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Moments and Memories of WHS




Judy Adams b. 3-10-1941: Ambition, Dietician; Favorite Song, “It’s Just a Matter of Time”; Favorite Expression, All right! Advice to underclassmen, Have fun! Music Club, Bible Club, Pep Club, Band.

Freddie Baker b. 7-31- 1941: Favorite Song, “Troubles”; Favorite Expression, Howdy, by Ned! Advice to underclassmen, Be sure to study hard and get your English; Pep Club, Hi-Y Club.

Mary Grace Caudill b. 11-28-1941: Ambition, Make a movie with Elvis; Favorite Song, “This Should Go On Forever”; Favorite Expression, Flossie May, chat; Advice to underclassmen, Don’t climb the steps to the Washington Monument; F.H.A. Club, Pep Club, Drama Festival; Voted Best Comedienne by her senior class.

James Davis b. 2-28-1940: Ambition, Mechanical Engineer; Favorite Song, “I’ve Had It”; Favorite Expression, Gosh-Almighty; Advice to underclassmen, Keep your lessons prepared and have all the fun possible; Voted Neatest Boy by the senior class.



Ramona Fulton b. 3-17- 1942: Ambition, Teacher; Favorite Song, “Cried a Tear”; Favorite Expression, Oh! Yeah; Advice to underclassmen, I just hate to leave, that all! Voted Prettiest Girl by the Senior Class; Art Club, Nurses Club, Pep Club, Music Club, Band.

George Hogg b. 5-14- 1941: Ambition, Engineer; Favorite Song, “It’s Just a Matter of Time”; Expression, What do you say; Advice to underclassmen, Don’t sleep on the bus to Washington.

Elizabeth Lucas b. 11-22- 1941: Ambition, To get to the North Pole; Favorite Expression, “Get me out of here”; Advice to underclassmen, Don’t ever, ever talk in Mr. Polly’s class, or hand in a half sheet of paper; Voted Best Dressed Girl by her Senior Class; Beta Club, Pep Club, French Club, Music Club, Wildlife Club, Cheerleader Captain, Annual Staff.

Kenneth Morton b. 4-27- 1938: Ambition, To become a worthwhile citizen; Favorite Song, “Country Boy Rock and Roll”; Expression, “That’s a Shame”; Advice to underclassmen, Help your brain and it will grow wiser; Wildlife Club, Hi-Y Club.

Mary Eva Short b. 11-29- 1940: Ambition, Be a nurse; Favorite Song, “It’s Late”; Favorite Expression, Real gone; Advice to underclassmen, Don’t wait until the last year to start studying if you expect to be in the upper Ten percent; Beta Club; French Club, Nurses Club.

Carl Daniel Webb b. 1-15- 1941: Favorite Song, “White Lightning”; Favorite Expression, Is That Right? Advice to underclassmen, Get out while the getting’s good.

Lydia Larue West b. 1-1- 1942: Ambition, Graduate; Favorite Song, “Nobody But You”; Favorite expression, Take It Easy; Advice to underclassmen, Take it easy, greasy, you’ve got a long way to slide; Bible Club, Nurses Club, Pep Club.

Gyles Williams b. 9-3- 1941: Favorite Song, “Let’s Have a Party”; Favorite Expression, It’s All in the Game; Advice to underclassmen, Play it cool if you want to go to Washington; Wildlife Club; Voted Best Dressed Boy by the Senior Class.

From the desk of the principal

The year 1958-59 will be remembered as the year of progress in Whitesburg High School. This year marks the date we went into our beautiful modern nine-room building. Our gym classes will remember their many bus rides to the football field and also their new venture into the swimming pool as part of our physical education program.

Supervisors from our State Department of Education endorsed our new library arrangement. They feel, and so do we, that our students now have open access to the library and therefore will use it more. For these improvements we are indebted to Mr. Preston and his shop classes for making tables and other library improvements.

It has been a privilege for Whitesburg High School to play host to three successful tournaments and we feel that the Whitesburg Invitational Tournament as well as the separate B team tournament will become an annual affair. The sportsmanlike conduct of Whitesburg High School students and fans contributed to the success of these tournaments.

The respectful way in which Whitesburg High School students are now behaving in our halls, restrooms, and classrooms is very commendable. All of this speaks well for your home training and also the type of work we are doing here.

I particularly enjoyed the senior trip this year. The many compliments we received from the management of the Stratford Hotel, the Cumberland bus drivers, cafeteria managers, and the public in general concerning the excellent behavior of our seniors, were appreciated. I believe this class is the best one I have had the privilege of knowing. We will hear more of these students as the years go by.

I would like to leave all students, but particularly the seniors with this thought : “You have each been given a bag of tools, a formless rock and a book of rules; And each must make, ere life has flown, a stumbling block or a steppingstone.”

Senior Rights, By Geneva Ownes

After three years of hard work, studying, writing, speaking, and striving for an education, we have become classified as seniors! To us it seems like magic! As seniors we have the right to enter the portals of Miss Raleigh’s classroom. We have the privilege of going to the nation’s capital. We have often been called from class to listen to representatives of colleges tell us of campus life. Just to wear that pretty high school ring makes us want to stand a little taller and be a little prouder. Soon we will don those graduation robes and mach down the aisle and across the platform to receive the coveted diploma.

If My Dreams Come True, By Helen Richardson

If my dreams come true, I will be much happier than I am now. When my dreams come true, I shall have another ring on my left hand and I will be in Friedburg, Germany. Then if dreams come true, and I leave Germany with my husband, we will find a little white house with green shutters, which I will keep neat. Trying out all the new menus, I will cook those tasty meals for him; and I will gladly wash and iron all our clothes. About two years after this we shall have our first child, and in about another two years our second child. That is, if dreams come true, and mine will, I think.

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