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Whitesburg gets new assistant coach from

Kingdom Come

Venon E. Whitaker will be the assistant coach at W.H.S. this year. Mr. Whitaker comes to the school from Kingdom Come High School, where he was coach for four years.

Mr. Whitaker is a graduate of Union College at Barbourville where he played on Coach Dick Bacon’s champion grid teams. He was a member of the Union teams that won Southern Inter-Collegiate Athletic Association Championships in 1933, 1935, and 1936. Mr. Whitaker played guard at Union. While in school, the new assistant coach was active on the basketball court, playing guard and forward for Union.

(The above article from the August 11, 1949 Mountain Eagle.)

Local man in movie

Lt. Commander Archie Reid Fields of Whitesburg is the first person from eastern Kentucky to play in a motion picture. Archie Reid, brother to attorney Emmett Fields, has a part in Twentieth Century Fox’s “Slatery’s Hurricane”, which also stars Linda Darnell, Veronica Lake, and Richard Widmark.

Fields appears several times during the movie and has several lines. He also serves as technical advisor for the movie which will play at the Kentucky Theatre November 29-30. Lt. Commander Fields is a graduate of Whitesburg High School and of Annapolis Naval Academy. He has a very wide circle of friends and relatives in Letcher and Harlan counties.

(The above article from the November 24, 1949 Mountain Eagle.)

Whitesburg player signs for athletic scholarship at U. K.

Glenn “Porky” Polly, WHS’s outstanding grid player, signed a four-year athletic scholarship with the University of Kentucky last Saturday. Ermal Allen, U. K. assistant coach, was present for the signing.

Polly, 18 years old and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Polly of Whitesburg, has been a letterman at W.H.S. for the past four years. He played some football in the eighth grade. His position was end.

In selecting recipients for U.K. scholarships, it is reported, those who have played against the player in question are interviewed. All those asked concerning Polly said that he was a very good ball player. Mr. Allen, it reported, stated that he felt confident that Polly was the type of player they were looking for at U. K.

(The above article from the December 8, 1949 Mountain Eagle.)

Enrollment at

Whitesburg High reaches 585 this year

Regular classes for this year’s school term were started last Wednesday at Whitesburg High and Grade Schools and the students have been meeting every class period since, according to Millard Tolliver, principal. Labor Day was not a school holiday.

The total enrollment this year was 585 for the high school and 512 for the grades, Mr. Tolliver said. In high school there are 206 freshman,180 sophomores, 100 juniors, and 99 seniors.

The Whitesburg schools have 33 teachers this year, Mr. Tolliver stated, and the following new classes have been added to the curriculum: Art (last year there was an Art Club but no classes in the subject), two classes of sociology for the seniors, and two classes in general business for the sophomores. The commercial department has been enlarged this year with five classes in typing and one in shorthand. There are 135 taking typing, Mr. Tolliver said, and 25 taking shorthand.

Every student of Whitesburg High School started taking physical education classes Tuesday of this week. The classes meet twice weekly and onefourth credit a year is given for the course. The physical education classes are being held in the new gymnasium, recently completed.

The Home Economic Department is holding classes in the new gymnasium, Mr. Tolliver said.

The Whitesburg Yellowjackets will have their first football game of the season this coming Friday when they meet the Prestonsburg team on the Whitesburg field. Forty-eight boys are out for football at Whitesburg High this year.

(The above article from the September 8, 1949 Mountain Eagle.)

Black Kat names this year’s staff

Staff members of the Black Kat, Whitesburg High School’s publication, have been selected for the 1949-50 school year and the first edition of the term is planned for the first week of October.

Staff members are the following: Martha Ann Holbrook, editor-in-chief; Barbara Potter, exchange editor; Jimmy Tackett, joke editor; Mansie Brown, sports editor; John Walter Hale, business manager; Lora Lou Bentley and Peggy Blair, reporters; Peggy Blair and Jackie King, typists; Jimmy Tackett, John Walter Hale, and Mansie Brown, mimeograph operators and Gloria Mae Boggs, artist.

Mr. Paul Boggs, journalism teacher at Whitesburg High, is faculty sponsor of the publication.

(The above article from the September 15, 1949 Mountain Eagle.)

Virginia Hollan and Jimmie Bert Tolliver crowned King and Queen of W.H.S.

On Monday, Oct. 17, Whitesburg High began their annual Halloween Carnival. The students got behind the drive with the spirit for which W. H. S. is famous. All classes elected their nominees for King and Queen. They were as follows: freshmen: Loretta Profitt and Burl Lucas; sophomores: Virginia Hollan and Jimmie Bart Tolliver; juniors: Bennie Faye Blair and Gene Giles; seniors:

Geraldine Smith and Billy Ray Cooper.

When the final votes were cast, it was found that the sophomore class came out on top, putting both their King and Queen in. The sophomores had approximately $320.00. The senior class was runners-up. The total amount of High School was $580.80.

The Prince and Princess of the grade school were Margaret Collier and R. T. Holbrook. The Grade School worked very hard to get their nominees in. The total amount they raised was $603.95. The High School wishes to thank everyone who helped in the Carnival.

Boost the Band!

The newly-organized “Whitesburg Band Club” has 81 members and has set its goal to put 20 new instruments in the band to be rented to talented students.

The Junior Chamber of Commerce is donating the proceeds from “Laugh it Off ” to the band. Band patrons are canvassing the town asking for donations to assist their new project.

The trip to Danville did much for the morale of the band. It was fun being guests of the Danville band. Whitesburg fans at Danville reported that our band gave its best performance this year, both playing and marching.

Daphne Hellman

Concert grand harp!

Daphne Hellman brought to us a program that was as entertaining as it was useful. An accomplished harpist, whose fine playing of the classics has been praised by numerous music critics, Miss Hellman is also at home in modern day music. Her program, the best in the classic repertoire, the best in modern swing and combination of both since one of the highlights of her performance is a group which she “Swings the Classics.”

Georgetown College

Choir entertains

On October 23, the Baptist Church of Whitesburg brought to us the Georgetown Choir. The Choir sang three groups of songs. They were spirituals, sacred, and a special group which they do for high schools only. Mr. Andrews, the director, sang “Glory Road,” which was enjoyed very much by the students. Every one enjoyed the program, especially so because Jackie Combs, a graduate of ’47 was in the choir.


Carlene Webb and James Gose didn’t stay mad long, did they? Oh! Well that’s love.

Did Joe Preston give you some good advice, Mary Wright?

Sadie Bentley has her heart set on the freshman class! Come to think of it, Sammy Banks is in that class too!

We saw a cute couple on the Cumberland bus. They are Eugene Collier and Nanny Manyard.

Johnny Wheeler and Betty J. Hays think they are pulling something over on us but the Kat sees everything!

Lora Lou Bentley seems to have her heart taken from her! Could Gilbert Meade be the lucky boy holding it?

(Article from the Black Kat Newspaper.)

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