Whitesburg KY

Moments and Memories of WHS




Vickie Bates: Favorite food, Chicken; Drink, Pepsi; Singer, Elvis; Secret Ambition, If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore; Pet Peeve, Someone hitting on you; Favorite song, A Little Bit Me and A Little Bit You.

James Verl Caudill: Favorite food, Pizza; Drink, Pepsi; Song, Sock It To Me, Baby; Singer, Sam Cook; Secret Ambition, Singer; Pet Peeve, Mrs. Franklin.

Shelia Day: Favorite food, Meatloaf, Potato Salad; Drink, Coke; Song, All These Things; Singer, The Supremes; Secret Ambition, Marriage; Pet Peeve, Homework.

Darius Fugate: Favorite food, Cheeseburger; Drink, Nehi; Singer, Elvis; Secret Ambition, It’s a secret; Song, Snoopy vs. the Red Barren; Pet Peeve, Homework.

Betty Gibson: Favorite food, Pineapple Cake; Drink, Pepsi; Singer, Elvis; Secret Ambition, To be a Marine Nurse; Pet Peeve, A Pop Quiz; Song, This is My Song. Larry Hampton: Favorite food, Shrimp; Singer, Monkeys; Secret Ambition, To smoke in the bathroom; Pet Peeve, Lice; Song, Home on the Range.

Debbie Marshall: Favorite food, Potato Salad; Drink, Dr. Pepper; Singer, Elvis; Secret Ambition, To marry a millionaire; Pet Peeve, People who think they’re too good; Song, Close your eyes.

Doyle Perry: Favorite food, Chicken; Singer, Elvis; Secret Ambition, Secret Agent Man; Pet Peeve, Mrs. Franklin; Song, Wooden Heart.

Yvonne Watts: Favorite food, Hamburgers with French Fries; Drink, Coca- Cola; Singer, The Monkeys; Secret Ambition, School Librarian; Pet Peeve, Students calling teachers by their first names; Song, Little Bit Me, Little Bit You.

James Vlasnik: Favorite food, Everything that I can get my hands on; Drink, Water; Singer, Anyone who can sing good; Secret Ambition, See the World; Pet Peeve, Sloppy eating habits; Song, My Love.

Ritter Wright: Favorite food, Mashed Potatoes; Drink, Coke; Singer, The Happenings; Secret Ambition, To be a good housewife; Pet Peeves, People who talk too much; Song, I Think We’re Alone Now.

Mark Witt: Favorite food, Steak; Drink, Coke; Singer, The Turtles; Secret Ambition, To become a lawyer and make money; Song, Me and You; Pet Peeve, Someone who is a snob.

New teachers

Mrs. Frances Dobbs: Graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in June, 1965 with a B.S. degree in mathematics. She taught last semester at Milbourne, Florida. She is married but has no children. Her husband is in the Air Force and leaves for Thailand in October. She plans to be a teacher and housewife. Her favorite food is pecan pie. Her favorite song is “Yesterday” and her sport is basketball. She likes nearly all sports and enjoys collecting and trying new recipes.

Mr. Don Bowling: He graduated from Pikeville College with a B.S. degree. This is his first year to teach and he likes Whitesburg High. He is married but has no children yet. Mr. Bowling plans to go to the University of Florida Law School in the near future. His favorite food is fried chicken. He likes all sports and enjoys watching sports on TV. His hobbies are hunting and fishing.

Miss Cleo Stamper: We the Black Kat Staff take this opportunity to welcome back to the faculty, Miss Cleo Stamper, who has taught in our system before. She is teaching English and Speech. She attended Union College, Peabody and the University of Kentucky. She holds a Bachelor of Science, Master’s and Library Science degrees. Her favorite hobby is reading; favorite sport is tennis and she enjoys watching basketball games.

Mrs. Morrow: We are happy to welcome Mrs. Sue Morrow as a member of our commerce department. Married to the Rev. David Morrow, pastor of the First Baptist Church, they have two children, Kristi, age 7, and Joseph, age 4. Mrs. Morrow holds a B.S. degree from Pfeiffer College in North Carolina. She enjoys teaching and says, “there is no other occupation she would rather be in.” She says she enjoys teaching here because the classes are small enough to give individual attention. She does not have much time for hobbies, but she says she “loves living in general.” Her favorite food is steak and anything chocolate. Her favorite book is Jane Eyre and her favorite song is “Moments to Remember.”

Mr. Jimmy Arthur: Mr. Arthur is a graduate of Eastern State University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. He has taught at Fleming High and Breathitt County High. When asked how he likes teaching at WHS, his reply was “Love it!” Mrs. Arthur is also a teacher at WHS. They have two daughters, Kimberly, two, and Janet, five. Mr. Arthur plans to make teaching his life’s profession. His favorite food is sausage pizza, his favorite sport is basketball, and his hobby, “Fishing, fishing, fishing.”

Coach Walter Thomas: Coach Thomas graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. degree. He likes teaching at WHS. Mr. Thomas has a son, Byron, and a daughter, Karen. His wife was the former Madonna Fitzpatrick. Coach Thomas plans to be a teacher and coach for life. His favorite food is steak; his favorite author is Shakespeare, his song, “Strangers on our Shore,” his sport, football, naturally. His hobbies are hunting and fishing. Favorite program on TV, Bonanza.

Mr. Buddy Roe: Mr. Roe was graduated from Pikeville College with a B.S. degree. This is his seventh year to teach in Letcher County. He likes WHS. Married to the former Donna Adams, they have one child, a little boy named Bobby, who is four. Mr. Roe plans to be a teacher for life. His favorite food is pork chops; favorite TV program is Gunsmoke; favorite song, “The Twelfth of Never.” He likes sports. His hobbies are squirrel and rabbit hunting.

Carl Bennett Banks: He attended Eastern Kentucky University for two years and graduated from Pikeville College with a B.S. and a major in History and Political Science. This is his first year to teach and he plans to make it his career. When ask how he likes WHS he said, “Just fine, but we should try to get back in the Southern Association.” He is married but no children. His hobbies are reading, history and target shooting. He likes all sports and music. His favorite TV show is the CBS News.

Mr. Alan Siegel: WHS is very excited about its new band director and teacher of chorus. Mr. Siegel is 21 years old and single (but engaged). He is originally from New York and is a graduate of Morehead State. The following teachers joined the faculty the second semester: Kay Hale and Faith Bowling.

(The above article from the Sept. 1966 Black Kat.)

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