Whitesburg KY

Moments and Memories of WHS




Song dedications: Paul Gibson to Sharon Terry, I’m Yours; James C. to Carolyn Buchanan, You Were on My Mind; Nina Morgan to Harold Fields, I Need You; Barbara K. to Larry M., If You Got a Heart; Patsy Branham to Larry H., Who’ll Be the Next in Line; Brenda Mc- Daniel to Bert Dykes, Save Your Heart For Me; Barbara Stallard to Michael W., Give All Your Love to Me; Students to the Office, Action; Cumberland Students to Driver, The In Crowd; Sandy to Danny, I’ve Got You Babe; Eileen Noble to Bob Banks, Don’t Forget I Still Love You; Mike to Elaine, Hold Me, Thrill Me; Sheila to William, Baby I’m Yours.

My Favorite School Activity by Beatrice Day

My favorite school activity is Physical Education. During the summer and fall we play softball, kickball, and take exercises. When we play softball my team is always very sure of one thing, and that is when I step forward to bat I will surely strike out. When we play kickball I can usually hit the ball because it is so huge. But when we take exercises, they have to put on earmuffs to keep from hearing the groans that escape from me. In winter and spring, we play basketball, shuffleboard, ping-pong, do folk dancing and have those terrible backbreaking exercises. When we play basketball I usually have to run to get the ball and when I get there it is someplace else. Shuffleboard is a good game but not exciting. Ping-pong is fine, if you can ever hit that tiny white ball which seems to be everywhere.

More song dedications

Belvia Short to Ray Hatfield, You’re the One; Joyce Niece to Jr. Crase, Make Me Your Baby; Donna Hart to Jack Howard, My Heart Sings; Barbara Kincer to Larry M., For Your Love; Mr. Fields to 4th Period, I’m a Happy Man; Students to Teachers, Let’s Hang On; Mrs. Combs 6th Period to Warren Hall, Everybody Loves a Clown; Imogene Caudill to Roy Troutt, You’re the One; Mr. Maggard to bookkeeping students, Just a Little Bit Better; Billie Webb to Cecil Howard, I’ll Make All Your Dreams Come True; Carolyn Lucas to Ervin, You Were on My Mind.


Is it true that Nina Morgan and Dean Fields are getting married at Christmas? Is it true that Jr. Crase got Joyce Niece a dozen red roses for her birthday? Could Joyce tell us? Could wedding bells be ringing for Billie Webb and Cecil Howard — maybe Christmas? Four girls in Mr. Banks’s second period chemistry class haven’t been asked to the prom – YET! Is it true that Brenda Burke and Harold Fleming are married? Ask and find out. Is it true that Sharon Terry and Paul Gibson are now going steady? Linda Raleigh, who is that Air Force boy you like? Could it be Phillip Sergent? Why is Betty Taylor always excited about the weekends? Could Larrie Gale Collins from Michigan tell us?

Senior advice to underclassmen

Patsy Branham, Have fun, study hard, and try not to get caught skipping; Hazel Caudill, Stay in school until you get that diploma; Kathy Barker, Study hard, make lots of friends, and SMILE; Ronnie Cornett, Take things in stride and live life to the hilt; Janie Davidson, Listen to the advice all the other seniors give you then do what you want; Pat Goins, Stay in school and put your best foot forward in everything you do; Robert King, High school is a blast, so stay in school; Stephen Meade, Stay in school and work hard every day; Curtis Niece, Stay down at Rogers during activity period; Donald Shelton, Do anything but don’t get caught; Larry Taylor, Watch how you park your car around the hill; June West, Stay in school and have fun while you can; Judy Reynolds, Stay in school, study and have lots of fun; Joanne Trimble, Study hard but have plenty of fun; Brenda Jenkins, Stay in school as long as possible and study hard; it’s worth all your work and effort; Gary Fields, Enjoy yourself and don’t let the teachers get the best of you.

Future plans

Danny Caudill, work, make a living; Martha Collins, Accountant; Joanne Day, attend Southeast Center; Paul Dent, go to vocational school; Ardell Fields, housewife; Teresa Franklin, attend college; Kathy Barker, attend Morehead College; Phyllis Day, attend Morehead College; George Ison, join Air Force; Stephen Meade, get a job in Dayton, Ohio; James Earl Mohn, attend college, become a teacher; Sherry Ott, attend college and major in Biology and Chemistry; Scooter Quillen, attend Morehead, U.K., Pharmacy; Donald Shelton, be a mechanic; Diann Wagner, nurse or secretary; Barbara Stallard, be a secretary; Thomas Robinson, college U.K.S.C.; Carolyn Lucas, get married; Carolyn Jones, go to Eastern; Dwight Hogg, Draftsman; Bobby Gibson, Navy; Shirley Hall, attend college, be a housewife; Paul Fields, take over milk route; Iris Hammonds, Spencerian College; Janet Hart, keep my present job.

( The above articles from 1966 Black Kats and the Yellow Jacket Yearbook.)

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