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Moments and Memories of WHS




Some of the members of the senior class are

Charles Back b. 4-6-36: Extracurricular activities, Wood Working Club; Most influential teacher, John Preston; Most memorable classmate, Bobby Adams; Prettiest girl, Betty Francis Webb; Most memorable event, Senior trip; Favorite song, Blue Suede Shoes.

Amelia Ison Bone: b. 7-26-37: Most influential teacher, Miss Dugan; Most memorable classmate, Nadine Banks; Most memorable event, Graduation; Favorite song, Any of Hank Williams’s songs.

Henry D. Gilley: b. 7-18- 35: Extracurricular activities, Football, basketball, played French horn in the band; Most influential teacher, Mr. Boggs; Most memorable classmate, Ronnie Back, George Hale; Prettiest girl, Sheila Moore; Favorite song, Blue Suede Shoes.

Dixie Adams Brown: b. 3-16-35: Extracurricular activities, Glee Club, Folk Dancing Club; Most influential teacher, Miss Dugan; Most memorable classmate, Shirley Frazier Breeding; Prettiest girl, Shirlee Butcher Reeves; Most handsome guy, Richard M. Adams; Most memorable event, Senior trip; Favorite song, Love Letters in the Sand.

James A. Gilley b. 5-22- 36: Most influential teacher, Mr. Carl Breeding; Most memorable classmate, All of the student body; Prettiest girl, Julia Adams; Most memorable event, Senior trip.

Imogene McCray Evans b. 10-26-31: Most influential teacher, Mr. Stallard in accounting; Most memorable classmate, Janice Potter and Wanda Stamper; Most memorable event, Getting my diploma; Favorite song, Love Me Tender.

Ralph Brown b. 8-5-36: Most influential teacher, Carl Breeding; Most memorable classmate, John Miller; Prettiest girl, Dinata Combs; Most memorable event, Senior trip; Favorite song, “Good Night, Irene”.

Sue Collins b. 8-10-35: Extracurricular activities, Glee Club, Black Kat Staff, Wildlife Club; Most influential teacher, All of them; Most memorable classmate, Sheila Moore, Ella Louise Polly; Prettiest Girl, Yvonne Hall; Most handsome boy, Bobby Adams; Most memorable event, The pretty snows, no school; Favorite song, Eddie My Love.

Amos Frazier b. 7-28-34: Most memorable classmate, Bill Jones; Prettiest girl, Nadine Banks; Most memorable event, Senior trip; Favorite song, Hain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down.

Tish Sexton Collins b. 5-5-36: Most influential teacher, Mrs. Raleigh; Most memorable classmate, Shirley Frazier Breeding; Prettiest girl, Sheila Moore; Most handsome guy, Doug Blair; Most memorable event, Senior trip.

Glenora Bryant Eldridge b. 9-7-36: Most influential teacher, Joy Wray Breeding; Most memorable classmate, Loretta Bryant Caudill; Most memorable event, First prom; Favorite song, Your Cheating Heart, I Didn’t Know God Made Honky- Tonk Angels.

Norman Holbrook b. 6-20-36: Most influential teacher, Edgar Banks; Prettiest girl, Yvonne Hall; Favorite song, Sh-Boom.

Gossip: We hear Ann Cox is lighting a flame for Willie Sergent. Notice: Phyllis H. and Wayne King have been seen side glancing at each other. (Why not look straight?) Why is Ralph so happy lately, could it be that Janis is in town? Looks as if Phochie M. and Larry Craft have started a new romance. We all think Teddy Fields is a handsome guy. Don’t you, Ann Brown? Ken Moore, it seems, has finally taken notice of a girl. The Kat hears it’s Betty Francis Webb.

Seems like Blue Eyes and Denita are frequent visitors to the post office. Could Tommy Fuller and Jimmy Davis from North Carolina be the reason? Kaye Moore, we hear you have a crush on a certain boy. Could it be Harvy Spence?

Senior Play,

“The Climbing Roses”

The Senior Play is scheduled for sometime in April. The cast includes Ella Louise Polly, Ruthena Smith, Shirlee Butcher, Frances Sturgill, Patsy Kincer, Benita Collins, Douglas Blair, Wade Wampler, Paul Dean Adams, Sandy Adams, and Glenda Brooks Noble. For a brief synopsis, Maggie and Jim Rose and their niece, Peggy Rose, who have been living on a truck farm, move to a house which Peggy inherited in the will of an old man whom she nursed to health. The scene takes place in the living room of the Roses’ home in the town where only the elite society live. In the play, the Roses intend to climb over and above you on the social trellis.

(The above articles from the 1953-54 Black Kat Newspapers and a 1954 Class Annual.)

Whitesburg Band participates in

Tug Valley Festival

The Whitesburg Band under the direction of band instructor, Jack Taylor, participated in the festivities at the Tug Valley Festival at Williamson, West Va., on Saturday. Ten bands took part in the marching, Whitesburg making an outstanding showing. This was not a competitive event, but much valuable experience was gained by the band members through the association with the outstanding bands, and the Whitesburg Band was highly commended for their performance.

Phyllis Hall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hall, reigning queen of the Big Sandy Valley Bowl, received recognition along with five other bowl queens.

During the evening the band was invited to the armory for a skating party and a dance at the Moose Club, from 8 to 10 p.m.

(The above article from the May 13, 1954 Mountain Eagle.)

Junior-Senior Banquet

The date has been set for May 7. Sponsors Miss Dorothy Jenkins and Miss Betty Little are making plans for the prettiest and best banquet ever given here. Some rumor has been going ‘round that it would be nice to have a prom instead of a banquet. But it seems that the majority favor a banquet.

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