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Moments and Memories of WHS



Whitesburg High School’s first football teamIt was during the 1928-29 school year that the Whitesburg High School Yellow Jackets took to the field to open their first football season. The roster of this squad was as follows: RHB Ballard Webb Captain; QB “Bam” Lykins; LHB Ferdinand Moore; FB Andrew Clay; LE Cecil Baker; RE Albert Jones; C Walter Enlow; RG Bob Davis; LG Hillard Hall; RT Lincoln Combs; LT Bernard Banks. Substitutes were Jim Reynolds, Sam Potter, Glen Clay, Emil Clay, Emerson Yonts, Follace Fields, “Belt” Jones, “Tiny” Adkins.The first football team took the field with only one man on the squad with experience. Ferdinand Moore had played a little football at Jenkins. It is reported that the players had never seen a football player in uniform, so when they came to the field from their home where they had dressed, some were wearing their shoulder pads on the outside of their jerseys while others carried them in their hands. The first game the Yellow Jackets played was against Jackson High School, and was played in Whitesburg. Cecil Baker, playing at the left end position, caught a pass for the first touchdown scored and the “Jackets” won the game 6-0. Coaches of this first team were Jack Glen and Kelly Hampton. Bam Lykins, chief signal caller for this team, was burdened with injuries for part of the season, and the quarterback position went to freshman and later coach of the Whitesburg Yellow Jackets, Follace Fields.The record for the season was Whitesburg 6 – Jackson 0; Whitesburg 0 – Hazard 38; Whitesburg 6 – Buckhorn 31; Whitesburg 0 – Jenkins 58.

Memories of WHS graduates from the last Black Kat published at the All Class Reunion held in Lexington, July 30, 2005. Sally Fugate Webb Caudill, Class of 1952, says I remember, with affection, my best friends at WHS. We called ourselves, “The Gang”. They were not like today’s gangs, just wonderful friends. Sally is married to Herb Caudill. They live in Whitesburg. Kirby Ison Jr., Class of 1948, remembers many wonderful times at WHS but two stand out. The junior-senior prom was held in the basement of the Presbyterian Church. A wonderful event, except for the food fight that ended with rolls and maybe a few sweet potatoes flying through the room. He also remembers the senior picnic on Pine Mountain at High Rock.Carol Fairchild Brown Hubbard, Speech Class, the class that helped me more in life than any other. Band, not only provided a scholarship to EKU but very special memories. Marching to and from the football field. Ramona Sparks popping her gum. Lilly Jane Collins and Wanda Reynolds cutting the rubber bands of my ponytail. The broken windows in study hall. Those snowy days when school was called off and we would meet in the toasty warm band building to learn the polka and dance to old favorites like Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry. Science Club initiation, Rosemary Collier and I were given “special treatment” that night in the science building. All I can say is that I was sick for days and mother called the principal about what they did to my hair. Fleta Fern Francis Wright, Class of 1949, remembers her favorite hangouts centered around the Sweet Shop, Woody’s, and Under Woody’s (downstairs where dancing took place). This was on Main Street by the old Daniel Boone Hotel. She worked in Mr. Tolliver’s office and one of her jobs was to take money from the Coke machines to the bank each day. Her reward was to stop at the Sweet Shop and have a Coke on Mr. Tolliver.

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