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Moments and Memories of WHS




Ann Brown “Podd”—1- 11-1940: Boyfriend, every one of them! Pal, the gang; Favorites, Teachers, all of them; Food, soup beans; Drink, lemon juice; Movie Star, James Dean; Singer, Tab Hunter; Song, “Little Darlin”, Color, sky blue pink; Expression, “Well cross my eyeballs!” Ambition, Nurse; Secret Ambition, go to Washington; Activities, F.H.A., Pep Club, Wildlife Club, Music Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Glee Club; Honors, All Festival Chorus, being a senior, passing test. Parting Advice, “ To be a healthy senior, eat plenty of soup beans and lemon juice and get all themes — you’ll sure be healthy then, keep the “back room’ in living condition.”

Janice Caudi- ll—11-23-1939: Pals, Ginny and Eleanor; Favorites, Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Food, Strawberry Shortcake; Drink, Milk; Movie Star, Tab Hunter; Singer, Elvis Presley; Song, “Young Love”; Color, Red; Expression, “I declare”; Ambition, to become a school teacher; Activities F.H.A.; Honors, Secretary of the F.H.A. Club; Parting Advice, “Don’t get 6th period Study Hall. Study hard the first week of school.”

Sue Carol Caudill “Suzie- Q”-5-12-1939: Boyfriend, Charles Gilley; Pal, Loriene Caudill; Favorites, Teacher, Mr. Bates; Food, Fried Chicken; Drink, Pepsi Cola; Movie Star, Tab Hunter; Singer, Fats Domino; Song, “I’m Walking”; Color, Pink; Expression, “I’d hate to think I couldn’t, Jughead”; Ambition, to be a nurse; Secret Ambition, to live to be 970 years. Parting advice— “We’ve started out and we have won, so you folks take care of the school as we have done. Be nice to the teachers and study and I am sure you will win out.”

Betty Collins—8-9-1938: Boyfriend, Jimmy Morton; Pal, Faye Brashear; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Food, Chocolate cake; Drink, Coke; Movie Star, Debbie Fisher; Singer, Sonny James; Song, “You’re the Reason I’m in Love”; Color, Blue; Expression, “Gee gosh!; Secret Ambition, To get married someday; Parting Advice, “Do what the teachers tell you and I am sure you will get by, I did.”

Margaret Day— “ Meg”- 9- 20- 1939: Boyfriend, Jon; Pal, The Gang; Favorites: Teachers, All; Food, Chicken; Drink, Ice Tea; Movie Star, James Dean; Singer, Perry Como; Song, “September Song”; Color, Periwinkle; Expression, “Cross My Eyeballs,” Ambition, Secretary; Secret Ambition, Marry my rich old boss and live a life of leisure; Activities, F.H.A., Wildlife, Music Club, Chorus Honors, Homecoming Queen, Secretary of the Wildlife Club, Black Kat Staff, All Festival Chorus; Parting Advice, “Enjoy every minute of your school days.”

Ben Everidge “Barney”:- 4-7-1939: Pal, Don Collier; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Food, Oysters; Movie Star, Jane Russell; Singer, Little Richard; Song, “Moonlight Gambler”; Color, Black; Expression, “That’s Tough”; Ambition, Go to South America, get rich and buy a yacht and Corvette; Secret Ambition, Marry Joann Coomer; Activities, Pep Club, Mixed Chorus, Spectator Sports, Basketball and Football; Parting Advice, “You are only young once, so live while you can.”

Ramona Fields “Mona”- 4- 14- 1938: Boyfriend, Charles Glenn Raleigh; Pal, Shannon Adams; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh; Food, Potato Salad; Drink, Pepsi; Movie Star, Tab Hunter; Singer, Carl Smith; Song, “Wait a Little Longer Please Jesus”; Color, Green; Expression, “I’ll Be”; Ambition, Housewife; Secret Ambition, To get a diploma; Parting Advice, “To wish the students who take Typing and Shorthand to make better grades than I have.”

