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Moments and Memories of WHS




Future plans

Delmer Ashbrook, join the Navy. Linda Biggerstaff, go to UK and major in public health. Hazel Caudill, telephone operator. Sharon Garett, attend Eastern Kentucky University. Madonna Hampton, to be a secretary. Brenda Jenkins, to be a teacher. Phyllis Maggard, to be an airline stewardess. Reba Perry, to become a nurse. Robert Sexton, to go to vocational school. Jo Ella Taylor, work and get married. Edwin Caudill, conservation officer or biologist. Martha Frazier, attend college. Billy Halcomb, go to vocational school. Donna Hart, be a secretary. Bobby Hoskins, operate heavy equipment. Tommy Howard, go to college. Wanda Jones, to be a housewife. Thomas Joseph, get a job in a factory. Donald Lewis, join the Navy. Henry Madden, retire as soon as possible. David Miller, to be a mechanic. John Preston, become a typing or biology teacher. Cora L. Sexton, be a secretary. David Setzer, go to college. Madonna Short, work in office or be a nurse. Edward Smith, attend vocational school. Joann Trimble, be a housewife. Judy Collins, to get a job. Pat Goins, to attend Eastern. Mellie Holbrook, become a nurse. Ronnie Halcomb, to go to college. Bennett Trent, to attend vocational school.

Folk Dance Club

The Whitesburg Folk- Dance Club encourages the preservation of our cultural heritage through enjoyable participation in authentic folk activities. The Whitesburg group includes the following students: Sharon Garrett, Phyllis Day, Kyleen Campbell, Susie Day, Patsy Day, Sandra Day, Linda Biggerstaff, Linda Ferguson, Marcy Frazier, James Earl Mohn, Junior Holbrook, Bobby Dan Blair, Jeff Hunsaker, John Bill Brown, Jack Cox, Gary Adams, Joy Pritchard, and David Jones, under the capable direction and training of Mr. Dan Polly.

My Favorite Hobby by Devonne Holland

The bell rings at tenthirty. Throughout the classrooms, students jump from their seats to hurry and get out — as if the buildings were on fire! Where are they going? They’re going to the gym where the action is! A pep rally, of course.

Tonight, we play a game! Watch your step, don’t push, you’ll get there soon enough!

As I go down the steps, through the door, I listen with delight when I hear the band playing “Kissing Cousins” or our theme song. I look around the gym and I see all the students (or almost all of them) standing and clapping along with the cheerleaders, to the rhythm of the music.

Not everyone gets a seat, so they stand up in the back of the gym. The teachers are standing down on the side of the gym floor.

The cheerleaders lead the yell, “All you Yellowjackets stand up and scream.”

Finally someone yells, “We want Ritter, we want Ritter,” and everyone joins in. He walks out on the gym floor, everyone claps and he makes a short speech. Then Coach Bates makes a speech also.

We then have a battle cry. I stand up and hollow to the top of my lungs to help the sophomores win. But who wins? The juniors!

Song dedications

Willie M. to Betty G., I Got you Babe. Linville M. to Carol S., Baby, I’m Yours. Milos Gibson to J.R. Bates, Night Time. Imogene Caudill to Jerry Williams, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry. Belvia Short to Ray Hatfield, Soul and Inspiration. Lana Kincer to Bobby Fisher, The Cheater. Cookie Taylor to Charles Craft, My World is Empty Without You. Wanda Joseph to Thomas Robinson, You’re the One. Sandra Bryant to Bobby, My Love. Carolyn Lucas to Bob E., Can’t Get You Out of My Mind. Linda to D.J., Dear Uncle Sam. Phyllis Maggard to Jack Day, My Soul and Inspiration. Julia Whitaker to Steve, Please Don’t Stop Loving Me. Barbara Kincer to Larry M., My World Is Empty Without You. Saranell Spangler to Danny C., You’re the One. Nina Morgan to Dean Fields, Groovy Kind of Love. Sharon Craft to boys on Bus 41, Batman. Milos to Mr. Polly, Secret Agent Man. Roger Blair to Rose Blair, I Will Get You in the End.

Senior advice to underclassmen

Roger Blair, study hard and do your own work. Edwin Caudill, have as many friends as possible and have lots of fun. Judy Collins, take four years of physical education. Teresa Franklin, go out for cheerleader. Shirley Hall, stay in school no matter how hard it gets. Madonna Hampton, stay in school and study hard for a great future lies ahead. Janet Ison, stay in school and make the most of it. Tommy Howard, study hard and have fun. Barbara Stallard, study hard and reap a good harvest. Sandra Tyree, have fun, study hard, go on the senior trip. Jo Ella Taylor, make the most of your four years, you can never come back. Robert Sexton, study hard. David Miller, don’t drop out, if you do your future goes with it.

(The above articles from the 1965-66 Black Kat Newspapers and the 1966 Yellowjacket.)

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