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Moments and Memories of WHS




Jeanette Berry b. 8-31- 1937: Boyfriend, All of them; Pal, the gang; Favorites: Teacher, Mr. Collins; Food, T-Bone Steak; Drink, Coke; Movie Star, Tab Hunter; Singer, Sonny James; Song, “Lucky Lips”; Color, Red; Expression, “You Don’t Say!”; Ambition, Private Secretary; Secret Ambition, be with my man; Activities, Bible Club, Wildlife Club, Pep Club.

Emma Cornett (Sis) b. 2-4-1939: Boyfriend, Bill Adams; Pal, Earnestine Short ; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Stamper; Food, Chicken; Drink, Coke; Movie Star, Tab Hunter; Singer, Fats Domino; Song, “You Are More Than Life to Me.”; Color, Blue; Expression, “Oh!!”; Ambition, Secretary; Secret Ambition, Housewife; Activities, Chorus, Band, Pep Club.

Bernice Brashears b. 5- 16- 1940: Boyfriend, Floyd Ison; Pal, Pearline Isom; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Food, Chicken; Drink, Coke; Movie Star, Tony Curtis; Singer, Fats Domino; Song, “Without Love”; Color, Blue; Expression, “Well, I’ll Be”; Ambition, Secretary; Secret Ambition, A loving wife; Activities, Pep Club, Spectator Sports, Basketball, Football.



Roberta Brown b. 1-5- 1939: Pal, Nancy Niece; Favorites: Teacher, Jan Combs; Food, Chicken; Drink, Pepsi Cola; Movie Star, Tab Hunter; Singer, Elvis Presley; Song, “Love Me Tender”; Color, Red; Expression, “Is that right?”; Ambition, Secretary; Activities, Bible Club.

Barbara Holstein (Barb) b. 3-7-1939: Pals, Edith, Elana; Favorites: Teacher, Mr. Bates; Food, Ravioli; Drink, Kraut Juice; Movie Star, Tab Hunter; Singer, Fats Domino; Song, “Walking the Blues”; Color, Black; Expression, “ Well, all right”; Secret Ambition, To see Niagara Falls; Activities, Band, Glee Club; Mixed Chorus, Tri, Hi, Y Club, Pep Club, Music Club; Honors, Drum Majorette 1957, Queen of Jr. Class for Halloween Carnival, Attendant to Homecoming Queen 1956, President of Music Club, Cheerleader 1955-56, Majorette 1954, 55, 56, 57.

Edith Logan (Ekie) b. 1-20-39: Boyfriend, Leon Sergent; Best Pal, Skipper Kits; Favorites: Teacher, Mr. Bates; Food, Steak; Drink, Kraut Juice; Movie Star, Tab Hunter, Singer, Fats Domino; Song, “He’s Mine”; Color, Scarlet; Expression, “Don’t Sweat It”; Ambition, Airline Hostess; Secret Ambition, “I’ll never tell”; Activities, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club, Wildlife Club, Tri- Hi-Y Club, Skipper Kits; Honors, Vice President of Tri-Hi-Y Club; All-Festival Chorus, Cheerleader.

Ronald N. Collier (Newt) b. 7-10-1939: Pal, David Eisenhower; Favorites: Food, Fried Rattlesnake; Movie Star, Roy Rogers; Song, “Me and My Mule”; Color, Pink; Expression, “Ho! Ho! Got to stay, Can’t go up the chimney this way”; Ambition, Be a traveling salesman; Activities, Band seven years, Science Club three years, President and Vice President of Science Club, Beta Club, President of Beta Club, President of Freshman and Senior Classes.

Betty Lou Daniel (Bet) b. 2-20-1939: Boyfriend, Dan Kincer; Pal, Mert, Pat, Wanda; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Combs; Food, Meat Loaf; Drink, Pepsi, Movie Star, Tab Hunter, Singer, Elvis Presley, Song, “Young Love”; Color, Blue; Expression, “My Goodness”; Ambition, Be a housewife; Secret Ambition, Being Dan’s wife; Activities, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Bible Club.

Peggy Gibbs (Peg) b. 8-8-1938: Pals, The gang; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Food, Steak and French Fries; Drink, Pepsi; Movie Star, Rock Hudson; Singer, Perry Como; Song, “Round and Round”; Color, Black and White; Expression, “Bull”; Ambition, Get married at 18; Activities, football, Wildlife Club, Annual Staff.

