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Moments and Memories of WHS

CLASS OF 1992 VALEDICTORIANS — Chris Craft’s picture was not avaiable.

CLASS OF 1992 VALEDICTORIANS — Chris Craft’s picture was not avaiable.

Graduation for the Whitesburg High School Class of 1992 was held on Friday, May 29, at 7 p.m. in the WHS gymnasium. Graduation began with the presentation of colors by the J.R.O.T.C. and the playing of the National Anthem by the band. Armando Morrell introduced Roger Howard, who delivered the invocation. The invocation was followed by the song, “It’s So Hard to Say Good-bye to Yesterday,” sung by the WHS Chorus. Carla Stamper recognized the faculty, and Shane McDougal introduced Superintendent Jack Burkich, who then gave his remarks.

Tonya Breeding introduced the speeches of the valedictorians. “Preparation” by Robert Soto, “Obligation” by Chris Craft, “Achievement” by Kevin Fields, “Fulfillment” by Velanne Welch, and “Gratitude” by Medessa Sexton. Principal Edwin Holbrook introduced the Class of 1992 and diplomas were given to the seniors. Assistant Principal Larry Jones presented the new graduates, and James Young Jr. delivered the benediction.

Class colors, black and gold. Class flower, white rose. Class motto, “No Bird Flies If It Soars With Its Own Wings.”

Drama Club presentations: The Drama Class has provided us with much entertainment this year. For their fall performance the Drama Class presented “Up the Down Staircase,” a play about a new teacher and the hardships she faces in a large school. In the winter, the class performed “Icarus All Over,” a play directed and produced by the drama students. This play centers around a boy who is having problems with his high school prom. The class also chose to do a special play written by Belinda Mason called “Gifts of the Spirit,” which concerns the trials that people must face in their lives.

For their spring play, the class decided to put on their own production. “Blackberry Winter,” an original play written by the class, involves the elderly living in a rest home. This play was performed at Bourbon County High School for their drama class and the state board of education. The drama class had an outstanding year and should be applauded for their time, patience, and hard work.

Senior Awards 1992

D.A.R. Citizenship Award, Kevin Fields; Dugan Award, Medessa Sexton; Harris Award, Jon David Banks; Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship, Tamara Wright; Christian Appalachian Scholarship, Manny Morrell; John I. Schuster Scholarship, Katina Baker; Kevin Everidge Memorial Scholarship, Paul Mullins; Lions Club Community Service Award, Vanessa Hurt and Torrence Holbrook; Robert F. Byrd Scholarship, Kevin Fields, Chris Craft, Robert Soto; U.P.S. Merit Scholarship, Kevin Fields; Westmoreland Scholarship, Tonya Breeding; Woman’s Club Scholarship, Amy Adams; Alice Lloyd Memorial Scholarship, Neil Bedwell, Wendy Dyer, Melissa Caudill, Suprina Kincer, Shane McDougal, Jennifer Mullins, Melody Trout, Denney Breeding; Berea College Scholarship, Amy Adams; Centre College Scholarship, John Collins, Manny Morrell, Medessa Sexton; Eastern Ky. University Scholarship, Carla Stamper; Hazard Community College Scholarship, Kevin Fields, Chris Craft, Robert Soto, Medessa Sexton, Velanne Welch;

Lindsey Wilson Scholarship, Carolyn Potter; Morehead Regional Honors 1, Susan Damron, Danena Griffin; Morehead Regional Honors 11, Andrea Collier; MSU Award, Jon David Banks; Morehead Leadership Award, Marty Baker; William T. Young Scholarship, Darren Day; Transylvania University Dean’s Recognition Scholarship, Tonya Breeding; University of Ky. Scholarship, Kevin Fields; University of Louisville Scholarship, Chris Craft; Carl D. Perkins Award, Melissa Parsons; Health Services Award, Melissa Parsons; Letcher County Technical Awards, Doug Mercer, Chester Baker; American High School Math Exam Award, Kevin Fields, Robert Soto; Army Scholar Athlete Awards, Brandon Baker, Kim Short; Dawahare Award, Denney Breeding, Lenny Bates; Navy Montgomery Bill, Bernadette Dobkins, Tony Fleming, Anthony Hall, Chris Hensley, Vaughn Spencer;

Art Award, Kevin Fields, Ernie Ison; Biological Science Award, Wendy Bates, Antoinette Abalos; Drama Award, Chris Craft, Medessa Sexton, Manny Morrell, Kim Wright, English Award, Velanne Welch; French Award, Velanne Welch, Chris Craft; John Phillip Sousa Award, Paul Mullins; Library Award, Melissa Day; Math Award, Robert Soto; Media Award, Darren Day, Justin Webb, Neil Bedwell, Eddie Adams; Physical Science Award, Robert Soto, Kevin Fields; Social Studies Award, Medessa Sexton; Writing Award, Medessa Sexton; Retailing Award, Doris Bowman, Kevin Brown, Brian Browder, Angela Cook, Susan Damron, Travis Lowe, Becky Frazier, Rose Roberts, Regina Spencer, Brian Ison, Sondra Stidham, Melissa Parsons, Michelle Maggard, Gabe Galer, Melissa Day, Tracy Pelfrey; Yearbook Award, Velanne Welch, Doris Bowman, Angela Cook, Susan Damron, Stephanie Hall, Becky Frazier, Rose Roberts, Vanessa Hurt, Michelle Maggard; Yearbook Editor Award, Velanne Welch, Doris Bowman; JROTC Award, Michelle Maggard, Kevin Holbrook; Beta Kappa Scholarship, Carla Stamper, Stephanie Reedy, Tamara Wright.

