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“On the Hill” by Betty Pratt

On Thursday after the junior class gave a very good play the freshmen and sophomores were asked to remain in the auditorium. The juniors and seniors were called later in the day. Everyone was somewhat puzzled but we soon found out it was something we had been needing long before now. That was a PEP Talk on backing our team. It all really hit us — but hard.

Miss Little introduced the program by telling us we needed more school spirit. Then Coach Moore told us some “hair-raising facts.” He told us emphatically that Whitesburg Football Squad had not lost a game this year but WHS had thought of it this way. He said we had not backed our team sufficiently the whole football season with the exception of a very few. Naturally our team would not play their hearts out when no one seemed to care if they won or not; I think the people in town and surrounding areas should give the squad a little backing. So, what do you say Whitesburg? Let’s get behind this team and cheer them to victory on Nov. 10 when they meet the Middlesboro Yellowjackets in the Pinnacle Bowl. I think — I know they can do it so give them your support and I know they will make you proud.

We have selected two girls to represent us at two different bowl games this month. Bobbie Sumpter was selected to represent us in the Coal Bowl, which is to be played at Harlan. Bobbie is a senior this year, and we’re sure she’ll represent us well.

Our Big Sandy Bowl Representative this year is Carol Brown. Those in the top five brackets were Billie Amburgey, Linda Brown, Ann Brown, and Donna Spangler, and of course Carol.

The “Yellowjacket” will be on sale from Nov. 1 to 9. There is a limited supply so everyone should get there as soon as possible.

(The above article from the Nov. 1, 1956 Mountain Eagle.)

Coach Ernest “Ernie” Trosper, head cage mentor of the Whitesburg High School Yellowjackets during the 1955-56 season, has recently been invited to visit in Peoria, Illinois to look over a position with a large Peoria producer of heavy equipment and play AAU basketball as a member of the Peoria Catipillar’s, an AAU squad.

Coach Trosper, a native of Harlan, starred at Union College at Barbourville for four years. During his last season of collegiate basketball (the 1954-55 season), the 6’2” 21-year-old star led the Kentucky college scoring pace in individual scoring. In addition to being a top cage star, Trosper also was a superior trackster. His events in track included the high jump, 100-meter run high hurdles, low hurdles, and numerous others.

During his first year in the coaching profession, Coach Trosper and his swarm of Yellowjackets had a very successful season as they took the 53rd District Cage Crown, won more conference games than any other team in the EKMC, were runners-up to State Champions Carr Creek in 14th Regional Tournament play, placed five men on the All-County Squad, and another on the All-Eastern Kentucy Mountain Conference squad.

Whatever Coach Troper decides to do in his athletic future, I am sure the people of Whitesburg wish that he would stay in Whitesburg, as a coach, but if he does decide to leave, the best of luck to you, Ernie.

(The above article from the April 5, 1956 Mountain Eagle.)

Some of the members of the senior class were:

Johnny Ray Adams 10- 21-1938: Pal-William Johnson; Favorites-Food-Steak; Teacher- Miss Raleigh ; Drink-Apple Cider with cigars for dessert; Movie Star- Jane Russell; Singer-Guy Mitchell; Song-“Singing the Blues”; Color-Red; Expression“ Ah Heck”; Ambition- Get in politics; Activities- Baseball.

Eleanor Fields 3- 25- 1939: Pals-Virginia and Janice; Favorites-Teacher-Miss Combs; Food-Steak; Drink- Iced Tea; Movie Star-Tab Hunter; Singer-Perry Como; Song-“Young Love”; Color- Green; Expression-“Bless It”; Ambition-Stenographer

Mary Ellen “ Mert” Stamper 11-15-1939: Boyfriend Charles Isaac; Best Pal-Betty and Wanda; Favorites Teacher-Jan Combs; Food-Baloney and butter; Drink-Root Beer; Movie Star-Bert Lancaster; Singer- Perry Como; Song-“Don’t Rock Me Daddy-0;” Color- Purple; Expression-“keep cool”; Ambition-to marry a preacher; Secret Ambitionto be a wrestler; Activities- Pep Club, Wildlife Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Wrestling and Hopscotch, piggyback

William Kyle “Bill” Raleigh 12-2-1937: Girlfriend- Still Looking; Best Pal-Sonny Hall; Favorites-Teacher Mrs. Polly; Food-Steak; Drink-Screwdriver; Movie Star-Debra Paget; Singer- Fats Domino; Song-“All Shook Up”; Color-White; Expression-“Is That So”; Ambition- to graduate from WHS; Secret Ambition-Comedian; Activities-Chorus, Track.

Lillian “Lil” Fraley 5-29- 1940: Best Pals-Ekie, Barb, Elana; Favorites-Teacher- Mr. Bates; Food-Steak and French Fries; Drink-Kraut Juice; Movie Star-John Saxon; Singer-Tab Hunter; Song-“He’s Mine”; Color- Green; Expression-“For Crying Out Loud”; Ambition Private Secretary; Secret Ambition-Famous Model; Activities-Glee Club; Mixed Chorus, Music Club, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A., Pep Club, Wildlife Club, Skipper-Kits Club; Honors-B-Cheerleader, A-Cheerleader, All Festival Chorus.

Bennett David Collier 4-4-38: Pal-Sammy Blair; Favorites-Teacher- Mr. Preston; Food-Everything; Drink-Water; Movie Star- Bugs Bunny; Singer-Perry Como; Song-“Mary Ann”; Color-Black; Expression- “What’s Up Doc?”; Ambition To pass English and graduate; Secret Ambition- Fly a rocket to the moon; Activities-Football, Track, Wildlife Club; Honorsmember of football team.

Parting advice of some of the seniors

Margaret Mullins: Aim your reach to the highest branch of the tallest tree and your goals will be achieved. Also make the best of your time. You’re only in high school once. Jimmy Day: Better buy you some themes from the past graduates and be careful as you walk through the hallways, this ole house is likely to cave in. Barbara Faye Sturgill: Be careful when slipping off the hill, these teachers have real good eyes. Boyd Orville Hampton: Don’t chew gum or cut on the seats in Miss Raleigh’s room. Anna June Caudill: Believe every word these teachers have to say, whether they’re right or not. This is the way I’ve got by. Ann Brown: To be a healthy senior, eat plenty of soup beans and lemon juice and get all themes — you’ll sure be healthy then, keep the “back room” in living condition. Carlos G. Fugate: Don’t take senior English. Don’t skip class or you’ll get noon day study hall. It’s a rough road but it’ll pay off. I hope. Janell Callahan: Study hard, be nice and courteous to fellow students and teachers. Stay out of noon-hour study hall. Glenna Bates: Do all you can get away with, but pay attention to your English teachers. Miss Raleigh can really be rough. Marvin Sparks: Get the right teacher. Don’t let any teachers get anything on you because it is hard to get off.

(The above articles from the 1956-57 Black Kats, Mountain Eagles and the 1957 Yellowjacket.)

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