Patty John (Purp) b. 7-7-1939: Boyfriend, Pinky Johnson; Best Pal, the gang; Favorites: Teacher, Mr. Bates; Food, Steak; Drink, Blended Orange Juice; Movie Star, Tab Hunter; Singer, Tab Hunter; Song, “Ninety-Nine Ways”; Color, White and Blue; Expression, “By Ned”; Ambition, To be a stewardess; Secret Ambition, To graduate; Activities, Chorus three years, Band, Music Club, taking Physical Education; Honors, All-Festival Chorus three years.

Gary Collins b. 3-19- 1939: Pal, Boyd Hampton; Favorites: Teacher, Jim Preston; Food, Fried Chicken; Drink, Milkshake; Movie Star, Marilyn Monroe; Singer, Fats Domino; Song, “Blueberry Hill”; Color, Blue; Ambition, Fish and hunt the rest of my life; Secret Ambition, to make a million dollars.

Betty Caudill b. 6-30- 1940: Boyfriend, George M. Kincer; Pal, Betty; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Combs; Food, Meatloaf; Drink, Milk; Movie Star, Rock Hudson; Singer, Pat Boone; Song, “Young Love”; Color, Red; Expression, “Great Day”; Ambition, Leave Letcher County; Secret Ambition, Fly in a rocket; Activities, Wildlife Club, Pep Club, Music Club; Honors, Attendant at Football Homecoming 1955-56.

“On the Hill” by Betty Pratt

On Friday when I walked into the hall after trudging up the long flight of steps to the school, I encountered the happiest bunch of individuals I’ve seen this year. They had just been informed that there would be no school due to the bad weather. As everyone filed off the hill the snow began to fall a little less by the minute. By the time I had reached the Rainbow Grille it had stopped snowing completely. So maybe that wasn’t such a good deal after all. We’ll have to make the day up in the spring and the next snow will probably find us sitting in the classrooms waiting for the let-up that seems to come so suddenly.

Everyone on the hill is floating around on clouds for on Tuesday night we beat our Number One Rival, Fleming-Neon H.S. The 4-point margin was very close but it certainly meant a lot to all of us! After the ball game, the Senior Class sponsored a dance at the City Hall. We would like to thank all of you for your support. Believe me, we really need it.

We have been informed, much to our joy, that Mrs. Hall, our speech teacher, will be back on Monday. Although Ann Vermillion and Joanne Collins have done a wonderful job of substituting we have really missed Mrs. Hall and we welcome her back with all sincerity. Other substitute teachers who have been so wonderful to help out during the illness of our teachers are Mrs. Sybil Brown and Mrs. B.C. Bach.

On Wednesday we had Rev. Meyers who gave a speech I wish everyone who comes to basketball games (and especially the game between WHS and Hazard) could have heard. The sportsmanship of the crowd was somewhat poor. I just hope all the fans think about this and do your best to improve the sportsmanship at games, especially cutting down on those “BOOS”.

The Bulletin Board in the high school hall looks very pretty with posters from all the clubs.

After telling about Bible Club on the hill, I received a very nice card from John T. Stewart of the Mountain Eagle Office, asking me to tell you of his wonderful program “Songs of the Gospel” heard on WNKY every other Saturday morning beginning Feb. 2 at 9:45 a.m. I’m sure you will enjoy this program in the interest of Sunday Schools for all churches.

If you haven’t been listening to this wonderful program, you have been missing something very worthwhile and beneficial.

On Monday evening the entire teaching staff of Whitesburg Grade and High School was present to hear a very distinguished speaker, Mr. Harry A. Banks, who is an In Service Teaching Education Representative of the Department of Education of Frankfort. He complimented Mr. Boggs and Letcher County for the advancement we have made in the “In Service Training” program. The students of WHS have profited greatly from the different phases of training. The next two on schedule for discussion are Parliamentary Procedure and Student Government, one that we are all looking forward to. At a recent P.T.A. meeting Dr. McGavarn of the Memorial Hospital showed a film on ‘How The Salk Vaccine is Developed.’ Dr. Collins gave a talk on the importance of Triple Antigen Inoculation and the Smallpox Vaccination. He developed smallpox after he entered college and remained unconscious for 7 days. So you can see that the shot will hurt much less that the disease.

(The above article from the 1957 Black Kat newspapers and the Jan. 24, 1957 Mountain Eagle.)

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