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Alice “Noon” Collier b. 10/28/1939: Food – Shrimp and French Fries; Drink – Pepsi; Song – Don’t; Expression – Is That Right? Ambition – “Ity” and I to marry twin brothers; Pep Club, Bible Club, Wildlife Club, Nurses Club, Tri-HI-Y Club, Library Club.

Della “ Ity” Collier b. 10/28/1939: Food – Shrimp and French Fries; Drink – Pepsi; Song – Wear My Ring; Expression – Is That Right? Ambition – “Noon” and I to marry twin brothers; Bible Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Pep Club, Wildlife Club, Nurses Club, Library Club.

Blanche Collins b. 9/16/1940: Food – Anything; Drink – Coke; Song – Wear My Ring; Expression – Good Grief; Ambition – To be a nurse; Pep Club, Bible Club, Nurses Club.

Jacquelyn “Red” Collins b. 4/16/1940: Food – Pizza and Watermelon; Song – To Love and Be Loved; Expression – It’s too wet to plow; Ambition – To speak to Ricky Nelson; Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Black Kat Staff; Wildlife Club.

Juanita Combs b. 4/28/1938: Food – Lemon Pie; Song – Dream, Dream; Expression – Go, Cat, Go; Ambition – Leave Kentucky; Art Club, Bible Club, Pep Club, Nurses Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club.

Angie “Angel” Crase b. 5/7/1941: Food – Potato chips and pork chops; Drink – Pepsi, Punch, Milk; Song – Whole World in His Hands; Expression – Gee, whiz; Ambition – Model housewife; Pep Club, Folk Club, Music Club, Nurses Club.

Ethelene “Lena” Frazier b. 6/22/1940: Food – Steak and potato salad; Drink – Coke; Song – Send Me Your Pillow You Dream On; Expression – Goodness, no; Ambition – To become a nurse; Pep Club, Bible Club, Science Club, Nurses Club Art Club and the French Club.

Sara Jane “Sorry” Hall b. 4/24/1940: Food – Pizza and Pepsi; Drink – Milkshakes; Song – Twilight; Expression – Well, anyway; Ambition – Marry the boss’s son; Chorus, All-Festival Chorus, Pep Club President, Science Club Vice-President, Secretary- Treasurer of Beta Club, Art Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club, President of Senior Class, B-Team Cheerleader, Black Kat Staff, Wildlife Club, Big Sandy Bowl Candidate.

Betty Sue Hamilton b.4/8/1940: Food – Frog legs; Drink – Anything stronger than water; Song – Wear My Ring; Expression – You don’t say; Ambition – To become a nurse and work with a lot of good-looking doctors; Pep Club, Homecoming Queen her senior year.

Airolene “Lynn” Ingram b. 12/4/1940: Food – Hamburgers; Drink – All kinds; Song – D’Amour Melody; Expression – Hey dough beater; Ambition – Nurse; Science Club, Art Club, French Club, Nurses’ Club, Pep Club.

Ella Mae Killen b. 7/11-?? Food – Beef stew; Drink – Strawberry soda; Song – All I Have to Do Is Dream; Expression – Golly creekies; Ambition – Good wife and mother; Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Candidate for Big Sandy Bowl.

Vina Faye Stamper b. 3/6/1940: Food – Fried Chicken; Drink – Pepsi; Song – Dream; Expression – Aw, hush; Ambition – Stenographer; F.H.A. – President 2; Wildlife Club, Beta Club, Pep Club, Homecoming Attendant; Black Kat Staff.

“On the Hill” by Wanda Lee Collier

Our guest speaker for chapel on Wednesday, Oct. 30, was Rev. Meyers of the Methodist Church.

The following A-team cheerleaders, Donna Spangler, Wanda Rogers, Rita Kathryn Hale, and I, attended the annual cheerleading clinic held in Lexington on Saturday, Nov. 2. We were accompanied by Miss Betty Little, cheerleading sponsor, and Mrs. Bob Fike. We regret that Lily Jane Collins, cheerleader, was unable to make the trip. Everyone had an enjoyable time.

Looks like the seniors have been digging out their old algebra and English books to review for the aptitude tests, which were given on Monday and Wednesday.

Due to the epidemic of flu there have been quite a number absent from school for the past few days. The hundred mark has already been reached in the high school.

The students are busy getting information and writing essays on conserving our soil and water resources. This contest is sponsored by the Courier-Journal, the Louisville Times, and WHAS and WHASTV. Prizes for the winners of this contest in the state are first prize $100 U.S. Savings Bond; second place $75 Savings Bond and third place $50 Savings Bond. The district awards will be a $25 Savings Bond for first-place winner in each soil conservation district. A certificate of merit will be given for the writer of the essay judged best in the high school.

School was dismissed on Nov. 5 for Election Day.

The Nurses Club met Friday. Shelby Jean Wright looked like a victim of an automobile wreck after Nurse Doris Swisher of Whitesburg Memorial Hospital completed first aid lessons of arm bandages to prevent bleeding, an arm splint to protect a broken bone and a tight head bandage to stop hemorrhaging. This club meets the first Friday in each month. There is an enrollment of 175 members. Nurse Waughletia Wright gave a discussion of many types of first aid, which should be known by all prospective nurses. Miss Schoenmehl, head of the nursing staff of the hospital, is cooperating with Mrs. Stephen Combs, sponsor of the Nurses Club, to bring a speaker, or a live lesson in some form of nursing or a film, for each meeting of the club.

Club officers elected at the Nov. 1 meeting were: President, Pat Fultz; Vice President, Freida Moore; Secretary and Treasurer, Virginia Banks.

(The above article from the Nov. 14, 1957 Mountain Eagle.)

Prayer at Commencement

Oh God, source of all wisdom and all truth, we ask thy blessings on us this day of graduation. We are thankful for the public schools of our land where all may learn; we are thankful for alert and consecrated teachers who teach the principles of freedom and democracy in the way they teach as well as in what they teach. We are thankful for the parents who have helped make possible this day’s achievement — who have bought the books, sharpened the pencils, called attention to homework, and signed the report cards. We are thankful for friendships made during these years — friendship with other students; friendships with teachers, friendship with great books, friendships with great persons of the past.

May we have learned that no progress can be made without effort; no goals made without teamwork; no exams passed without study, no awards won without work.

Help us to understand that fame is not worth seeking; that money will not buy everything; that the only enduring values are found in friendship and truth and honesty and integrity; and that nothing can take these from us. Always give us enough manhood to say what is true and to do what is right — even if it hurts. Deliver us from the sissy ways of insincerity and of playing favorites and of apple-polishing.

Help us to believe that we can make the world a better place than our fathers have. But make us aware that it isn’t easy to get rid of prejudice and hypocrisy and jealousy and greed. Help us to be willing to accept the things we can’t change. Let us start improving ourselves. With a sense of humility and also a spirit of daring may we go out from these halls determined that every day we shall grow in knowledge and wisdom and in favor with God and man. Amen.

(The above article from the 1957-58 Black Kat Newspapers and the Yellowjacket Yearbook.)

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