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Moments and Memories of WHS



(The Whitesburg High School graduates in the photos accompanying this column became prominent members of the medical profession.)


Whitesburg high and graded commencements this week

The Whitesburg high and graded school commencement exercises opened in full sway on Friday evening of last week at the graded school auditorium. On that night, the Senior Play was given under the direction of Mrs. Grace Harris Fulkerson and the seniors taking parts. On Saturday evening the Junior-Senior Banquet was given in the high school gymnasium, which was, indeed, a very enjoyable affair for both classes. Sunday evening the Baccalaureate Sermon was delivered to the graduating class by Rev. I.E. Enlow at the Baptist Church. His sermon was indeed very inspirational, having chosen the appropriate subject “Life’s Flower Garden.” On Tuesday evening the Seniors gave their class day exercises in the graded school aditorium. A band of about thirty seniors assembled in sport attire on the stage and entertained very highly with songs, the class history, prophecy, poem grumbler and last will and testament. Each senior played his or her part remarkably well, and at the end of the program the key to the senior class was presented by Glenn Clay, president of the present senior class, to Miss Edith Baker, president of the Junior class. On Wednesday morning the sixth grade entertained with a play, readings and songs. Each student showed wonderful ability and good training, which is certainly an honor to both them and their teacher, Mrs. Tate. On Wednesday evening the eighth grade graduating exercise was held in the same auditorium. Prof. Ison was in charge and a very entertaining and delightful program was given, showing the result of a hard year’s work. Tonight there will be a dramatic contest staged by the dramatic class under Mrs. Fulkerson. Her reputation assures us of a success in this contest. On Friday, May 16, the graduation exercises will be held at which time Prof. John Howard Payne, of Morehead College, will speak. This will bring to a close one of the most successful years of Whitesburg’s high and graded schools. The Eagle joins with the town and voices the sentiments of the public in saying a few words of congratulation to the student body, the faculty and the school board as well as everyone who may be indirectly concerned in making this year such a success.


Junior-Senior Banquet

The Junior-Senior Banquet of the high school entertained very elaborately on Saturday evening with a delightful banquet in honor of the graduating class. The gymnasium was transformed into a spacious garden where spring flowers of every variety were in bloom. Places were set for about eighty guests, and a most delectable dinner was served. Dainty and appropriate favors were given and a most delightful program rendered.

(The above articles from the May 15, 1930 Mountain Eagle.)


Whitesburg plays great game

Last Saturday was a gala day for basketball fans here. The Male High School team of Louisville, with heaps of victories with other teams dangling from its belt, came to meet our boys at the gymnasium here. Excitement and interest began raging long before the battle began and hundreds were flocking to see the sport. By the time the game started, the big gym building was overcrowded. Our boys went at the Male boys with fire and grim determination in their eyes, while their antagonists met them with the same defiance. Toward the end of the game, spectators believed the Whitesburg boys would end with a glorious victory — a crust for the Male. Only a few seconds before time was up and when the score stood 20-20, the Male High leaped ahead and the game culiminated with a score of 20-24 in favor of Louisville.

Never did Whitesburg play a braver, more efficient and more determined game. They entered to eat the heralded, boasted city team, and but for a good luck play or so, would have accomplished their goal. The Male High, made up of a fine set of young men, by its fair and gentlemanly conduct won the hearts of our boys and those who watched the game. They were a fine set of boys, and though they come from the biggest city in the state, they have nothing on our young men who met them and did their best to crush them. While the score showed minus for Whitesburg, it was indeed a victory for the school.

(The above article from the Jan.15, 1930 Mountain Eagle.)

Class Roll for 1930

Klaire Adkins, Wilma L. Adams, Bonnie Bates, Lou Erma Banks, Elmer Bert Crites, Lola Campbell, Fay Collins, Helen O. Cossman, Glenn F. Clay, Dave Craft, Watson H. Caudill, Hubert E. Cook, Helen Combs, Hester Day, Zola F. Day, Elizabeth M. Doyle, Bernice K. Flynn, Vivian Ford, Frank P. Fletcher, Jr., Ida Hart, Pascal Y. Hall, William Bradley Ison, Arnold Kincer, Ferdinand Moore, Clara I. Polichetti, Virginia Reese, Joe Reynolds, Draxie Smallwood, William P. Vermillion, Homer P. Yonts, Herbert Webb.

Class Day Program

Class song by Senior Class Members; History of Class, Wilma Adams; Grumbler, Bernice Flynn; Class Poet, Elizabeth Doyle; Quartette, Misses Hart and Campbell, Messrs. Fletcher and Hall; Class Prophecy, members of the class; Giftorian, Frank Fletcher; Class Will, Ferdinand Moore; Music; Pesentation of Key to juniors, Glenn Clay, President; Class Flower, Yellow Rose; Class Motto, “Forward Ever, Backward Never”; Class Colors, Yellow and White.

Senior play a great success

Friday night, May 9, the senior class staged one of the most successful annual dramatics in the history of Whitesburg High School. There were more than a dozen laughs each minute and no one could go away sad.

Those having parts in the play were Bernice Flynn, Lola Campbell, Homer Yonts, Elizabeth Doyle, Elmer Bert Crites, Ida Hart, Glenn Clay, Frank Fletcher and William Vermillion. Each of them proved they possessed real dramatic ability.

Between the first and second acts the senior girls who did not have parts in the play did a snappy song and dance act. The boys brightened things up between the second and third acts with an amusing act. At the end of the play the entire class staged a grand finale with “Happy Days Are Here Again.”

(The above article from the May 15, 1930 Mountain Eagle.)

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