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Moments and Memories of WHS

CLASS OF 1948 —June Maggard, Paul Clay Stallard, Frances Sparks and Patsy Lawson were members of the Whitesburg High School Class of 1948. These pictures were from the 1946 Clarion when these students were sophomores.

CLASS OF 1948 —June Maggard, Paul Clay Stallard, Frances Sparks and Patsy Lawson were members of the Whitesburg High School Class of 1948. These pictures were from the 1946 Clarion when these students were sophomores.

Whitesburg Yellow Jackets

did sting the Hazard

In a very exciting and tense game from sound of the whistle for the first kickoff until the last second of the game, Whitesburg Yellow Jackets really did sting the Hazard Bulldogs. With the largest crowd which has ever witnessed a football game in Whitesburg, with almost as many spectators from Perry as from Letcher County, the excitement was high throughout the game.

The undefeated Bulldogs were favored by at least two touchdowns, but Coach Ray Pigman’s Yellow Jackets played them to a score of 18-14. At the close of the first quarter the score was 7-6 in favor of the Bulldogs, Porkey Polly, captain of the Yellow Jackets, scoring for his team.

During the intermission at the half, Whitesburg School Band, led by their drum majorette Betty Jo Combs, took the field and gave a very beautiful parade, performing before the Hazard cheering section the letter H and a big W before the Whitesburg fans.

During the third quarter, Hazard scored. Porkey again carried the pigskin over the goal line on a pass from James Gose, making the score 14-12. During the fourth quarter, Gayle Fields chalked up the third touchdown for the Yellow Jackets and although the Bulldogs tried valiantly they were unable to cross the Yellow Jackets’ goal line. Coach Pigman’s lineup for the Hazard game was center Harold Minns, guards Stevie John and Raymond Polly, tackles Sonny Webb and Junior Bates, ends Porkey Polly and Herbert (Red) Adams, tail back Alex Hall, quarterback James Gose, halfback Gayle Fields, fullbacks Ballard Morgan and Ralph Palumbo, Tommy Harris substituting as tackle and Johnny Banks substituting as guard. After the spectators, students and ball teams returned to Whitesburg, Mr. Adams’s school band gave a concert in front of the Daniel Boone Hotel and were given many encores. Let the fans stand behind this team to the end of the season.

(The above article from the Oct. 16, 1947 Mountain

Future Homemakers
attend meeting

The Whitesburg Chapter of Future Homemakers of America attended the fall district meeting, Saturday, Nov. 22, at Lilly High School (about 10 miles south of London, Ky.).

Our chapter took part in the following activities: recreation with Geraldine Boggs as the leader. After lunch, the group enjoyed folk games for about one half hour.

Parliamentary Procedure – Wilma Faye Sumpter, district parliamentarian, was leader in a good parliamentary procedure demonstration.

All chapters attending entered a style show contest. The Whitesburg Chapter wrote a little skit and in putting on the skit, the dresses were shown.

The following girls attended the meeting: Rachel Ann Back, Lois Banks, Norma Ruth Bates, Wanda Sue Bates, Geraldine Boggs, Gloria Mae Boggs, Castolay Byrd, Ruby June Collier, Patsy Ann Fields, Yvonne Hammons, Roxie Jones, Jackie King, Peggy Maggard, Betty Powell, Wilma Faye Sumpter, Thelma Wampler, and Wanda Lee Webb. We want to thank Miss Potter for the use of the bus, and Mr. Tolliver for his help. The cooperation of these two made it possible for 18 chapter members to attend the meeting.

(The above article from the Nov. 27, 1947 Mountain

Whitesburg School
presents annual
Christmas Cantata

The Glee Club and Junior Chorus will present their annual Christmas Cantata on Thursday evening at 7 p.m. and Friday morning at 9:00 in the graded school auditorium. The fine appreciation shown for last year’s Christmas program has inspired our singers and their leader toward a more spectacular performance this year. They cordially invite you and your friends to come again to behold the singing of earth’s oldest story that never loses its supreme beauties and charm.

