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At the 1992 reunion

The following are predictions of what some of the members of the Whitesburg High School Class of 1982 will be doing when they gather in 1992 for their 10th reunion.

Linda Morris Boggs owns a Harley shop. Pam Brashears is a legal secretary for a law firm. Andy Cates is the owner of Rubik’s Cube, Inc. Eva Jane Collins owns her own health spa. Johnny Mullins is working as a bartender at a club in Las Vegas. Vita Dollarhide struck oil in her backyard and moved to California. Greg Polly has just won the marathon in Boston, which was his third marathon victory. Michelle Sexton is now the most famous professional racecar driver in the United States. Tony Day invented a new bug spray. Renee Eldridge is a general in the United States Army. Andrea Fields went on a safari in Africa and fell in love with her guide. Heather Buntin is a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. Dewonnia Caudill is the chief cook and bottle washer of the Boggs family. Linda Breeding Hart is a doctor’s personal secretary. Wendy Caudill has finally made it big in the world. She is now the manager of Maloney’s. Greg Hall is a rock ‘n’ roll star. Debbie Hatton is now Mrs. Rodney Slone; they have three children. Jane Haynes is very wealthy due to an anonymous benefactor. Billie Jo Hatton is the first woman pro basketball coach.

More of the class history

The girls’ track team has an impressive list of achievements for the past four years. They were regional runnersup for two years. They took ninth place at the state meet one year, and twelfth place at state one year. They have won the Lake Cumberland Classic and were runnersup at Clay County once, and Laurel County twice. The senior girls on the team this year were Billie Jo Hatton, Anna Looney, and Brenda Williams.

Senior boys’ varsity cheerleaders were Brenda Williams, Heather Buntin, Dottie Fields, Jennifer Noble, B.J. Maggard, and Sandy Maggard. The senior girls’ varsity cheerleader was Tammy Starnes.

Senior boys on the baseball team were Greg Hall, Terry Fugate, and Randy Frazier.

Many members of our class have been very active in Distributive Education and in the DECA Club. Senior officers in the club were Valerie Ison, president (she was the treasurer last year); Sherry Barker, vice president; Regina Morris, secretary; and Theda Webb, treasurer. They proved themselves at statewide competition held in Louisville. Valerie Ison won third place in advertising, region and state, last year. Sherry Barker placed second in advertising, region, last year, and first in state. Theda Webb placed first in job interview competition, region, last year and was in the top eight statewide. Sherry Barker and Valerie Ison served as Courtesy Chords at state competition this year; Ramona Reynolds and Theda Webb served as voting delegates. Regina Morris placed second in regional general merchandising. Wendy Caudill placed third regional, fourth statewide in general merchandising, and may go to the national competition this summer if she chooses to. Jimmy Collins placed third in regional food marketing. Jimmy Collins won Outstanding Chapter Member this year.

Each senior

D.E. student is employed

Ramona Reynolds works at Reynolds’ Furniture; Valerie Ison works at Dawahare’s; Theda Webb works at the Bank of Whitesburg; Sherry Barker works at Central Kentucky Books; Jimmy Collins works at Coast-to- Coast Hardware; Wendy Caudill and Regina Morris work at Maloney’s; and Elisa Tyree works at Artley’s. The DECA Employer-Employee Banquet was held on May 19 this year.

This past year, as seniors, we have gradually approached the end of our high school days. This end marks also a new beginning. Some of us are continuing on to further our educations in college or vocational school, others are headed for a job or a marriage and family.

We feel that we leave a legacy of excellent. Next year there will be changes in both the student body and faculty. We hope that they will graduate with as many fond memories and as much hope for the future as we have.

(The above article from the 1982 Yellowjacket Yearbook and the Black Kat Newspapers.)

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