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Moments and Memories of WHS




Summer’s play was varied fare

Summer is over and Whitesburg High is back into the swing of things. The students look back on their fond memories of summer and recollect a few things that they did. Jeff Maggard chewed ‘baccer and went to Neon. Betsy Adams went to Field Commander Camp. Serena Mullins didn’t do anything. Eddie Stamper worked, went swimming, and hunted. Sandy Fields went camping and saw Mother Theresa. Tony Evans went to Indiana, Georgia, and rode my motorcycle. Carl Mullins, very little. Danny Gilbert worked at dad’s office and partied.

Stephen Day stayed with grandmother for three months, and watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rhuelena Breeding went to basketball camp. Ronna Looney ran around and went to Richmond. Rickie Kiser went to North Carolina, chased girls and went fishing. Sharon Seargent went swimming and ran around. Dougie Holbrook ran around and rode motorcycles. Gary Boggs worked and fooled around a lot. Randy Webb went swimming, played basketball, and went to Myrtle Beach. Liz Decker worked, played ball, and walked around. Tommy Collins worked on cars and played basketball. Greg Lucas went to a few road races and ran around. Quinn Lucas, everything!



DECA competes

Members of the DECA Club participated in the Region 6 Career Development Conference at Hazard Community College in April.

Whitesburg High School was recognized in many events. Several students from WHS received firstplace awards in their categories. Angela Brashears placed first in advertising, Phyllis Caudill in finance and credit, Linda Newman in apparel and accessories manual, Willie Lewis in food marketing manual, Angela Brashears in the Pepsi Earn and Learn project, and Adrienne Spangler in the Phillips Petroleum project. In the second-place awards, Elzie Kiser received second for DECA Creed, Donna Gibson for general merchandise, Rhonda Collins for general merchandise manual, Jeanne Crain for apparel and accessories, Judy Wright for food marketing written event, Barry Amburgey for food marketing, Lisa Bentley for public speaking, and Denise Collins for sales demonstration. The Parliamentary Procedure Team received second also.

The members are Ray Yeary, Foister Dickerson, Jeffroe Brock, Darlene Simmons, Darla Banks, Gary Lucas, and Deanna Kincer. The DECA members who received third-place awards are Frankie Maggard for finance and credit manual and Billy Hall for food marketing.

These students also represented our school at the state conference in Louisville. Angie Brashears received a certificate for being selected in the top eight entries in the Pepsi-Earn and Learn project. Adrienne Spangler was awarded a certificate for being selected in the top eight for the Phillips Petroleum project. Rhonda Collins placed in the top eight in general merchandising written event. The Parliamentary Procedure Team placed in the top five in the Demonstration event, which earned them certifi- cates. Judy Wright received the trophy for outstanding Chapter Member from her DECA Chapter.

Seniors bequeath attributes

I, Kim Kincer, will my ability to tell a joke and make everybody laugh even though it’s not funny to Dewey Dollarhide in hopes that he will be as successful as I was. I, Ruby Cress, will my ability to watch all of the great looking guys to Marlene Lewis. I, Mark Cornett, will all of my brownie points with Coach Roe and Mrs. Garrett to Randall Ferguson. I, Jaranda Spangler, will my cousin, Stephen Craft, to Michelle Slone and my abilities in Mr. Sexton’s 5th period class to Janetta Sexton. I, Barbara Boyd, will my seat in Mr. Frazier’s room to Melody Boyd. I, Terry Cornett, will my super human strength to Joe Senters. I, Pamela Sue Adams, leave my ability to take 6 straight classes to Tim Pennington. I, Mark Powell, being of sound mind and body, hereby leave my ability to wreck the orange and black van to Jamie Creech. I, Trisha Baker, will my last remaining bottle of “Amazing Quick-Grow Capsules” to Jenny Huff. I, Kenneth Collins, will my back seat on bus 32 to Billy Collier. I, William Sizemore, will my acting skills to Larry Cook. I, James Owens, will my old worn out sneakers to Becky Gilliam. May she wear them with pride. I, Eric Gilliam, sometimes being of sound mind and body, will my ability to stay in trouble and never know what for to Jerome Banks. I, Darrel Sturgill, will my history seat to Paul Miles. I, Tony Sizemore, will my ability to go home early to Libby Haskins. I, Elaine Wicker, leave my wild and crazy ways to Angie Phipps, Rhonda (Pearl) Lucas, and Gina Holbrook. I, Tena E. DuBois, will my history desk to Sharon K. Maggard. I, Tommy Brashears, will my ability to have problems with women and trucks to Bert Adams. I, Mary Ann Halcomb, will my drafting desk to Stanley Cornett in hopes that he learns as much as I have in Mr. Harlow’s class. I, Sharon Campbell, will my old locker to Beth Lucas. I, Arlene Ross, will my ability to drive to Balisa Baker. I, Tony Lee Evans, will my ability to be President of the VICA Club to Mike Morgan. I, Vickie Collins, will my gracefulness to Jenny Huff. I, Gloria Terracciano, will my credits in English to my sister, Alicia. I, Debbie Kincer, will my perfect attendance record and my place in the top 10 percent to my brother Scottie Kincer. I, Chris Gibson, will my driving ability to anyone dumb enough to take it. I, Chris Holbrook, being of sound mind and body, will my understanding of Pre-Calculus to Steve Boggs. I, Janey Callahan, will my senior year at WHS to my brother with lots of luck.

(The above articles from the 1982-83 Black Kat Newspapers and the 1983 Yearbook.)

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