This is the first public appearance of the Junior Chorus. We hope that you will enjoy the efforts of these young children and encourage them to continue to progress. The entire Christmas story will be depicted in pantomime by children representing all grades. Fine anxious spirit has been shown in preparing well this musical program for your enjoyment. If you love the singing of the Christmas carols, you will have an hour of real musical enjoyment. It is always a pleasure to prepare the Christmas program, in hopes that we can again pass on to you the real Christmas Spirit. Our Christmas program is under the direction of Mrs. Millard Tolliver and is sponsored by the Whitesburg P.T.A.

(The above article from the Dec. 18, 1947 Mountain

“Papa Says No”
Senior Play

Whitesburg High School seniors will present their play “Papa Says No”, a threeact comedy on Tuesday night, May 4, in the school auditorium. Exciting results are bound to occur when wealthy, dictatorial Mr. Page (Cecil Webb) decides to end his daughter Janet’s (Nell Vermilion) romance with Jack Prescott (Steve John) by taking her for a trip to Florida. From there it will be an easy step to send her to South America for a year’s stay with his brother. But when Jack finds out what is happening, things begin to look complicated for him. Jack takes a plane to Florida. Upon his arrival, he enlists the aid of his college friend, Pete Carter (Charles Blair). To prevent Mr. Page knowing he is there, Jack masquerades as a waitress in the hotel coff ee shop. Here is a plot on which surprises piles upon surprises until you wonder how this complicated mixture of comedy and farce can ever be untwisted. Other seniors having rolls in this play are Patsy Ann Fields, Rosalie Collins, Paul Clay Stallard, Raymond Lee Polly, Norma Ruth Bates, Nadine Raleigh, June Maggard, Wilma Faye Sumpter, Kirby Ison, and Anita Codispoti. For weeks after this production, “Papa Says No” will be the byword in the community. Admission will be 25 cents and 50 cents.

(The above article from the April 29, 1948 Mountain

Who’s Who of 1948 Class

Best Looking Boy, Vincent Gilley; Prettiest Girl, Pat Lawson; Boy Most Likely to Succeed, Paul Clay Stallard; Girl Most Likely to Succeed, Nell Vermillion; Most Studious Boy, Harold Lee Hall; Most Studious Girl, Anita Richardson; Neatest Boy, Ballard Morgan; Neatest Girl, Anita Codispoti; Biggest Flirt (girl), Billie Flannary; Biggest Wolf, Cecil Maggard; Most Conceited Gir,l Geraldine Boggs; Most Conceited Boy, Bob Pigman; Class Moron, Bobby Wells; Cutest Boy, Kirby Ison; Cutest Girl, Betty Jo Combs; Most Popular Girl, Patsy Ann Fields; Most Popular Boy, Earl Webb; Jolliest Gir, Nona Combs; Jolliest Boy, Howard Gilley, Best Sport (boy), Raymond Lee Polly; Best Sport (girl), Norma Ruth Bates; Best All Around Girl, Rosalie Collins; Best All Around Boy, Sonny Webb; Best Athlete, Steve John; Class Old Maid, Doreen Stallard; Class Bachelor, Billy Sumpter; Most Bashful Girl, June Jenkins; Most Bashful Boy, Buford Banks; Laziest Girl, June Maggard; Laziest Boy, Billy Adams; Teacher’s Pet, Wilma Faye Sumpter.

(The above article from the May 1948 Black Kat.)

Whitesburg High School
wins two Superior

In the 24th annual Kentucky High School Music Festival sponsored by the University of Kentucky on May 6, 7, and 8 in Lexington, the two entries from W.H.S. won Superior Ratings. The girls’ trio, composed of Patsy Ann Fields, Rosalie Collins and Jennie Combs, sang ‘Lullaby’ by Noble Cain, directed by Mrs. Tolliver.

Four members of the Whitesburg Glee Club were chosen to sing in the All Kentucky High School Chorus concert on Saturday afternoon in the men’s gym, under the direction of William G. Tempel. The four from W.H.S. who had the privilege and honor of singing with this group were Rosalie Collins, Patsy Ann Fields, Jennie Combs and Martha Ann Holbrook.