Glenda Hol- brook—7-3-1939: Boyfriend, Bert Charles Fields; Best Pal, Joyce Johnson; Favorites: Teacher, Mrs. Day; Food, Meat Loaf; Drink, Upper-10; Movie Star, Tab Hunter; Singer, Tab Hunter; Song, “Without Love”; Color, Blue; Expression, “Good Night”; Ambition, To have my name known by everybody; Secret Ambition, To marry Tab Hunter; Parting Advice, “Study, study, and study, and learn the secret of chewing gum in Miss Raleigh’s room.”

Armint a Ison “Arkie”— 11-20-38: Boyfriend, Chuck Steeley, Best Pal, The Gang and Phyllis; Favorites: Teacher, Mr. Taylor; Food, Fried Chicken; Drink, Dr. Pepper; Movie Star, Tab Hunter; Singer, The Platters; Song, “100 Miles Away”; Color, Baby Blue; Expression, “Shore ‘Nough”; Ambition, to find a remedy for poison ivy; Activities, Swimming, Basketball, Football, Roller Skating, Dancing; Secret Ambition, To marry Chuck Steeley; Honors, Black Kat Staff, Yellowjacket Staff ; Parting Advice, “May you do your best in making your fourth year successful, for you can’t imagine how much fun it is to plan for the Senior Trip and graduation.”

Stella Kil- bourne—6-22-1938: Boyfriend, “Don”; Best pal, “The 3 Roll Kids”; Favorites: Teacher, Jan Combs; Food, Chicken; Drink, Anything that’s worth drinking; Movie Star, Rock Hudson; Singer, Sonny James; Song, “You’re the Reason”; Color, Baby Blue; Expression, “That’s quite all right”; Ambition, Secretary; Secret Ambition, It wouldn’t be a secret anymore; Activities, Glee Club and almost anything; Honors, All Festival Chorus; Parting Advice, “When you get to be a senior, I hope you want have to work as hard as we have, to get to Washington, although it’s worth it.”

Jackie Maggard “Lighting”— 9-16-1938: Girlfriend, Loretta Shortt; Best Pal, James Stidham; Favorites: Teacher, Mr. Enlow; Food, T-Bone Steak; Drink, Milk; Movie Star, Jane Russell; Singer, Fats Domino; Song, “Party Doll”; Color, Pink and Black; Expression, “Is that right?”; Ambition, To be a jet pilot; Secret Ambition, Not any; Activities, Library Club two years; Parting Advice, “Go on to school, you will make it if you try hard enough.”

Betty Webb “Betty Boo”— 6-4-1939: Boyfriend, James Tyler; Best Pal, Violet Ann Sparks; Favorites: Teacher, Mrs. Day; Food, Chicken; Drink, Pepsi; Movie Star, Debbie Reynolds; Singer, Elvis Presley; Song, “All Shook Up”; Color, Blue; Expression, “Well, alright”; Ambition, Beautician or telephone operator; Secret ambition, Can’t tell; Activities, Wildlife Club, Chorus, Pep Club, Speech Plays, Bible Club; Parting Advice, “Here is my parting advice to the students at WHS. You’re not at the top but still climbing. Good luck to you all.”

Autobiography of Sonny Webb

I was born on Oct. 24, 1939, a bouncing boy. It was a dreary day and I was a cheerful ray of sunshine to brighten my poor parents’ lives. I led a perfectly normal life until I was six years old. Then the strangest thing happened to me. I was taken to a crazy looking building set back in the mountains of Bottom Fork. It looked as though it had been struck by a tornado, because the sides were all caved in and the windows were half gone. There were quite a few bewildered looking people wandering around and I suspected it was a prison. It must have been, because they made me sit on a hard seat and a lady sat at a big desk and glared at me. It went on like this until my sentence of eight years was up. Then I was sent to a prison of higher education. It was in a large city called Whitesburg. Here there were a few guards more and if anything went wrong you were sent to a warden’s office. There they sent you to an awful place, called noon hour study hall. It was guarded by a terrible dragon, Miss Raleigh (who rode a snowplow to work). By some miracle, I have made it through two years and I am told if I make it through two more, I will receive a parole. I am now living for the day when I can receive a parole and go back to leading a normal life.

(The above article from the 1957 Yearbook and 1956- 57 Black Kat Newspapers.)

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