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Moments and Memories of WHS




Editorial from the May 1959 Black Kat

Don’t just stand there! Let’s get going! Soon into the vast, complicated world, we will be ready to take our own first steps. Many of us will be forced to take up some kind of work in order to pay our way in life, and many will no doubt be successful with the limited education they have. No one should stop reading and improving the mind, even though not continuing within the walls of school. A high school education is not enough if we are to acquire the better jobs, or to enjoy a rich, full life.

Since there are ways provided for educational advantages we have no excuse for failing to further our education. Now that we have become a little wiser, let’s put our wisdom to use. Let’s make a worthy contribution to the world.

Finally, the seniors have completed their long awaited much enjoyed trip to Washington, with all the thrills of the city and of being together as a class. The trip was sort of a climax to the four happy years we’ve been together. We’ve had our ups and downs, but even though we may not realize it now, I believe we will look back on these four years as wonderful, happy, carefree ones. In just a few more days we will have reached the time for our graduation exercises, which mark the close of the carefree days, the end of laughter and short conversations snatched between classes, the end of crowded halls at W.H.S. lunchroom lines; emptying trays; receiving and distributing Black Kats; writing themes; yelling at pep meetings; and climbing the 96 steps to school each day. We will no longer be a part of the ball games, we will merely be spectators! We will have gone through the excitement of receiving our class rings, being measured for caps and gowns; the happy night of the Mardi Gras, and of being hailed as seniors.



Let’s not just stand still. We may find many obstacles in our path and suffer many heartaches, but let’s keep going; giving life the best we have. Let’s not fail in our debt to humanity, but most of all let’s not forget to keep God in our lives. God has a solution for all our problems and there is no obstacle too big for God to confiscate. Mary Rodgers

Senior’s prayer on graduation night

Dear God our Father, tonight as our thoughts turn to Thee we want to thank you for the many things you have done for us and to ask a special blessing.

In spite of snow, fire, flood, lack of money, strikes, picketers, and other difficulties you have made this night possible: for that we give you thanks. We thank you for bringing us this far on life’s highway and giving us the chance to know that small bit of knowledge which we have learned throughout the years. For life, health, family, and this diploma we send our praises to you.

God, our roads curve now and we have a rougher ahead. Help us on this road, God, and don’t let us travel without you. For our classmates we pray you will be good to them and save their souls. Guide our footsteps wherever we go and be thou our master. Bless everyone in the other classes and help them along. This praise and this request we ask in Jesus’s Name, Amen. Geneva Owens.

“We’re in the Army now”

Of all the things that could have happened to us at Whitesburg High School, we never thought we would have the army here. Yes, the National Guard moved on our campus on the 25th of April. The purpose is to bring order because of the union strike. Since they have no other place to stay, they were permitted to billet in the gymnasium. Now everywhere you look there are men and boys in khaki uniforms, some are cooking, some are doing daily exercises, some are policing the campus and others lie on bunks discussing their problems. The basement and first floor of the gym are strictly off limits to the students. About every four hours, two or three armored trucks, two or three Jeeps with armed soldiers leave the campus and others return. Much precaution is taken when the army moves their vehicles on the campus for a soldier walks in front of each one to see that no child or careless student may be hit.

They set up their cooking tents near the gym and every time the students go by their mouths drool at the good things to eat, and the smell of that good coffee.

Girls, when you innocently walk by the gym and someone whistles, don’t be alarmed, it’s only the National Guard. Some girls have been accused of making unnecessary trips down the hill, but why not? “We’re in the army now” should be our class motto and school song, as anyone would agree after a glance at the school campus.

Student honored

A Letcher County student at Lees Junior College was honored this week when the student body elected her to an important office at the 74-year-old Jackson institution.

Miss Ella Yonts, daughter of Mrs. Faris Yonts of Whitesburg, was named to the five-member student council as a representative of the freshman class. Student council members meet periodically with the Lees faculty to discuss and solve any problems relating to the students.

Seventeen Kentucky counties and five other states are represented in the record-breaking enrollment of 277 at Lees.

(The above article from the Oct. 23, 1958 Mountain Eagle.)

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