Other students who compose the Glee Club are: Anna Mae Lewis, Connie Combs, Joan Lewis, Gleeda Frazier, Helen Adams, Mantie Adams, Eddie Lou Hunsucker, Linda Franklin, Nancy Sue Hogg, Betty Powell, Thelma Wampler, Betty Jo Combs, Polly Lou Jenkins, Anna Lou Holbrook, Donna Jo Nancy Boyd, Vivian Combs Adams, Manda Sue Bates, Audrey Hughes, Stella Fox, Letha Jarrett, Beulah Stallard, Alleen Sizemore, Nancy Back, Barbara Stidham, Faye Sumpter, Carla Francis, Alberta Combs, and Delores Holbrook.

(The above article from the May 13, 1948 Mountain

Senior interviews

Name-Jala Webb, place of birth-Jackhorn, Ky., date of birth-Jan. 27, 1928, favorite dish-cake and ice cream, favorite song-’Sioux City Sue’, favorite sport-football, favorite expression-Ah! Shoot!, ambition-teacher. Kirby Ison-place of birth- Linefork, Ky., date-August 16, 1930, favorite dish-Pretzels and beer, song-’Bye, Bye Blackbird’, expression- Let’s see now, sport-frogging, ambition-to eat and grow fat. Estill Banks-place of birth-Haymond, Ky., date-Oct. 27, 1928, favorite dish-apple pie, song- ’Manyana’, expression-You ole pretty! ambition-traveler. Mildred Sergent-place of birth-Indian Creek, Ky., date-April 5, 1930, dish- French fries, song-’I Miss You So’, expression-Glory to my shout, sport-tennis, ambition-typist. June Maggard place of birth-Eolia, Ky., date-June 23, 1930, favorite dish-potatoes, song- ’Tennessee Waltz’, expression Heck, sport-hunting, ambition-To stay engaged. Norma Ruth Bates-place of birth-Millstone, Ky., date- Oct. 8,1930, dish-bread pudding, song-’Your sox don’t match’, expression-By George, sport-folk games, ambition-chauff eur. Anita Richardson-place of birth- Isom, Ky., date-Jan. 24, 1929, dish-pecan pie, song-’Near You’, expression-Padro! ambition-To get a man. Paul Clay Stallard-place of birth-Jeff, date-Sept. 19,1929, dish-apple pie, song-’You Don’t Care’, expression I’ll be John Henry, sport-playing post office, ambition-To get married. Lois Jane Stallard-place of birth-Ermine, date-May 5, 1930, dish-pumpkin pie, song-’Sentimental Journey’, expression-Aw, quit, sportfootball, ambition-teacher. Billy Sumpter-place of birth-Springfield, Ky., date- March 1, 1928, dish-banana pudding, song-’That’s How Much I Love You’, expression That’s tough, ambition live happy. Loretta McKenzie-place of birth- Paintsville, Ky., date-Aug. 8, 1929, dish-chocolate pie, song-’Waltz of the Wind’, sport-skating, expression- Huh! ambition-old maid school teacher.


On April 23, 1948, the Whitesburg Yellow Jackets defeated the Fleming Pirates 20-0 on the Whitesburg field. Whitesburg scored in the first quarter. Receiving a pass from Eddie Minns, Porkey Polly ran about 35 yards for the first touchdown. For the second score, Billy Kincer caught a pass in the end zone. The two extra points were made on kicks by James Gose. Whitesburg did not score again until early in the fourth quarter, when Ralph Palumbo, going around left end, ran 35 yards for a touchdown. The extra point was missed.

The line up was as follows: right end-Porkey Polly, right tackle-Jack Green, right guard-Johnny Banks, center-Harold Minns, left guard-Carl Collins, left tackle-Edison Garrett, left end-Billy Kincer, quarterback Eddie Minns, right half-James Gose, left half- Doug Polly, fullback-Ralph Palumbo.

(The above article from the May 1948 Black Kat.)

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