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Moments and Memories of WHS




Bill Adams b. 12-29-41: Friend, Molly Boggs; Favorite TV program, Thriller; Favorite Actress, Diana Shore; Favorite Song, You Can Have Her; Advice to underclassmen, Be careful.

Alene Bates b. 7-29-43: Friend, All of Them; Favorite TV program, Thriller; Favorite Actor, Jeff Chandler; Favorite Song, Window Up Above; Advice to underclassmen, Try as hard as you can to make good grades.

John Craft b. 5-25-43: Friend, Raymond Brown; Favorite TV program, Wagon Train; Favorite Actor, Dale Robinson; Favorite Song, Mother-in-Law.

Annette Hilton b. 12-13- 43: Friend, Doug Cornett; Favorite TV program, Ozzie and Harriet; Favorite Actor, Ward Bond; Favorite Song, Shy Away; Advice to underclassmen, Be nice to your teacher.

Emma Meade b. 8-4-43: Friend, Hoyt; Favorite TV program, I Love Lucy; Favorite Singer, Elvis Presley; Favorite Song, Runaway; Advice to underclassmen, Study hard and make sure that you graduate.

John Clyde Sexton b. 11- 10-42: Friend, Mary Lynn Gentry; Favorite TV program, Bonanza; Favorite Actor, Kirk Douglas; Favorite Song, Shy Away; Advice to underclassmen, It’s been nice knowing you all.

Donna Sturgill b. 1-31- 43: Favorite TV program, Bonanza; Favorite Actor, Rock Hudson; Favorite Song, Mother-in-Law; Advice to underclassmen, Study hard when you get in Senior English.

David Sturgill b. 7-21- 42: Friend, Cookie Wright; Favorite TV program, Flintstones; Favorite Actress, Shirley Maclaine; Favorite Song, Runaway; Advice to underclassmen, I leave Danny Preston’s class.

Patricia Trent b. 12-15- 44: Friend, Linda Nease; Favorite TV program, I Love Lucy; Favorite Actor, Robert Horton; Favorite Song, Are You Lonesome Tonight?; Advice to Underclassmen, Try and try again.

Owen Wright b. 2-11-43: Friend, John Combs; Favorite TV program, Popeye; Favorite Actress, Marilyn Monroe; Favorite Song, Boss Man; Advice to underclassmen, Make sure you can attend a party after the prom.

Charlene Wright b. 3-18- 43: Friend, Still looking; Favorite TV program, Bonanza; Favorite Actress, Debbie Reynolds; Favorite Song, Your Love.

George Webb b. 5-13- 44: Friend, June Faye Rogers; Favorite TV program, Angel; Favorite Actor, John Wayne; Favorite Song, Mother-In-Law.

Seniors visited the Wax Museum by Phyllis Tolliver

Of all the places we visited the Wax Museum to me was the most memorable. When we entered we were greeted by a wax statue of a policeman, just a warning! There were many wonderful events and people portrayed in wax. A few of which I shall attempt to describe. All the statues are as realistic that you can see the pores in their skin and the veins in their hands. There you can see Columbus with his men and a tip of land, the West Indies. There is a very impressive scene of Pocahontas trying to save Captain John Smith’s life. There is something inside his shirt, which gives the impression of a heartbeat. Can you imagine seeing such unexpectedly? The most impressive by far was the scene of the sinking of the ship where there were not enough life jackets for everyone and the four chaplains of four different faiths gave up their jackets and their lives so that four men could be saved. In the background you can see and hear an imaginary fire. The water gets so hot from this fire that steam seems to be coming from it and water is moving so that the boat rocks back and forth. Other scenes in wax were the story of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton’s duel, the murder of Abraham Lincoln, the Wright Brothers with their first airplane, Henry Ford and his first automobile.

My advice to the seniors of 1962 is try to spend more time in the Wax Museum.

Baccalaureate held

The Rev. Charles Q. Carter, pastor of the First Baptist Church, delivered the Baccalaureate sermon on May 14 in the Whitesburg Gymnasium. The stage was most attractively decorated by the junior class, carrying out the class colors of pink and silver. The motto “Tonight we launch where shall we anchor?” was placed in silver on pink over the backboard and a silver ball representing the earth carried out the theme of the class in the new space age.

WHS will graduate

175 seniors

Soft strains of music fill the gymnasium as the seniors begin the solemn march down the aisle to their seats. This is the beginning of graduation night, a night that marks the beginning of a new age in the life of 175 boys and girls. After this night we will become more mature. We will be ready to face whatever the future may hold for us. We will now become young men and women.

The commencement speaker is Dr. J. Marvin Dodson, director of pupil transportation for the State Department of Education.


Congratulations to Nina and Wendell Banks on their recent marriage!

Shirley Frazier, could you be dating Jimmy Stamper!

Elman Blair, there is a certain sophomore girl who likes you. Could you tell us who it is, Pebble Kiser?

Linda Nease and Hatler Isaac are getting married June 9, 1961. Congratulations and many Happy Days.

Joyce Sturgill, we think you’re going steady with Burl Sexton!

Emma Banks, who did you want to march with? Could it have been Arnold Frazier?

Why does Sharon Adams like 1st Period study hall? Could J.D. Jones be the reason?

It must be true love for Donna Easterling and Adrian Maggard.

Eulice Cook, there still might be a chance. Don’t give up easy.

Kathleen Gilley, we hear you and Lucky are getting married. Is this true?

Molly Boggs, who were you with at Blair’s Lake Sunday? Could it have been Billy Dean Adams?

Wanda Burton, who has your class ring? Could it be Arthur Frank?

We all wonder why Rosemary Craft wanted to ride Miss Wampler’s bus. It was Glenn Day, wasn’t it Rosemary?

Carol Lewis, can you tell us your secret the last of June?

Oh happy day for Miss Cureton June 4.

(The above articles from the Black Kat newspapers and the Yellowjacket Yearbook.)

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