, Tina Sexton, will my ability to get out of class with an excused absence to Ella Cook. I, Rick Caudill, will my ability to get out of class and go to the lake to Steve Boggs. I, Randy Tolliver, will my ability to skip fourth period to Tommy Brashears.

F.H.A. Club goes to Buckhorn

On Sept. 26, the Future Homemakers of America- Hero Chapter attended a meeting at Buckhorn. Thirtysix WHS members attended. There were around 300 students and advisors attending.

The meeting was held at a church, which is a Kentucky landmark.

At first, all were assembled in the church where a speaker was heard. Later, each officer attended a special meeting for all elected officers. All of the WHS officers met with other officers from different schools. Those attending had a good time, and hope to take more trips in the future.

Snowy days

Snowy days mean school closings. Several days away from school and friends can mean boredom. We talked with several WHS students and asked them to imagine themselves in this situation: They are snowed in at home, and the stereo and television are both on the blink. We asked them what they would do for entertainment.

Mark Cornett, Read an old copy of the Black Kat. Debbie Niece, Eat! Jay Amburgey, Play Monopoly. Sharon Seargent, Sleep! Mister Polly, Read a book. Sherry Barker, Cook something, bake a cake. Theda Webb, Move furniture around. Marvin Boggs, I would call Dianne. Tony Sergent, Look at myself in the mirror. Pam Adams, Count carpet strands and ceiling tiles, talk on the phone and read. Deronda Brashears, Go crazy. Julie Boggs, Talk on the phone. Kaye Gose, Go outside. Paul Sturgill, Get out of the house. Andy Cates, Call somebody. Jamie Estep, Read, sleep and eat. Kevin Boggs, Read.

Holbrook hired to coach

The boys’ basketball team has a new coach. A.H. Holbrook,

Jr. has taken over the job .

Holbrook has been coaching for eleven years, and has taken three teams to the Tennessee state tournament. He was assistant coach at Knoxville Catholic High School. While there, his team won the state tournament and was runner-up once. He also served as head coach at West Knoxville High School.

Holbrook will be coaching at his alma mater. He graduated from WHS in the top ten percent of his class, and later graduated from Morehead State University.

When asked why he decided to coach at Whitesburg, Holbrook answered, “Because I think I can do something with the basketball program here.”

Holbrook says he is looking forward to working with the team, and added, “I like a challenge. I like basketball, and I like the fact that basketball means something to the people of this area.”

Asked if he thinks he can improve the team’s record, he replied, “I’m not going to make any promises, except that they’ll learn basketball. They’ll learn team basketball. Usually, if you can get that out of a player, you will be successful.”

Holbrook emphasized defense. “Everybody practices offense.” He said the ’83 Jacket team will concentrate on defense and the fundamentals of basketball.

The new coach says the facilities at Whitesburg are not as good as at some of the schools where he has coached, but adds that a little paint can do wonders. He said he and the team “are going to try to make it livable.”

(The above articles from the 1981-82 Black Kat Newspapers and the 1982 Yellowjacket Yearbook.)

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