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Whitesburg Speech Class presents two plays, monologues

On February 2 and 3, the Whitesburg Speech Class, under the direction of Mrs. W. B. Hall, presented to the grade school and the high school two one-act plays and two humorous monologues.

A one-act drama, “Concert in the Park,” was done by “Burkie” Holbrook, Peggie Yontz, Buddy Fields, and Bert Back. “Burkie” played the part of a criminal who, though he was still bad, tried to be good. Peggie Yontz was his girlfriend — much interested in music. Buddy Fields played the role of Peggie’s brother, and the part of a policeman was done by Bert Back.

“Love Hits Wilbur,” a comedy, was well produced by Gene Collier, Shirley Stallard, Clara Lou Webb, Ada Louise Fields, Roberta Jenkins, and Sewell Barrett. The plot was based around Wilbur, a 13-year-old boy who hated girls, but soon learned to like one in particular, Clara Lou Webb.



The two monologues were done by Cecil Barnes and Wilsie Mae Mason.

Thursday, Feb. 10, at 1 p. m. and Friday, Feb. 11, at 9:30 a.m., the Speech Class will present two other one-act plays and three monologues. The plays to be produced are “No Greater Love” and “Tell It to The Morans.” This promises to be a good program.

From the four one-act plays done by the Speech Class this month, one will be entered in the Regional Drama Festival at Pikeville on Feb. 26.

(The above article from the Feb. 10, 1955 Mountain Eagle.)

Christmas Band concert

Mr. Jack Taylor presented his wonderful Concert Band in a Christmas program to the students and some parents on Tuesday morning. They looked pretty enough to grace the front of a Christmas card in those handsome uniforms.

The band program presented the Continentals in three numbers, Blue Christmas; Papa Loves Mambo and White Christmas. “The Continentals” is Jack Taylor’s dance band composed of Ann Cox pianist; trumpeters Jack Taylor, Bert Francis and Gail Potter; saxophonists John Lynn Rice, Don Hughes, Johnny Doyle and James Reynolds; clarinets Eddie Cornett; drummers Herman Brush, Bass R. T. Holbrook.

The 1955 Whitesburg High School Concert Band performed in a Christmas program for students and some parents.

The 1955 Whitesburg High School Concert Band performed in a Christmas program for students and some parents.

Following the Continentals these numbers were given by the full Concert Band in their handsome new uniforms: “Christmas Festival,” by E. De Lamater which included selections of Christmas songs, Jolly Old St. Nicholas; Silent Night, O Faithful Pine, Come All Ye Faithful and Jingle Bells. “Mother Goose Jump” by Jack Chiarelli composed of four nursery rhymes. Christmas Suite by Harold L. Walters, included O Come, O Come Immanuel, a chant from the 8th Century, “Sleep of the Child Jesus,” a French Noel, “Ring Christmas Bells,” “What Child is This?” “The 12 Days of Christmas,” a traditional 14 Century air. The program was closed with the highly popular number, “Shake, Rattle and Roll.” Ramona Sparks.

Big Sandy Bowl 1954

On Nov. 12 the Big Sandy Bowl was held at Paintsville. Ramona Sparks, representing Whitesburg High School, was chosen from 13 candidates as Queen of the Big Sandy Bowl.

The Whitesburg High School Band, competing with seven other bands from southeast Kentucky and West Virginia, was presented a trophy after being judged the Best Marching Band at the Big Sandy Bowl.

Sports news

The Yellowjackets won their first game with Stuart Robinson, score of 71-47. The starting five were Buddy Fields, 10 points, Wig Sexton 17, Vernon 14, Bert Bach 8, Burkie Holbrook 4, Don Barker 6, Rex Polly 5, and Billy K. Banks 4. The boys played a very good game.

The Whitesburg Yellowjackets lost their second game to Hindman 52-60. Keep the good work, boys, you know we can’t win all the games but we can give them a good race!

The Yellowjackets were behind all during the ball game. The first quarter 10- 17 in favor of Jenkins. Second quarter 19-32 in favor of Jenkins. Third quarter 44-49 in favor of Jenkins. In the last quarter, the Yellowjackets came up and beat the Jenkins Cavaliers with the score of 62-56.

Mr. Boyd has an excellent B-team and they have won every game they have played this year. Stuart Robinson 26-Whitesburg 33; Jenkins 34-Whitesburg-37. These boys will be our future A-team.


These girls are extremely busy writing letters nowadays: Arlayne Collins, Clara Lou Webb and Sue Scott.

Ronald Collier and James D. Polly are two cute boys on the loose, come on, girls, let’s get busy.

Charles Adams and Joan Morgan have been together

FRANCES VEST quite often lately.

Too bad Billie Ann Whitaker isn’t still in school, isn’t it, Charles Gilley?

Paul Maggard is getting a lot of attention, isn’t that so, Chelsia Hall?

Carol Brown, looks like you are starting another romance with Harold Cook.

Seems that Nancy King and Jimmy Enlow don’t have any trouble — or do they, Betty Francis? Kelly Boggs, whose are those notes from that you’ve been getting? Could it be little Dallas Fields? Things seem to be going just fine between Nina Day and Donald Stamper for a change. Ardath Polly, who’ve you got a crush on, a sophomore? Watch out, the Kat’s watching you. Janice Bentley, we hear you’ve got a crush on Phil Adams. Could this be right?

Letters to Santa


Dear Santa: I have been a good teacher this year — please bring my wife, Ruby, a baby doll and bring my poor little Biology students a new teacher, so I can hibernate. Mr. Caudill.

Dear Santa: Please send me a walking doll with blond hair and a figure all boys whistle at. Gary Long.

Dear Santa: Please bring me a big blond guy, who is number Thirty-Seven on the football team. Also, a red convertible so I can drive my he-man around and keep him away from other girls. Genevive Hogg.

Dear Santa: Please bring me a cute little freshman girl — I don’t know if she is any relation to you or not, but her name is Santa Carol. D.C.

(The above articles from the 1955 Yellowjacket and the 1954-55 Black Kat newspapers.)

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