Senior Favorites

Favorite movie, Silence of the Lambs; actor, Kevin Costner; actress, Julia Roberts; television series, Home Improvement; television rerun, Andy Griffith Show; soap opera, Days of Our Lives; commercial, Little Caesar’s (pepperoni bread); music group, AC/DC; female vocalist, Mariah Carey; male vocalist, Garth Brooks; album, Use Your Illusion 11; song, Everything I Do (I Do It For You); pro athlete, Michael Jordan; sport, football; cartoon character, Ren and Stimpy; magazine, Seventeen; book, Flowers in the Attic; car, Ford Mustang; hangout, Pizza Hut; food, Pizza; school activity, ballgames; color, black; drink, Dr. Pepper.

Junior-Senior Prom 1992

On May 9, the Junior-Senior Prom was held in the Whitesburg High School gymnasium. The colors were red, black and gold. The theme was “Saved the Best for Last.” The night was filled with magic and excitement as couples posed for pictures and danced the night away. This year’s prom was one of the most memorable experiences of the year.

Halfway through the evening, as the tension mounted, Mr. Holbrook unfolded the paper to reveal the 1992 W.H.S. Prom King and Queen as Miss Kim Short and Mr. Kevin Fields. The race for King and Queen was considered to be the closest ever. Congratulations to Kim and Kevin.

“Trick or Treat”

A multitude of strange, unusual creatures seemed to have invaded the school. It was no surprise to pass by a vampire as you walked down the hall, or even to find yourself sitting beside a genie in class. No, it wasn’t a scene from a late-night horror movie or a book of fairy tales, it was Halloween at Whitesburg High School.

Many students dressed up for the Halloween Dance that was held in the gym. There were a great variety of costumes, which made the day more interesting. Among these costumes were Egyptians, cows, clowns, pirates, and even a California raisin.

A $25 prize was awarded for the best costume. This prize was won by Medessa Sexton and Manny Morrell who were dressed as ‘hippies.’ The dance was a great success, and so was Ms. Kim Hall, who told fortunes to anyone brave enough to listen.

Class tournaments

Once again, class tournaments were held after the achievement test. Some of the school’s finest amateur athletes participated in the event. All the participants played hard and had fun. When it was all over, the senior girls were named the winners. The sophomore boys won their tournament and went on to play the faculty. With the cheering of Miss Whitaker, Mrs. Barker, Mrs. Banks, Miss Hall, and Mrs. Adams, the faculty came up with an impressive victory. “Almost Miss Yellowjacket


The 1992 Almost Miss Yellowjacket Contest was held on Wednesday. This marks the fourth annual event. Most of the lovely (ladies?) are shown being escorted by the annual staff. There were a total of 12 contestants. It was a hard decision for the judges because they all were gorgeous.

As the judges watched the lovely ladies shake their stuff, the crowd’s curiosity grew. All the boys showed off their feminine side beautifully. After all contestants were out on the court, the judges made their decision. Who would be the 1991/92 almost Miss Yellowjacket? It could be none other than Miss Buddy Mercer. Mr. Holbrook did the honors of crowning. Miss Shiloh Campbell was the first runner up and Miss James Ryan was the second runner up. All the men/ladies were lovely and each deserves an award for their feminine capabilities.

A touch of the


This year Whitesburg High School was privileged to have Wendy Cappenberg, a foreign exchange student from the Netherlands. Wendy found the United States to be very different than she expected. While staying with Jack and Karen Bates, she visited Washington, D.C., and Florida.

Wendy regrets having to leave her friends, classmates, and her second family. She will miss the many school activities, especially football games and the three proms that she attended this year. Wendy has also had her share of troubles, and informed us that she was the first foreign exchange student to have received detention — twice.

Teachers Choice Awards

Most studious, Robert Soto and Velanne Welch; Best all around, Tamara Wright and Doug Mercer; Most mischievous, Lenny Bates and Denney Breeding; Most courteous, Scott Boggs and Katina Baker; Citizenship, Marty Baker and Medessa Sexton.

Senior superlatives

Most popular, Andrea Collier and Marty Baker; Eye catcher, Keith Arroz and Katina Baker; Chatterbox, Mary Brock and Anthony Hall; Most likely to succeed, Robert Soto and Suprina Kincer; Most dependable, Medessa Sexton and Scott Boggs; Jacket joker, Brian Fields and Denney Breeding; Most school spirited, Kim Short and Lenny Bates; Most lovable, Kevin Fields and Vanessa Hurt; Biggest flirt, Hope Wagner and Shane McFall; Most fun to be around, Ernie Ison and Danena Griffin.

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