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Moments and Memories of WHS

W.H.S. welcomes new
principal, Mr. Eddie
Holbrook, 1990-1994

1990-91. A fresh start, new students, new teachers, and of course a new principal. For the fifth time in seven years, the office of principal has a new face, Mr. Eddie Holbrook.

Mr. Holbrook is originally from Whitesburg and is a graduate of W.H.S. He attended college at Cumberland and Morehead. He did his graduate work at MSU and Virginia Commonwealth. His education experience includes 7 years as a middle school principal and central office administrator. He was a teacher at Pulaski County for 4 years. This is his first position as a high school principal.

Mr. Holbrook feels confi dent that with the help of students and faculty he can improve W.H.S. Academics is his number one priority with his ultimate goal being a number 1 ranking for W.H.S. in academics in the state.

Education being his first love, Mr. Holbrook plans to make school as enjoyable as possible. He plans to have more dances and other social activities throughout the year. Mr. Holbrook also wants to instill a sense of pride in the students and the faculty. He feels that with a sense of pride and more student involvement, W.H.S. will be a very good school, not only academicly, but socially as well.


The Parent, Teacher, and Student Association (PTSA) was organized this past spring. As Pam Anderson, vice president of the organization, said, “Because parents are more involved in their kids’ school life now, the PTSA was asked to help monitor the new German class at WHS. We need the parents’ involvement . . . ”

Every day of the week a diff erent parent will monitor the class. This gives each parent a chance to be involved. Newly organized, the association has, “ . . . the hope to be aware of all the upcoming reforms, be a resource group and help the school. We want to help in anyway possible, that’s why we’re here,” replies Anderson.

President Regina Sizemore says there will be a membership drive in September for any parent wanting to join. For more information on the PTSA or information on how to join, contact Regina Sizemore or Pam Anderson.

New literature classes

for WHS

This year WHS is pleased to present a new addition to the literature department. Contemporary lit off ered by Lorna Dixon is a combination of science fiction, romance, horror, and lyrical poetry. Yet this is only a portion of the different types of literature studied.

As a student-directed class, there are no tests or quizzes. “If you do a good job, you get a good grade. If you do a halfway job, you get a halfway grade,” said Dixon. The students are required to do book projects and reflection papers for part of their assignments. Contemporary lit is anything that has been written since 1970 and focuses on the philosophies of life while using the environment to study from, such as social trends and how they came about. This complex class is for students who love to write and have a good time studying writing.

As for goals and hopes for the class, Dixon says, “I expect anything and everything from my people. When you set expectations you also set limitations and I have no limitations for my people.”

Aussie face in the halls

This year Whitesburg High School has been chosen to host a foreign exchange student. His name is Brendan O’Mahoney, 16, of Melbourne, Australia. He arrived on Aug. 12, 1990, after an exhausting 29-hour trip from Australia. He is a senior and plans to attend the University of Melbourne to study law. He plans to go home in July. He is staying with Mayor James Asher and family.

Brendan says he likes Kentucky, and the hardest things to adapt to have been the eastern Kentucky accent and the 16-hour time change. We would like to off er him the best of luck this school year.

WHS senior will reign

over county festival

Laverna Akers, a senior at WHS, won the Miss Mountain Heritage Beauty Pageant in June of this year. If you were at the pageant, you would have seen Laverna in a state of shock. She got on stage and forgot what to say, but she pulled herself together and won. She also won Miss Participant and Miss Congeniality.

Thanks to her victory she was allowed to compete in the Miss Kentucky U.S.A. Beauty Pageant, which was held in Paducah, Kentucky. Although she did not win she said she really enjoyed herself.

She was also crowned the Trophy Queen at the Mountain Speedway on August 8, 1990.

New faces at

Whitesburg High School

WHS is proud to welcome five new teachers and a new guidance counselor to our faculty. Mrs. Kathy Adams, our new guidance counselor, has 12 years’ experience teaching at Neon and Letcher. She says she likes working here and is happy to see how nice and friendly all the students are. Ms. Regina Blair teaches functional math, English, and social studies. She taught last year at Dilce Combs High School and said she was glad to come to Whitesburg because it was closer to her hometown of Letcher. Mr. Eric Bowling is our new track coach and freshman football coach. He will also be helping Mrs. Hubbard coach cross-country this fall. He teaches English, math and social studies and says he is looking forward to meeting everyone as the year goes on. Ms. Melissa Halcomb teaches biology I, and fundamental math. This is her first year as a teacher and she hopes Whitesburg will be a good start. She is from Letcher County and she attended W.H.S. She says she really enjoys working with the students. Ms. Kimberly Hall teaches world civilization, American history and Kentucky studies. She taught three years at Cordia High School and she is really glad to be home. Ms. Hall would also like to thank all the students and teachers for all the help they’ve given her. Ms. Karen Bates teaches freshman and sophomore English. She taught here at W.H.S. near the end of last year, and before that she taught grades 5-8 in China.


Football — The Whitesburg High School football Yellow Jackets are off to their best start in recent memory. After finishing last season as district runners-up, and the previous season as district champions, the Jackets are currently 4-0 going into this week’s game against district opponent Morgan County. Coach Tom Searcy is well satisfied with the team’s performance thus far and is looking forward to the rest of the regular season and the district play-off s. Cross-country — With a total of 20 runners, the cross-country team, coached by Sally Hubbard, expects to go far this year. Coach Hubbard says, “This is the largest team I’ve ever had, with fewest number of boys, but they’re the most talented, also.” Returning for the boys are: Mickey Morris, senior; Tim Pease, junior; and Bennett Adams, sophomore. Returning for the girls are: Shondra Cates, freshman; Amanda Boggs, sophomore; Hillary Swisher, junior; Rene Miles, junior; and Carol Honeycutt, sophomore. New members include: Emma Jacobs, Shawna Benge, Misty Benge, Misty Franks, Asia Adams, Jessica Benton, Chuck Noble, Adam Whitaker, Jeremy Looney, Jason Halcomb, and Teddy Martin.

Lady Jackets Basketball: The season looks good for the Lady Jackets. They return this year as defending District Champs and Regional Runners-up. Coach John High says “It will be hard, but we should go to state,” and from our point of view we’d say he’s right. Returning this year are seniors: Tracy Ison, Johnette Collins and Alicia Combs. The outlook for the season is hopeful and with all the talent, it should be very rewarding for all players and fans alike. Boys Basketball-The 1990- 91 boys team has a new look this season, experience, and plenty on it. Over the summer, Whitesburg held its first ever summer league, which hosted 64 athletes including four grade school teams and four high school teams. Players managed to play as many as 41games. Coach Gibson’s outlook for the new season is “Very positive, we have a good attitude and will have the capabilities of being a good team and because of the summer program, we have gained more experience.

Student opinion poll –

Gulf Crisis

This issue’s question is: What do you think of the situation in the Middle East? 37% think there will be war. 21% think there won’t be war. 42% are undecided. Seniors: Russell: thinks or hopes there will be a peaceful solution to the situation in the Middle East; April: I hope that all the men return home safe and the war never gets underway; Ray: It’s stupid to go to war over a 25 cent gas price increase; Shawn: It could go either way, junior: Darren: We are both trying to rule the world in diff erent ways and it isn’t going to work. (The information for this article came from the September 1990 Black Kat and Yearbook)

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