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Moments and Memories of WHS




Impressions of our senior trip

I was impressed most by the way men and women of so many different races and religions worked together for unity through cultural display at the World’s Fair. Anyone who wanted information about any country needed only to go to the pavilion of that country and ask one of their friendly citizens stationed at the pavilion, who must have been chosen for their friendliness and outgoing personality. Seeing the World’s Fair is a truly rewarding experience. (Steve)

Arlington was the prettiest and most fascinating sight I have ever encountered. The rows and rows of snow-white tombstones casting their long shadows against the cool green grass was a picturesque sight. The memory of President Kennedy’s grave will long endure in my heart. The scene of the placing of our wreath by Gay at his grave and the saluting of the guard will never leave my memory. (Sue)

I shall always remember Washington, D.C., a most beautiful city. It reminded me of Roman history — the Hugh buildings with white pillars. I was very sad at Arlington Cemetery at the graves of those who died for our country, and knowing that President Kennedy was shot because so much hatred in America. (Sharon)

I enjoyed the General Electric pavilion and the Ford pavilion most of all at the Fair. (Barbara)

Barbara, Jo, and I started getting dressed for the boat ride in New York. When we went down to join the seniors, they had left us. We went back to our room and soon Mr. Burkich came for us. We met the group at the Empire State Building. (Charlotte)

The night at Rockefeller Plaza was wonderful — but the best of all was the Moonlight Cruise. That was great! (Cecilia)

Students attend


Youth Assembly

Twenty Whitesburg High School students are in Central Kentucky this weekend taking part in a folk-dance festival and the Kentucky Youth Assembly.

Freddy Bowen is a candidate for lieutenant governor of the Youth Assembly, which is meeting in Frankfort and Louisville. Others from the school who are attending the sessions are Andrea Collins, Russell Hall and Randy Fields of the Hi-Y Club; Kathy Stallard, Liz Smith and Cecilia Newsome of the Tri-Hi-Y club, and Miss Ann Lewis and R.T. Holbrook, chaperones.

The Youth Assembly, sponsored by the state Young Men’s Christian Association, is designed to give young people experience in the operation of state government.

The folk dancers are appearing at the 28th Mountain Folk Festival at Berea College. The festival is held to encourage the use and preservation of the Southern Appalachian folk heritage. The students are taught by Dan Polly. The group included Ailene Adams, Kyleen Campbell, Sharon Garrett, Linda Biggerstaff, Sandra Bloomer, Shirley Boatright, Robert Brown, Robert Caudill, Gary Garrett, Robbie Huskinson, Darrell Holbrook, Fred Holbrook, Jerry Sharp and Miss Lily Jane Collins, chaperone.

(The above article from the April 2, 1964 Mountain Eagle.)

WHS band students to get new uniforms

The new band uniforms are really two uniforms in one. The basic coat and trousers are black and have a tuxedo-like appearance. The uniform will be worn this way for concerts and indoor performances. It is easily converted to a snappy parade uniform through use of the orange overlay and hat with plume. The uniforms were chosen by the uniform committee, including Mrs. Harry Lucas, president; Mrs. Roy Crawford, secretary; Mrs. Marjorie Gabbard, Mrs. Mattie Lewis and Mrs. Troy Stallard, all of the Whitesburg Band Boosters Club, at a meeting with Band Director Frank Bickel and his wife. The uniforms are expected to arrive about April 15, in time for the band’s appearance at the Kentucky Derby Parade. In connection with the current drive for funds to buy the uniforms, the Band Boosters will give a spaghetti supper from 5 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 31, at the Whitesburg Grade cafeteria.

(The above article from the Jan. 23, 1964 Mountain Eagle.)

Two new boys

Girls! Girls! Be on the lookout because we have two good-looking boys enrolled at WHS. One is David Jones. He is sixteen years old and is a junior. He’s 6 feet, has brown hair, and blue eyes. He attended Berea Foundation. The other one is James Vlasmit. He is 14 years old and a freshman. He is 5 feet and 10 inches, has brown hair and eyes. He attended Leilehua High in Wahiawa, Oahu.

My four years at WHS

If I had not started in high school and attended the four years I would have missed the best four years of my life. I would never have met the dear friends and teachers who have meant so very much to me.

My school is dear to me and I have been loyal to its name. So, I say, “Long live Old Whitesburg High, and all its students and faculty.” Alene.

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