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Moments and Memories of WHS



Diapers to diplomas

Class of 2005

With the conclusion of this 91st and final year of Whitesburg High School, comes the final chapter in a truly storied history. Although the final chapter may have been written, let us never forget the unique memories that each of us holds from our time “on the hill.”

For some it may be the pride of an orange and black clad team running out on to a field or court to the well known tune “On Ole Whitesburg” with hundreds of fans proudly donning the infamous Yellowjacket insignia. For others, it may be the laughing and giggling of friends in the whirlwind of autumn hue or watching in disbelief as brave souls slide and roll down the hill to what is now the commons area amidst a downpour of matchless snowflakes.

Some may remember the negatives — the sheer terror of a freshman’s first day, the adolescent nervousness of prom night, or the fearful anticipation of receiving report cards. Yet, there are certainly many more joyous memories to recall — class pride in pep rallies and class tournaments, new explorations on the senior trip, or the self-satisfaction of receiving a long awaited diploma.



Sad as it may be, time has marched on. The time has finally come to say goodbye to Whitesburg High School forever. Though there will soon be a new school with new memories to make and traditions to start, we shall never truly leave Whitesburg High School. You see, as long as there are Yellowjackets, there will be stories to tell and memories to recall. So, Yellowjackets, let us tell our final story!

(The above article from the 2005 Whitesburg High School Yearbook.)

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