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Moments and Memories of WHS



News from 1957-58

“On the Hill” by Wanda Lee Collier

On September 10 our B Team played Cumberland’s B Team on the Whitesburg field. The Yellowjackets won with a 19-13 victory.

Friday the 13th proved to be a very unlucky night for the Yellowjackets. Our players traveled to Benham, where they tangled with the Benham Tigers on a very wet and muddy field. The score of the game was 32-0 in Benham’s favor.

Our band paraded through town on Saturday morning. The parade represented the campaign for the selling of Band Booster Tickets. The tickets are still on sale and can be purchased from any band student.

There will be a pep rally beginning at the Rainbow Grill Thursday at 6:30 o’clock tonight (Thursday). The band, cheerleaders and fans will parade through town doing the snake dance and yelling, after which there will be a bonfire upon the Hill. We hope the coaches and football team will be present.



After the bonfire is over, there will be a sock hop in the gym. The admission will be 25 cents per person; refreshments will be sold in the corridor of the gym. The proceeds from the dance and refreshments will go to the senior class to help transport us to Washington.

As the third week of school begins most everyone on the hill is digging deeper into his books. The seniors have until October 25 to work on themes.

On September 4, the Beta Club held its first meeting. There were fifteen old members present. The Beta Club officers for the coming year were elected. President is Rosemary Collier; vice president, Dan Mitchell Polly; secretary and treasurer, Sarah Jane Hall.

The seniors had their first class meeting on Sept. 5. Mr. Blevins, representative of the Cowl Magazine Company, talked to us about our annual magazine drive. Our goal this year on the magazine drive has been set at $1,500. The money will help take the seniors to Washington at the end of the year. We need the money badly! So seniors, let’s work together now and go to Washington together later! There are also beautiful prizes offered for the runners-up and the highest magazine salesman.

At activity on Sept. 6 the student body met in the gym for a pep meeting. I think that on the whole there was more school spirit shown at that one pep meeting than there has been at the pep meetings in the past four years. Kids, let’s let that only be a start to the school spirit we show in the following meetings!

The Whitesburg Yellowjackets traveled September 6 to Paintsville, where they played a tough ball game with the Paintsville Tigers. However, for Paintsville it was hard-won victory of 12-7 over the Yellowjackets.

This week the photographers are making pictures of everyone for this year’s annual. Our annual adviser again this year is Miss Jan Combs. Her staff is Janice Fleenor, Anne Lewis, Santa Carol Hall, Pat Fultz, Arnold Kiser, Rosemary Collier, Billie Steve Amburgey, Dan Mitchell Polly and Carol Brown.

Last year’s science club members met on Sept. 10 to elect their officers for this year. Their president is Dan M. Polly; vice president, Sarah Hall; secretary and treasurer, Janis Ann Bentley.

Mr. Michel Durand from Paris, France, visited the French Classes on Sept. 9. Everyone enjoyed his talk tremendously.

Please help send the seniors to Washington and remember — “Nothing is fair or good alone, All are needed by each one.”

(The above article from the September 19, 1957 Mountain Eagle and the 1958 Yellowjacket Yearbook.)

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